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Sport Climbing IFSC World Cup 2019

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Men's Boulder World Cup Final Ranking

1st, :JPN Tomoa Narasaki,  340.00 Pts
2nd, :CZE Adam Ondra,  335.00 Pts
3rd, :JPN Yoshiyuki Ogata,  264.00 Pts
4th, :KOR Chon Jong Won,  228.00 Pts
5th, :JPN Kokoro Fujii,  227.00 Pts
6th, :GER Jan Hojer,  223.00 Pts
7th, :RUS Aleksey Rubtsov,  214.00 Pts
8th, :SLO Anze Peharc,  205.00 Pts
9th, :SLO Jernej Kruder,  191.00 Pts
10th, :AUT Jakob Schubert,  184.00 Pts

Full Ranking

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Women's Boulder World Cup Final Ranking

1st, :SLO Janja Garnbret,  500.00 Pts
2nd, :JPM Akiyo Noguchi,  320.00 Pts
3rd, :FRA Fanny Gibert,  308.00 Pts
4th, :JPN Futaba Ito,  206.00 Pts
5th, :AUT Jessica Pilz,  203.00 Pts
6th, :SUI Petra Klingler,  180.00 Pts
7th, :SLO Lucka Rakovec,  163.00 Pts
8th, :SLO Katja Kadic,  161.00 Pts
9th, :FRA Julia Chanourdie,  157.00 Pts
10th, :GBR Shauna Coxsey,  145.00 Pts

Full Ranking

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it's no way near to the individual rankings for prestige and importance, but there's also a Nations Ranking by discipline...


and this year's Boulder Nations Ranking was won by :JPN Japan (1693 Pts) ahead of :SLO Slovenia (1359 Pts) and :FRA France (766 Pts)...


congrats to them...:hatoff:


the Full Boulder Nations Ranking is here:


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