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Southeast Asian Games 2019

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5 hours ago, PHI2019 said:

From this article, it looks like there was a difference of opinion between the FIG representative and the interpretation of the technical handbook on whether or not to award two gold medals. :facepalm:


Gymnastics: Malaysia’s chef de mission lodges official complaint over decision to strip Izzah’s gold medal in ribbon event | The Star Online



This sums it up: “We were asked to follow the SEA Games technical book, but now they want to change it to FIG rules. What's the point of the SEA Games handbook?"

Now, when there's conflicting information, one of the documents has to be taken as the most important one. They used FIG rules for everything from dress code of the gymnasts to the points awarded for each event, but they chose not to follow the FIG regulations when a medal was unfairly awarded to a gymnast. Very poor decision and a blow to the reputation of this event.

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4 hours ago, thiago_simoes said:

Wait, what? FIG's rulebook states clearly that tiebreaking rules apply to all events.


I don't know whether I am reading the right rulebook or not (I just hit the result from searching "FIG tie-break rules"), but only the artistic gymnastics section clearly stated that the tie-breaker is valid for all events in FIG calendar.


e.g: Tie-breaker rule is applied when Yulo's score is tied with our gymnast.


Whereas in the rhythmic section, the rulebook described tie-breaker for Olympics, World Games, and the World Champs, but no specific mention for other events. This might be the loophole, and together with that crappy handbook, Malaysia is simply using that as justification.

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