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Athletics EAA Team European Championships 1st League 2019

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15 hours ago, Dennis said:


  1. Lithuania is strong in a number of events such as discus and javelin throw, but the track events are poor, often bottom two. Wouldn't be surprised if they would finish last in the relays on the men's side.

I'm insulted you didn't make fun of our pole vaulters... :mad:

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12 hours ago, IoNuTzZ said:

Well the best results at national championship are

Iusco-Maricu - long jump - 6.92

Panturoiu Andreea - triple jump - 13.86

Miklos Andrea - 400 - 52.48

Belgyan Sanda - 400 mH - 57.91

Bobocea Claudia - 800 - 2:02 (DNS - 1500)

Stanciu Daniela - high jump - 1.96

Firfica Alexandru - discus throw - 65.93

Novac Alexandru - javelin throw - 75.48

Bitan Gabriel - long jump - 7.93

I think they all can win a medal and of course a lot of points

Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you, but these are only 9 out of 40 events.

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5 hours ago, Werloc said:

We are definitely saying goodbye to this league. Gudžius will not be starting, Palšytė injured, that's already at least 20 points right there. The team is going to be announced today, but a lot of our leaders are not going to be present, so it feels as if we're not even trying this time.

Is there an overview of the Lithuanian team?

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Just now, Dennis said:


Is there an overview of the Lithuanian team?

Don't worry, you'll get the news as soon as I know :d

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So, the team from Lithuania is finally clear:


Fairly weak entries from 100m, Šerkšnienė is recovering after an injury, weak women's 1500/3000/5000 and men's 5000, tragic women's 100m Hurdles and only third best Lithuanian for 400m. Hurdles, not very good for the men's side either. Bad 3000m SC from the women, and the high jump, Baikštytė is injured. Don't need to say anything about Pole Vault, Gedrimas might get something better now that he jumped 5.00. Second/third best athletes for both long jumps and weak male triple jumper. Throwers are overall fine, except that Gudžius is not participating, on the other hand, our women's hammer is now capable of 60m, not 48, so that's nice. 4x400 women's relay should do well, other relays, well, not so much.


100 m Karolina Deliautaitė   100 m Kostas Skrabulis
200 m Agnė Šerkšnienė   200 m Gediminas Truskauskas
400 m Modesta Justė Morauskaitė   400 m Rokas Pacevičius
800 m Eglė Balčiūnaitė   800 m Benediktas Mickus
1500 m Monika Elenska   1500 m Simas Bertašius
3000 m Loreta Kančytė   3000 m Simas Bertašius
5000 m Loreta Kančytė   5000 m Egidijus Adomkaitis
100 m b/b  Gabrielė Čeponytė   110 m b/b  Rapolas Saulius
400 m b/b Erika Krūminaitė   400 m b/b Rapolas Saulius/Artūras Janauskas
3000 m kl/b Evelina Miltenė   3000 m kl/b Justinas Beržanskis
Šuolis į aukštį Urtė Baikštytė   Šuolis į aukštį Adrijus Glebauskas
Šuolis su kartimi Vitalija Dejeva   Šuolis su kartimi Osvaldas Gedrimas
Šuolis į šolį Augustė Regalaitė   Šuolis į šolį Marius Vadeikis
Trišuolis  Dovilė Kilty   Trišuolis  Paulius Svarauskas
Rutulio stūmimas Ieva Zarankaitė   Rutulio stūmimas Šarūnas Banevičius
Ieties metimas Liveta Jasiūnaitė   Ieties metimas Edis Matusevičius
Disko metimas Ieva Zarankaitė   Disko metimas Aleksas Abromavičius
Kūjo metimas Agnė Lukoševičiūtė   Kūjo metimas Tomas Vasiliauskas
4x100 m Karolina Deliautaitė   4x100 m Kostas Skrabulis
  Augustė Regalaitė     Gediminas Truskauskas
  Aistė Unskinaitė     Giedrius Rupeika
  Gunda Jakimavičiūtė     Mantas Šeštokas
  Agnė Šerkšnienė     Valentinas Bukovskis
4x400 m Agnė Šerkšnienė   4x400 m Rokas Pacevičius
  Modesta Justė Morauskaitė     Benediktas Mickus
  Eglė Balčiūnaitė     Darius Križanovskij
  Erika Krūminaitė     Einius Trumpa
        Artūras Janauskas
Rinktinės vadovė: Nijolė Medvedeva     Valentinas Bukovskis

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With the final entries available now, we have an abundance of twelfth places looking at season bests:


12. Men's 400m

12. Men's 5000m

12. Women's 100m Hurdles

12. Men's 400m Hurdles

12. Women's 400m Hurdles

12. Women's Pole Vault

12. Women's Long Jump

12. Women's Hammer Throw

12. 4x400 Men even without the SBs :d


A lot of 11s and 10s all around as well.

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Portugal SBs puts them (without the 4x100 and 4x400) in an average position of 5.61 for men and 5.17 for Women so I guess we can expect a 5-6th position and victories in both sexes in triple jump and in women discus


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On ‎31‎/‎07‎/‎2019 at 18:46, Dennis said:

Just posting some predictions without even really looking into the teams. I think it will be pretty close though between the teams. Norway might have the advantage from the home crowd.


  1. :NED
  2. :NOR 
  3. :BLR
  4. :BEL
  5. :POR
  6. :TUR
  7. :HUN
  8. :IRL
  9. :ROU
  10. :LTU
  11. :SVK

After seeing the entry lists, my predictions haven't changed much. Maybe I'd swap :POR and :BEL for places 4 and 5 and swap :ROU and :IRL for places 8 and 9.


I expect :NED to win all relays which could help them win this division, but :NOR has some very clear favorites in the men's 1.500m, 3.000m and 5.000m and in the women's 3.000m, giving them so many guaranteed points that they could rival :NED for the first place, especially in front of a home crowd.


I think the closest events should be the men's 100m, men's 200m and women's 400m. On the other hand, some events such as the women's shot put, pole vault and discus throw have some very poor entry lists.

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I've done a quick calculation based on the season's rankings of the entered athletes (obviously SB are themselves problematic as some athletes are being entered in events they didn't compete in this year). There may be a couple of miscalculations but it's a rough guide... also these are without the relays....



:BLR 259


:NED 256

:NOR 246

:POR 238

:HUN 234

:TUR 230

:BEL 220


:IRL 197

:ROU 181

:LTU 170

:SVK 146



Looks like the bottom 4 have a lot of work to do based on that. Teams like Romania and Turkey will probably perform better than SB lists as they tend to do. Some teams had an experienced athlete with no SB so that will obscure the table too and as I said, that is without the relays.

Norway has home advantage which should lift them to gain a few points more than expected here and there.


I don't see Ireland getting out of the relegation zone as we don't really have any scope to improve on the track as we already gain many points there and we are just too weak in the field events.


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And my predictions are as follows:



I originally was going to say Norway for the reason they have home advantage and will pick up a lot of surprise points, but in a league so close as this, I just realised how weak their relay teams are and that's 4 big concessions right there.

So based on that, I think :NED will bring it home.



Relegated teams:

:IRL  :ROU  :LTU and :SVK. There are a lot of strong teams in the field events this year (Belarus and Hungary) and Turkey and Portugal are proving to be good across the board so will be tough for any of these 4 teams (each with weak areas) to make up the difference. Romania may be the most likely to cause a surprise as you never know how their athletes truly are in terms of shape, but those would be my picks.


Edited by OlympicIRL

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