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Skateboarding WS Street World Championships 2018

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Competition Format

- The Men’s competition comprises 4 rounds: Global Open Qualifier, Quarter Final, Semi Final, and Final.

 -The Women’s competition comprises 3 rounds: Global Open Qualifier, Semi Final, and Final.


Global Open Qualifiers

- In the global qualifiers, skaters will compete in heats of up to 9 skaters, 3 skater 3 minutes jam session format.


Quarter Final, Semi Finals and Finals

- Skaters will compete in heats of 5 to 6 skaters during the Quarter Final and Semi Final rounds.

- Finals will feature a single heat comprised of 8 skaters.

- All three rounds from Quarter Final through Finals will follow the 2/5/4 format in which skaters perform 2 runs of 45 seconds each, followed by 5 single best trick attempts, and wherein their top 4 scores from these 7 attempts will be aggregated to produce their final overall score.

- Each skater in the heat performs a single attempt at a time, with the heat’s skaters rotating through completely before moving on to the next attempt beginning with the original skater.

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Event Schedule



10:00 AM - 11 :30 AM Women's Global Open Qualifiers (Jam format: Heats of 9; 3 minutes x 3 skaters)
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Men's Global Open Qualifiers (Jam format: Heats of 9; 3 minutes x 3 skaters)



3:00 PM - 6:30 PM Men's Quarter Final (SLS 2/5/4 Format. 30 skaters; 5 heats of 6 - top 1 4 advance to Semi Final)



1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Women's Semi Final (SLS 2/5/4 Format. 24 skaters; 4 heats of 6 - top 8 advance to Final)
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Men's Semi Final (SLS 2/5/4 Format. 30 skaters; 5 heats of 6 - top 4 advance to Final)



3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Women's Final (SLS 2/5/4 Format. 1 heat of 8)
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Men's Final (SLS 2/5/4 Format. 1 heat of 8)

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Women's Event Recap


The girls are the first to skate in the afternoon in a crowdy Carioca Arena and in front of an audience ready to witness the best tricks and to clap for the best riders: obvioulsy spotlight are on Leticia Bufoni - the 2015 Champions and 2nd place in the last two years, Bufoni is a kind of idol here in Rio - and Lacey Baker - Defending Champion with so high technical skills, she was the fearless queen of the SLS contest in both 2016 and 2017.


In a crescendo, run after run, the 17 yo Japanese skater Aori Nishimura peeks out between the two "stars" and with a strategic competition reaches the lead.

The head-to head is now between Leticia an Aori: in the last run a perfect gap to rail front side lip slide makes Leticia gaining a 9 score, the 9 club label and the first position in a single trick.

But Aori has one more run to go: 8.5 and Gold medal with 0.1 advantage.

Bronze medal goes to Lacey Baker.





Silver: :BRA Leticia BUFONI
Bronze: :USA Lacey BAKER


Women's Final Full Results:

http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category/550-results-rio-de-janeiro-2018.html?download=3357:result list womens super crown final


Women's Full Final Ranking:

http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category/550-results-rio-de-janeiro-2018.html?download=3355:full result womens world championship


Women's Final Full Video:


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Men's Event Recap


What a pressure in the Men's final! And what a competition!

With twelve 9+ scores and only 0.6 point difference between the five time World Champion Nyjah Huston and the Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler, the crowd went crazy in the Carioca Arena.

Hoefler scored the first 9.0 in the Run1 and, since then, it has been a wild hunt for the best trick and the highest score.

Huston didn't miss a shot and a double 00 costed the Gold Medal to Hofler.

Bronze goes to Felipe Gustavo and his winning strategy over Aurelien Giraud.





Gold: :USA Nyjah HUSTON
Silver: :BRA Kelvin HOEFLER
Bronze: :BRA Felipe GUSTAVO


Men's Final Full Results:

http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category/550-results-rio-de-janeiro-2018.html?download=3356:result list mens super crown final


Men's Final Full Video:


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World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu said: "It has been an amazing world championship and a great contest. We believe in this winning format that makes possible to involve the highest number of countries and skaters thanks to the Global Open Qualifier Round. I think it makes skateboarding even more democratic giving to anyone the chance to skate and try to win a medal: This is the true role of a federation."


Full Competition Results Recap:


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but despite the president's speech, if we look at the final results, we can easily see how all the 16 finalists between men and women come from only 3 Countries (USA, BRA and JPN) plus a notable exception, the lone star from the rest of the World, the French boy Aurelien Giraud (who ended up 4th in his class)...:facepalm:


so, my friends, do not expect anything much different in 18 months time in Tokyo...:whistle:

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7 minuti fa, Jose Luis ha scritto:

¿Do You Know if this world already had for the Olympic ranking?


Being the final event of the 2018 season (despite being held in early 2019) it shouldn't count for that, as WS always stated that the OQR would start only with the 2019 season events...

but until they say something official (or they publish the first OQR standing), you never know...

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