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Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2019

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Well, curious when we're going back to the previous format, because this was not exactly interesting enough to turn on the TV and watch (for me, at least) :p 


It felt pretty much like another regular tournament, nothing special.

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13 hours ago, LDOG said:

In my view the previous format was way more exciting but we reached a point where the top players didn't give a shit anymore. 


With this format and the increased $$$ prizes, only Zverev and Medvedev among the top players pulled out for non injury reasons.  


In my opinion the top priority should always be to ensure the top athletes participate. If we have to adopt a worse format to achieve it, then it's a needed sacrifice. 


i don't agree , for example i still remember Argentina vs. Croatia final when del potro turned tables on Cilic and won in 5 sets despite being behind by 2 sets and many crazy matches like that , ferrer comeback against Kolchreiber last year and many more , this's the real spirit of Davis Cup  

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