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Volleyball 2020 Discussion Thread

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Well, probably a much better ranking system, I like that now every match result will be calculated, but still, why don't they use decimals :whistle:? It would make it much more clear to understand. I mean, currently Mexico and China have 136 points each and are ranked 25th and 26th respectively, but Dominica and Haiti, which have 58 points, are both ranked 88th, so there has to be a difference.  It would be much better if they used decimal formula, for example a team could have 123.75 points, the next team would have 123.25 points etc.

My favourite Volleyball position: LIBERO. You ask why? Look here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyIOarNAONk


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:SVK womens jumped up 23 places from 52nd in the last years ranking to current 29th :lol:

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Referees for Tokyo 2020 assigned


Volleyball – Referee team
Guillermo Paredes (ARG) – Referee coach
Alexander Steel (SCO) – Referee coach
Sergey Titov (RUS) – Referee coach
Shin Muranaka (JPN) – Referee
Sumie Myoi (JPN) - Referee
Andrei Zenovich (RUS) - Referee
Juraj Mokry (SVK) - Referee
Susana Maria Rodriguez (ESP) - Referee
Paulo Turci (BRA) - Referee
Denny Cespedes (DOM) - Referee
Wojciech Maroszek (POL) - Referee
Daniele Rapisarda (ITA) - Referee
Patricia Rolf (USA) - Referee
Vladimir Simonovic (SRB) - Referee
Hernan Casamiquela (ARG) - Referee
Nasr Shaaban (EGY) - Referee
Liu Jiang (CHN) - Referee
Fabrice Collados (FRA) - Referee
Kang Joo-Hee (KOR) - Referee
Mohammad Shahmiri (IRI) - Referee
Hamid Alrousi (UAE) - Referee
Luis Macias (MEX) - Referee
Taoufik Boudaya (TUN) – Challenge referee
Zorica Bjelic (SRB) – Challenge referee
Arturo Di Giacomo (BEL) – Challenge referee

Beach volleyball – Referee team
José Casanova (POR) – Referee coach
Maria Amelia Villas-Boas (BRA) – Referee coach
André Trottier (CAN) – Referee coach
Osvaldo Sumavil (ARG) - Referee
Mário Ferro (BRA) – Referee
Juan Carlos Saavedra Caceres (COL) - Referee
José Maria Padron (ESP) – Referee
Julien Bruxelles (FRA) - Referee
Charalampos Papadogoulas (GRE) – Referee
Davide Crescentini (ITA) – Referee
Agnieszka Myszkowska (POL) – Referee
Rui Jorge Carvalho (POR) – Referee
Roman Pristovakin (RUS) - Referee
Nina Hobi (AUT) - Referee
Wang Lijun (CHN) – Referee
Mariko Satomi (JPN) - Referee
Carlos L. Rivera Rodriguez (PUR) - Referee
Brigham Beatie (USA) – Referee
Giovanni Bake (RSA) - Referee
Jonas Personeni (SUI) – Challenge Referee
Elzir Martins de Oliveira (BRA) – Challenge Referee
John Bennett (AUS) - Challenge Referee

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22 minutes ago, hckosice said:

Mohammad Shahmiri (IRI) - Referee


  • Haha 1

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