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Rhythmic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2019

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30 minutes ago, thiago_simoes said:

At the time, getting rid of a score for artistry was the best option. It's not that artistic deductions were eliminated, but they are much less severe now. For example, gymnasts are supposed to link elements using dance steps, but now the Code of Points has become a rush for high difficulty with no attention to choreography anymore. Russia and Japan are the worst offenders, in my opinion (though Japan had a nice 5 balls routine today, I must admit), with skill after skill after skill, and no choreography linking these skills. But a specific score for artistry allowed much bigger differences between groups, and personal taste (of the judges) played a big role. Now, not so much anymore. Problem is that Russia is not deducted enough for lack of choreography, but I've come to the conclusion that as long as VIner-Usmanova lives, Russia will never be deducted for anything.


Honestly I don't enjoy many routines today because of that (not only in groups, but individual too). It's just skill after skill after skill, and many times they have nothing to do with the music (or aren't even remotely synched).


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Just now, Jose Luis said:

If you do not match will be played on Olympic tournament in Oceania ,according to criteria of the vacancy was going to 1º reserve of the world 2019,Ukraine. However, the vacancy of the space reserved to Japan would after all the continental http://www.olimpiyatkomitesi.org.tr/Tokyo2020_Branslar/Ritmik_Cimnastik.pdf

According to the document, countries which qualified one gymnast can try to qualify a second gymnast through the World Cup series. What the hell is FIG even thinking? 

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