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Men's Cricket ICC World Cup 2019

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Just now, phelps said:


for sure you know cricket and IND vs PAK relationships way better than me...


and I trust you when you explain all those things...


but still, in the back of my mind there's always a little voice telling me that IND maybe didn't lose on purpose in a blatant way, but at least they didn't give it all on the court as if it was a semifinal/final match...;)


that said, I don't really want to put on a case for this thing...time will tell if this loss will hurt India / Pakistan / both of them or if it won't change anything towards the expected IND vs AUS final showdown...


my only expectation is to watch some exciting games in the tournament's Final Four...

I agree with you on the point where you say India didn't give their all. It will be the same as this against anyone as they don't want to do something out of the ordinary and then hurt themselves in important matches like semis. 

Another point we are not addressing is the ground. The pitch was a new one I guess. It had nothing to offer to spinners. It was also on the small side. 

England hit many boundaries yesterday. It is their strength. On the other hand India cannot play like England. India plays a game of keeping the game flowing by taking singles and doubles and then an occasional boundary here & there. The man who could have accelerated in the match was Rohit. He found it very hard yesterday. He was struggling. He scored a century but he was never comfortable. 

I don't think you would say he was playing so badly intentionally.

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My dear friend 

I just remembered a news reporter in my regional language reacting to the statement of a former Pakistani cricketer who suggested India would lose all their matches even against Srilanka and Bangladesh just to make sure Pakistan don't qualify.

The reporter told that these beggars are not going to stop their non sense. And if they were so concerned about these things they should have won their own matches. 

The point is fair it is a world cup if you want to win it then win your matches rather than blaming others later.

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Usman Khawaja ruled out of the world cup.

Big blow for Australia.


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CWC 2019, Round Robin, Final Standings



1. :IND India

2. :AUS Australia

3. :ENG England

4. :NZL New Zealand




5. :PAK Pakistan

6. :SRI Sri Lanka

7. :RSA South Africa

8. :BAN Bangladesh

9. :WIS West Indies

10. :AFG Afghanistan



* 1-4 = Qualified to the Semifinals

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CWC 2019, Semifinals



Tuesday, July 9th, h.11.30 a.m. CET, :IND India vs :NZL New Zealand


Thursday, July 11th, h.11.30 a.m. CET, :AUS Australia vs :ENG England

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it took 2 days (because of yesterday's rain), but finally New Zealand did again!


huge surprise in Manchester, where India came just short and had all of their batsmen eliminated before reaching the required 240 runs...


too many early wickets fallen for the Asians, maybe a slight excess of conservative play in the mid of their offensive innings (especially by Dhoni, a few of his "1" could have been "2") did it for the Kiwis, who are going to play their second consecutive world cup final...


we must also say that the last few overs played yesterday when it was already heavily raining favoured the New Zealand's batsmen, who scored a lot of "Fours" thanks to the wet grass...runs that probably would have been less if it was a sunny day (or at least not a rainy one)...


by the way, that's how it went...


final score, New Zealand (239 / 8 in 50 overs) win by 18 runs over India (221 / all out in 49.3 overs)

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Posted (edited)

after being in danger of missing the semifinals for quite a while during the round robin, England finally not only made it through to the top 4, but today they even upset the reigning champions Australia and so they earned a spot in Sunday's Final...


it will be the 4th attempt for them to win the CWC, as they never won their 3 previous finals in which they appeared (1979, 1987, 1992)...


Today Australia had a poor day both batting and bowling...and England's victory was never in doubt...


In the first inning the Aussies were bowled out in 49 overs, scoring only 223 runs, then England took control of their batting session from the beginning, hitting Fours and Sixes one after the other, meanwhile the Australian bowlers couldn't make any wicket fall...


in the end, it was quite a one-sided and disappointing match, with the only positive aspect being the fact that by the end of the week we will have a newcomer in the winners' list of the CWC, as both ENG and NZL have never won the tournament before...


final score, England (226 / 2 in 31.2 overs) win by 8 wickets over Australia (223 / all out in 49 overs)

Edited by phelps

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CWC 2019, Final



Sunday, July 14th, h.11.30 a.m. CET (Lord's, London), :ENG England vs :NZL New Zealand

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:ENG 241 - 241 :NZL, 15-15 in the super over, England wins despite the match being a tie. Congrats?

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