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Men's Baseball MLB 2019

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here we go...:cheer:


after so many rumors that didn't prove reliable, finally Manny "mr. Nice" Machado signed a record-breaking deal with the San Diego Padres...300 million US $ for 10 years (an opt-out and a partial no-trade clauses included)...:yikes:


this is the largest free agent contract ever in the MLB...






and now, let's see what comes up with the other expected free agent superstar, Bryce Harper (just another "mr. Nice" by himself :facepalm:)...:mumble:



p.s. just 1 day to go to the official opening of the Spring Training...:bounce::d

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it took quite a while, but at the end of the negotiation Philadelphia finally broke their piggy-bank and signed Bryce Harper...


the contract is not official yet (pending the so-called "physical"), but it's only a matter of (very short) time...


and it's the most lucrative contract in the whole North-American sports history: 330 million US $ for 13 years (with no opt-out clause, full no-trade clause in favor of Harper and no deferred money)...:yikes::yikes::yikes::facepalm:





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Machado and Harper waited until the end of their old contract before they hit the free agent market and then sign the 2 new most lucrative contracts in Baseball history (before today)...


Mike Trout, arguably the best player in Baseball right now, didn't take that much time...he was already enjoying his 6-year 144 million US $ contract with the Los Angeles Angels...and he could have done it until the end of the 2020 season...


but he might have thought that this Spring of 2019 was not so easy to repeat in terms of available money, so he decided he'd rather re-negotiate his contract well before it expired so to grant himself and his heirs a wealthy future...


so, today he signed with his current team a 10-year contract extension, which leads to a new 12-year deal, worth good 426.5 million US $...:yikes::yikes::yikes:


this is of course the new record in US sports history...



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having said of the news of the day, in any case to me the most important thing is that tomorrow it's the day...


Seattle Mariners and Oakland A's in fact will open the 2019 season with their first 2 official games of the Regular Season, facing each other tomorrow and Thursday (h.10.35 a.m. CET both times) in Tokyo at the legendary Tokyo Dome...:bounce::bounce::bounce:


this would also be a farewell tour for the Japanese living legend, Ichiro Suzuki, the most successful and beloved Japanese player ever (back as an active player just for these 2 games)...


after this exciting appetizer, the official Opening Day is scheduled for next week, on Thursday, March 28th...


I just can't wait for tomorrow morning...:cheer:

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so, the 2019 MLB season is finally underway...:bounce:


the Seattle Mariners won the first 2 games of the year against Oakland played in Japan (9-7 the first, 5-4 after 12 innings and 4 and a half hours of play the second)...


but all the headlines are for the great Ichiro Suzuki, one of the best players in the history of the game, the best Japanese for sure and the Nation's real living idol, who announced his retirement...








particularly emotional was the moment when he left the field for the final time, with all of his teammates coming off the field and letting him take the final standing ovation of a packed Tokyo Dome (and ideally, of all the baseball fans in the world)...






p.s. and yes...being a great fan of Ichiro, I also cried like all those fans on the stands and many players on the field...:cry:

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