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Diving at the Pan American Games 2019

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:MEX Mexican Diving Team :MEX 


Men's Springboard (1m, 3m & 3m Synchro): Paola Espinosa & Dolores Hernández

Men's Platform (10m & 10m Synchro): Gabriela Agúndez & Alejandra Orozco

Women's Springboard (1m, 3m & 3m Synchro): Yahel Castillo & Juan Celaya :facepalm:

Women's Platform (10m & 10m Synchro): Kevin Berlín & Iván García 


So congratulations Canada, it seems that you will practically clear this discipline, the exception being Men's 10m where depending on USA's selection, might go to them.


The selection has not been drama free though; it all started at the beggining of this year, when the federation decided to award Castillo & Celaya a spot in the last two stages of Diving World Series instead of the more solid pairing of Pacheco & Ocampo in 3m synchro, which automatically generated a lot of animosity between both pairs. Then in May, the rest of Pacheco & Ocampo's teammates (Ma Jin's team for short) decided to skip their appearance in that last stages, which prompted a strong condemnation from the National Federation.


Last week, at the qualifications, Celaya & Castillo won the synchro competition by a few points, while they were way behind Pacheco & Ocampo in the individual events. As per the qualification process for the games and the selection rules that were submitted last year to Mexico's NOC, the Swimming federation had to evaluate not only the results of that competition, but also the level shown in international competition in order to select the athletes that would be in Lima. Despite that, I'm of the opinion they grossly ignored their own directives, and therefore, they might have a case in which they could appeal.


However, things look bleak for Pacheco and Ocampo, since the latter took on twitter directly addressing the National Sports Comission director, former Olympic medalist and World Champion Ana Guevara, who felt "threatened" by a strong and direct message and now has colluded with the federation to try to silence them or else, she will stop the already scarce public funding, which was recently reduced from $250 USD monthly :lol: per athlete, to only $100 USD :mad:


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US diving team


A very decent men's team, tough not their best, it will be a close battle with Mexico and Canada in men's synchro events, although I favor the later in the 3m springboard.


Hixon has some chances for individual springboard, though it will be a close call in the 3m event with Colombia's Villa also trying to end up there if either Castillo or Imbeau Dulac fail (which they most usually do). Steele Johnson might do well on the platform, especially if Iván García is not having his best day.



For women, I'm sure they will medal in the synchro events,as there is no other entrant close to their level, but there will bea  sizable difference with Mexico and even bigger with Canada.

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