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Archery WA World Cup 2019

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The Colombian world number two has held the individual world record since November 2015.

Sara Lopez scored 713 out of a possible 720 points to match her own world record for the compound women’s 72-arrow 50-metre ranking round and lead Colombia to a new team world record at the first stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia.

“I’m really happy. The weather was just perfect to break the records. We got the team one but unfortunately, I just managed to match the individual one,” said Sara.

Lopez has held the compound women’s record since May 2015, setting the current score of 713 points that same November.

“I felt pretty confident with what I did and with all of my shots,” she added. “This is a very good start to the year as my goal is not just to win medals but to improve scores.”

Toja Ellison of Slovenia seeded second in Medellin with 704 points, Colombia’s Alejandra Usquiano third on 701.

Lopez, Usquiano and Alexandra Sandino, who ranked seventh, broke the compound women’s team ranking round record with a combined 2112 points. It was four higher than Korea’s previously world-leading score.


“Although we have two new team members, we have come together really well. There’s good friendship and the idea is to continue working hard,” said Usquiano.

She and Lopez were part of the Colombian compound women’s team that won the world title in 2017. They’re joined by Sandino and Maria Suarez at this, their home stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin.

Tanja Jensen, Sanne De Laat, Alexis Ruiz and Sophie Dodemont completed the top eight.

Ruiz, like Lopez, was scoring above world record pace at the halfway point in the round. The US archer had dropped just two points after 36 arrows – but lost 19 over the second 36 arrows to finish on 699.

The USA compound women’s team seeded second behind world-record-breaking Colombia, followed by Italy and Peru.

Lopez and Jagdeep Teji Singh added a second compound record for Colombia later in the day. Their combined 1415 points was three more than the previous world best for the mixed team ranking round, also held by Korea.

Competition at the first stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia runs until Sunday 28 April.


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Korea’s Kang Chae Young scored 670 out of a possible 720 points for the 72-arrow 70-metre ranking round to finish top of recurve women’s qualification at the first stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia.

Her teammate Choi Misun came second with 667 and Lan Lu of China third back on 659. Despite holding pole position, world-record holder Chae Young wasn’t impressed.

“I’m not happy with my score. I had some bad arrows because of the wind so it’s not a score I feel I can be satisfied with,” she said. “It was windy and I wasn’t able to maintain my form in the way that I wanted to.”

The weather was beautiful during the morning’s qualification session. It was sunny and still – and scores reflected the conditions.

Archers shooting in the afternoon, the recurve women and compound men in Medellin, didn’t have the same good fortune.

Clouds swelled overhead as heavy rain could be seen pelting the mountains to the left of the field and wind started attacking the range. There was lightning in the far distance, but it luckily never came close enough to call a stop to the competition.


Kang and Choi made the best of the afternoon, separating from the rest of the pack.

Chang Hye Jin, Wu Jiaxin, Zhai Yuejun, Michelle Kroppen and Lucilla Boari, the remainder of the top eight, all scored between 658 and 654 points.

Kang, Choi and Olympic Champion Chang seeded top in the recurve women’s team event. Their 1995-point total led China and Germany in the top three.

The line-up, which has already been decided for the upcoming Hyundai World Archery Championships in ’s-Hertogenbosch, is the same that shot – and won – the worlds in Mexico City in 2017.

Kang was confident in her teammates: “I think we’re going to do well.”

She and Kim Woojin came within two points of the mixed team ranking round world record in Medellin, but the deteriorating weather scuppered any chances of that falling.

Competition at the first stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia runs until Sunday 28 April.

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Mike Schloesser scored 713 out of a possible 720 points for the 72-arrow 50-metre ranking round to finish first over the compound men’s ranking round at the first stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin, Colombia.

“It felt good. I struggled a little bit in the beginning with the wind, but I was making really good shots and that ended up good. Second half, I started with less good shots, but I ended up in a good position,” said the Dutch world number one.

Mike shot 355 for his first 36 arrows and followed it up with a 358-point back half.

“It’s a good score. It gives me a lot of confidence for the rest of the year,” he added.

The USA’s Matt Sullivan, shot an international personal best of 711, landing second, and Peter Elzinga followed in third with 706 points.

“I’m actually really, really happy. The conditions were really hard at times, so I had to maintain a good focus and that’s what I did, I paid attention to the wind and I shot good,” said Peter, whose only career World Cup stage win came in Medellin in 201

“I have good memories here, so hopefully I can take them with me to the final rounds and be on my best and see what happens there.”

Federico Pagnoni, Roberto Hernandez, Tate Morgan, Jagdeep Teji Singh and Sergio Pagni completed the compound men’s top eight.

Pagni won this event when it was held in Medellin last, in 2016.

Hyundai Archery World Cup debutant Jagdeep Teji Singh, with teammate Sara Lopez, beat the compound mixed team world record, previously held by Korea, by three points. The pair totalled 1415 out of a possible 1440 points. Sara had 713, Jagdeep 702.

“It’s amazing,” said Singh. “Sara is a great friend of mine, she has always supported me, and we have always worked for this, to be the best version of ourselves every time.”

The USA, Netherlands and Italy took the top three seeds in the compound men’s team event.

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Lee is one of two world championship winners in the three recurve men representing Korea in 2019.

After winning the World Archery Championships in Belek in 2013 and a team gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Lee Seungyun dropped off the Korean squad for two seasons.

He resurfaced only to win individual, mixed team and team competitions at the Universiade in 2017.

It’s been three years since he was last a part of the Korean top team – but in Medellin, at the opening stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup, he’s back.

“I can’t believe it’s been three years,” said Lee, laughing. “Ever since I left the national team, I’ve just been so busy… I’ve been focusing more on my family rather than training.”

Soon after collecting his team gold medal at the Olympics, where Korea swept the titles, Lee became a father. He, understandably, took some time off to raise his child.

But he never stopped training completely – and still worked with his club team.

“Without even working all that hard in my individual training, there are just so many competitions and stages for our national team trials, that I think I just automatically ended up working hard because I had to prepare for these competitions,” he said.


Lee finished third in Korea’s trials for 2019, behind long-time teammate Kim Woojin and wonder kid Lee Woo Seok. Those three were chosen to compete at the 2019 Hyundai World Archery Championships in ’s-Hertogenbosch this summer, and a number of Hyundai Archery World Cup events across the season.

It’s six years since Seungyun won the world championships. A grand return, and return to the title on the cards?

“I haven’t been able to return to the level of competitiveness that I used to be at,” he admitted. “And since my teammates are so strong, I’m a bit worried if I will be able to keep up. Rather than doing well, or something like that, I’m more focused on being a valuable third member of the team.”

It’s an astonishing admission from someone who is likely to take to the finals arena sooner or later during the course of the season.

But then Seungyun hasn’t always gone with the grain. In his own words, even his shooting style is not from the normal mould.


“Korea has certain guidelines for archery technique, but I’m actually the archer who has deviated from that guideline the most,” he explained.  “People often tell me I’m able to control the bow well despite having such unique form.”

Returning to international competition has meant seeing old friends. Lee’s looking forward to enjoying being back on the circuit this season.

The Korean line-up this year makes for formidable reading on paper. Three world titles between them – Woojin has two – and a young talent in Woo Seok who has already risen to the top of the world ranking.

“He’s a great archer and is great in competitions. [The next world champion] is hard to predict, but I think it will be Lee Woo Seok. I think he’ll do a great job,” said Lee.

Seungyun won the recurve men’s title in Medellin in 2014 when the Korean squad first visited the Colombian city. Five years later, we’re glad to have him back.

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Pasqualucci is already eliminated at 1st round... what disaster :facepalm:

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Just now, Gianlu33 said:

Pasqualucci is already eliminated at 1st round... what disaster :facepalm:


typical from this generation of Italians...they just can't cope with the pressure of the individual matches...

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Pasqualucci isn't the only big name eliminated in the 1st round... :FRA Valladont, silver at Rio 2016, lost 6-4 against :ESP Alvarino Garcia

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Finally the Medellin World Cup start to became interessing with the 1/16 in men's recurve and women's compound :) Sadly for Italy the shoot-off do a big victim, Nespoli was defeated by Kallhaud :facepalm::cry: Not the best WC for our team...

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It's the usually Korean domination in Shanghai...


Men's Recurve

GMM: :KOR Lee - Kim :KOR

BMM: :USA Ellison - Van Der Berg :NED


Women's recurve

GMM: :JPN Sugimoto - Kang :KOR

BMM: :TPE Tan - Abdul Halil :MAS:woot:


Men's compound

GMM: :USA Gellenthien - Frederickx :BEL

BMM: :HON Hernandez - Cagiran :TUR


Women's compound

GMM: :KOR So - :USA Strachan

BMM: :USA Ruiz - Luo :CHN

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