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Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019

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2019 World Cup, Stage #1 (New Delhi, IND)


Mixed Teams 10m Air Pistol

Gold: :IND India 1 (Manu Bhaker & Chaudhary Saurabh)

Silver: :CHN China 1 (Jiang Ranxin & Zhang Bowen)

Bronze: :KOR South Korea 2 (Kim Min Jung & Park Dae Hun)

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2019 World Cup, Stage #1 (New Delhi, IND)


Final Recap


Hungary and India won the final medal table with 3 Gold Medals each...


China won the most medals (10), but they only managed to get 1 Gold...


Russia, Germany and Switzerland also won 1 Gold medal each, meanwhile a total of 13 Nations won at least a medal (not looking at which kind of medal)...


for what concerns the Olympic Quota Places, China dominated the field, earning good 5 spots, followed by Hungary with 2 and a bunch of Nations (AUT, IND, ITA, SRB, SUI, TPE and KOR) getting 1 Quota Place each...


Full Medal Table can be found here (right side of the page):


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Here is the updated entry list for the upcoming Shotgun World Cup


In terms of Olympic qualification the top 2 eligible athletes in each individual Olympic event qualify their nation. Based on the IQS here are the top 5 eligible athletes. Again this is not an accurate way of measuring the favourites, but it at least gives some kind of a picture.


Men's Trap

1. :SLO Bostjan Macek - 124

1. :USA Walton Eller - 124

3. :TUR N Tolga Tuncer - 123

4. :CHN Du Yu - 122

4. :ITA Mauro de Filippis - 122


Men's Skeet

1. :CHN Jan Din - 124

1. :CZE Jakub Tomecek - 124

1. :GER Sven Korte - 124

4. :AZE Emin Jafarov - 123

4. :GBR Ben Llewllin - 123

4. :KUW Mansour Al Rashedi - 123

4. :SWE Stefan Nilsson - 123


Women's Trap

1. :ITA Maria Lucia Palmitessa - 121

1. :USA Ashley Carroll - 121

3. :FRA Melanie Couzy - 119

3. :TPE Lin Yi Chun - 119

5. :GBR Kirsty Barr - 118

5. :TPE Liu Wan-Yu - 118

5. :USA Aeriel Skinner - 118


Women's Skeet

1. :CHN Zhang Donglian - 121

2. :CHN Wei Meng - 120

2. :FRA Lucie Anastassiou - 120

4. :SWE Victoria Larsson - 119

5. :GER Nadine Messerschmidt - 118

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11 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

live trap women day 1 !!!

it looks like ISSF is not giving live results, sadly

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A bit surprised to see our team completely skipped the whole Acapulco stage I must say...probably the intention to save on costs, but hey there Olympic quotas to grab there...we still can qualify 1 or 2 more athletes and then exchange the quotas for our nonqualified athletes in rifle or pistol

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Posted (edited)

France in final..

Edited by Benolympique

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