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Archery at the Pan American Games 2019

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Just now, mrv86 said:


I think only Canada gets a quota in men's individual. 



A men's quota gets re-allocated since the US, who won the mixed team event, already had a men's quota and Brazil was in the top 4 of the individual event.

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2 2014 Youth Olympians finished on the men's podium

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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, Vojthas said:

Shouldn't it go to Final OQT (as it was during European Games)?


From the official document:

"Mixed Team Places allocation at the Continental Games

If an NOC wins the mixed team competition after having already obtained a place in:

• one gender, then one additional place will be allocated to the individual competition of that gender and the NOC will obtain one individual place in the other gender".

In this case, USA won the mixed event, they already have one individual in the men's, so two individual places to two NOCs in men's individual, if both are in top 4.


@NearPup was quicker


At the European Games, Italy, Netherlands and Spain were the nations in the men's individual semifinals. :ITA and :NED already had qualified as individual or team, so :ESP received one of the quotas while the second was reallocated to the Final OQT because there was no other nation in top 4.

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