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Karate WKF World Championships 2018

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48 minuti fa, thepharoah ha scritto:


finals are also for free in karateworld.tv ? 


I don't know...and if I have to guess, I'd say "no"...:dunno:


however, the Italian stream (with Italian commentary, of course) will be available for free for sure...


it should be also on their YT page, here:



but, if they can't put it also on YT, for sure it will be here:


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23 minuti fa, hckosice ha scritto:


The feeling you already know the result about eventual possibility to watch combat sport in your TV is less than zero, before even clicking on that link and then you suddenly found.. that you´re right :p



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  • Kata: Peter Fabian
  • Kumite -60kg: Dominik Imrich
  • Kumite -67kg: Matej Homola
  • Kumite -75kg: Matúš Lieskovský
  • Kumite -84kg: Adi Gyurík
  • Kumite +84kg: Attila Jóba
  • Kumite Teams: Dominik Imrich, Matej Homola, Matúš Lieskovský, Adi Gyurík, Attila Jóba, Dávid Podsklan, Ľuboš Džačovský



  • Kata: Ema Brázdová
  • Kata Teams: Ema Brázdová, Nikoleta Merašická, Ľudmila Báčiková
  • Kumite -50kg: Lucia Kováčiková
  • Kumite -55kg: Viktória Semaníková
  • Kumite -61kg: Veronika Semaníková
  • Kumite -68kg: Miroslava Kopúňová
  • Kumite +68kg: Dominika Tatárová
  • Kumite Teams: Viktória Semaníková, Veronika Semaníková, Miroslava Kopúňová, Dominika Tatárová


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draws are out...


some thoughts about tomorrow's action...


in the Women's Kata, local hero Sandra Sanchez Jaime is the only favourite in pool 1, her toughest opponent should be Maria Dimitrova (DOM), but frankly I just can't imagine her beating the Spaniard at home...

pool 2 is the most interesting, with Sarah Sayed (EGY), Dilara Eltemur (TUR) and Grace Lau Mo Sheung (HKG) all in the same quarter...

pool 3 should be a question between Viviana Bottaro (ITA) and Sakura Kokumai (USA)...

pool 4 is a one-woman show...Kiyou Shimizu is just unstoppable...so, condoleances to all the other girls in this pool, the best of whom should be Alexandra Feracci (FRA)...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Sanchez Jaime vs Shimizu


Men's Kata

Antonio Diaz (VEN) is the clear favourite in pool 1...

Roman Heydarov (AZE), Alì Sofuoglu (TUR) and Damian Hugo Quintero Capdevila (ESP) all in pool 2...this look like a joke...still, I pick the home guy (despite I like Sofuoglu a lot)...in a judged competition I don't think they would eventually screw one of the 2 best hopes for the local team...

pool 3 is definitely the least qualified one...Ilja Smorguner (GER) should be the favourite, but I wouldn't be shocked if someone else comes up as the pool winner...Russia, Morocco and maybe Iran (I don't know that guy at all) could be good outsiders...

in pool 4, Ryo Kiyuna (JPN) won't have any trouble...Ahmed Shawky (EGY) should be his toughest opponent, meanwhile Mattia Busato (ITA) has had a lucky enough draw to earn his chance to reach the pool final against Kiyuna...I hope he won't waste this really big chance to get some good OQR points, even if he has had an awful season so far...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Quintero Capdevila vs Kiyuna


Kumite, Women's +68kg

pool 1 is very difficult to judge...no one of the usual K1PL stars is there...I think Hamideh Abbasli (IRI) or Shymaa Abouel Yazed (EGY) -they are set to face each other already in round #2- could even win the pool...

pool 2 has 3 clear favourites (as long as people can talk of favourites in Karate), Titta Keinainen (FIN), Eleni Chatziliadou (GRE) and above all Laura Palacio Gonzalez (ESP)...season's results say FIN, home soil says ESP...

pool 3...Anne Laure Florentin (FRA) could be the finalist in the top half, but Clio Ferracuti (ITA) has shown in the last couple of K1PL stages that she has also good chances, unfortunately the ITA vs FRA match-up, if it's gonna happen,  is scheduled too early (rd #3), meanwhile the winner of the rd #2 match between Anamarija Celan Bujas (CRO) and Dominika Tatarova (SVK) should give the other pool finalist...however Florentin can be named the pool favorite...

pool 4...the road is open for Ayumi Uekusa (JPN)...I don't see anybody putting her pool win at risk...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Uekusa vs Abouel Yazed


Kumite, Women's -68kg

pool 1...very balanced pool with many names capable of ending up on top...just to pick 2, I'd choose Alizee Agier (FRA) and Eda Eltemur (TUR), but, as said, there are many outsiders that could well surprise the big names...

pool 2...Katrine Pedersen (DEN) has the biggest chance of her life...she's the only "name" in the pool...

pool 3...Irina Zaretska (AZE) vs Feryal Abdelaziz (EGY) in rd #1 is a shocker...the winner of this bout then has to face Elena Quirici (SUI) in rd #4...I really think that the pool winner will come from those 3 names, even if there are also in this case quite a few dangerous outsiders (Ivona Cavar from BIH above all)...

pool 4...pool winner will be known already after round #2, where Silvia Semeraro (ITA) and Someya Kayo (JPN), 2 of the top 3 fighters this season in this class, should face each other...Melnykh (UKR) and Debatty (BEL) are good outsiders, but I don't think they have chances against ITA or JPN...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Agier vs Kayo (but I secretely hope it's Semeraro)


Kumite, Men's +84kg

pool 1...a lot of very good fighters, but I think Jonathan Horne (GER) has to be named the favourite...main outsiders should be Slobodan Bitevic (SRB), Andjelo Kvesic (CRO) and above all Gogita Arkania (GEO)...

pool 2...no big names here...I'd pick Tyron-Darnell Lardy (NED) as the top guy in this pool...

pool 3...also here, not many established specialists...maybe Hocine Daikhi (ALG) is the most dangerous player of the pool, meanwhile Herolind Nishevci (KOS) could be his main contender...in this pool there's also Simone Marino (ITA), last year's European champion, but this season hasn't gone well at all for him...so, I don't expect anything from him...

pool 4...Sajad Ganizadeh (IRI) is the main favourite here (of the entire tournament, not only of this pool)...his main opponents should be Yaroslav Horuna (UKR, brother of the most famous Stanislav, who normally fight in the lower weight) in the early rounds and one between Shahin Atamov (AZE), Ivan Klepic (BIH), the Turkish surprise Alparslan Yamanoglu (he's not the man supposed to start for them in this class) and Hideyoshi Kagawa (JPN), who are all in the top half of the draw of this pool...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Horne vs Ganizadeh


Kumite, Men's -84kg

pool 1...I think it's gonna be a question between Valerii Chobotar (UKR) and Zabiollah Poorshab (IRI)...no place for the other guys here...

pool 2...very balanced (and poor) lineup here...Aykhan Mamayev (AZE) and Georgis Tzanos (GRE) should be the top men, with Berat Jakupi (MKD) and Daniyar Yuldashev (KAZ) as the main outsiders...

pool 3...Ugur Aktas (TUR) is the main favourite, with Mohamed El Kotby (EGY) as the main contender...European Champion Michele Martina (ITA), European Bronze Medallist Helio Hernandez (POR) and Kenji Grillon (FRA) are also in this pool, so some surprise is always possible...here more than in any other pool...

pool 4...not seeing Ryutaro Araga (JPN) winning this pool would be a huge upset...Ivan Kvesic (CRO) and Anton Isakau (BLR) are the only 2 guys who could make this upset come true...

my pick for the Gold Medal match: Aktas vs Poorshab


I'm gonna write about the other Kumite classes tomorrow, before they go on stage in the following days...

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The draw looks good for the Iranians. even though in Karate there is no "easy match" everybody can be dangerous. 2016 was great for Iran in kummitee , this will be great if they can repeat that here.


and I see an Iranian Amir Khani participating here as "refugee" :d another fake refugee living in Belgium. after Asemani and Pouryounes (in Netherlands) both in taekwondo

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12 hours ago, MHSN said:

The draw looks good for the Iranians. even though in Karate there is no "easy match" everybody can be dangerous. 2016 was great for Iran in kummitee , this will be great if they can repeat that here.


and I see an Iranian Amir Khani participating here as "refugee" :d another fake refugee living in Belgium. after Asemani and Pouryounes (in Netherlands) both in taekwondo

Are you calling us, Dutch, equal to Belgians? :mad: Not cool man


Edit: Oh wait, I think you already meant Asemani in Belgium and Pouryounes in the Netherlands. If so, we're cool, we're cool.

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is that possible to switch Tatami ? my first time with Karate TV :wacko: and I can't see much


we had someone in Kata in QF (even though he had a good draw) and he lost only 3-2 to Smorguner :( we never had a chance for medal in Kata, but losing 3-2 means he had a chance to be in semifinal.

Edited by MHSN

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53 minuti fa, MHSN ha scritto:

is that possible to switch Tatami ? my first time with Karate TV :wacko: and I can't see much


we had someone in Kata in QF (even though he had a good draw) and he lost only 3-2 to Smorguner :( we never had a chance for medal in Kata, but losing 3-2 means he had a chance to be in semifinal.


no, I fear it's not like in Judo or Wrestling or Fencing...:(:facepalm:

it's the first time they show the preliminaries and I think we have to be satisfied with this poor service (it's not even in HD, just a miserable 540p)...:wall:

let's hope in the next future they can take those other sports as an example and improve their service...:fingers:

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by the way, here are my 2 cents over the remaining Kumite classes (I'm not gonna write anything on the team events, which do not have the same appeal to me and are not so important as the individual ones in Olympic perspective)...


Women's Kumite, -50kg
pool 1...Bettina Plank (AUT) is the clear favourite, Nurana Aliyeva (AZE) the main contender...some surprising results might come from East Asian Countries (INA and THA in particular)...
pool 2...Japan (Miho Miyahara) vs Croatia (Jelena Pehar) first and, above all, Germany (Shara Hubrich) then are the key matches in this pool...the US girl Shannon Nishi is also a possible outsider...
pool 3...Radwa Sayed (EGY) is the top seeded woman in the pool, chances also for Gema Morales Ozuna (ESP) and Alexandra Pop (ROU), who are scheduled to face each other in the 1st round of the competition...
pool 4...Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu (TUR) is the pre-competition favourite in this class, but she has to face the multiple (and defending) world champion Alexandra Recchia (FRA) even before making the pool final...it won't be easy for her...China and Iran are also in this pool and could be dangerous, too...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: Miyahara vs Ozcelik Arapoglu

Women's Kumite, -55kg
pool 1...here we quite some talent...Wen Tzu-Yun (TPE) is the seeded woman, but there are a lot of really dangerous players, like Zakharova (KAZ), Bitsch (GER), Fernandez Osorio (ESP), Lirisman (EST) and maybe also Chalaki (IRI, but it's a recognition to the Iranian school, since I've never seen this girl fighting before today)...
pool 2...Alesandra Hasani (CRO) vs Valeria Kumizaki (BRA)...I don't see anybody else coming off this pool, with the Brazilian as the favourite to reach the tournament semifinals...
pool 3...also in this pool I think it's gonna be a 2-way duel between Sara Yamada (JPN) and Salni Jefry Krishnan Syakilla (MAS), with maybe a slim chance for Carla Burkitt (ENG) if she's gonna have the day of her life...
pool 4...this one is quite a mess...Anzhelika Terliuga (UKR) and Sara Cardin (ITA) are the logical takes, but Yassmin Attia (EGY, who has to go against Cardin already in rd #1...and that's a pity) and Tuba Yakan (TUR) may have something to say...and frankly it wouldn't be a huge surprise if one of those 2 (or even both) takes the scalp of the said favorites from ITA and UKR...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: Wen Tzu-Yun vs Terliuga

Women's Kumite, -61kg
pool 1...shame on the WKF! here we have the anticipated final already taking place in the pool final (on paper, of course): Alexandra Grande (PER) is the woman in the best shape in these last months, meanwhile Yin Xiaoyan (CHN) has to be considered the best and most complete fighter in this class (always on paper, remember)...no place for others, here...
pool 2...Alisa Buchinger (AUT) could be the winner here, but she has a very strong field of opponents to face since the early rounds, as Moriguchi (JPN) and Junaa (CAN) are also in the same part of the draw as the Austrian...Bettina Alstadsaether could be named as the main outsider in the bottom part of the draw in this pool...
pool 3...the top 3 girls in this pool should be Ana Lenard (CRO), Anita Serogina (UKR) and Merve Coban (TUR), with the last one possibly as the slight favourite...so, unlucky draw for the Slovak Veronika Semanikova (and one of the few hopes of a good result in fighting sports for our friend @hckosice -it should go better with Tatarova in the +68kg, but she also has a very, very tough draw, as posted yesterday)...
pool 4...Gwendoline Philippe (FRA) vs Giana Lofty (EGY) in rd #1 is an absolute shocker..and the winner of this one still has to face Jovana Prekovic (SRB) to win this pool...no chance for any other, I fear...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: winner of Grande vs Yin to face winner of Philippe vs Lofty (too close to call)...but since it's just a game without anything to lose, let's say Yin vs Lofty

Men's Kumite, -60kg
pool 1...I think Douglas Brose (BRA) would eventually come up as the pool winner, but the Asian Games champion Arrosyiid (INA), the Japanese Naoto Sago (never seen him before, tbh) and the Latvian Kalvis Kalnins (former European Champion and reigning European Bronze Medallist) are definitely not to be underestimated...
pool 2...very open pool with no big names..."anything can happen" here is not a sentes for the circumstances...if I have to pick a couple of names, i'd take Darkhan Assadilov (KAZ) and Johan Lopes (FRA), but I sevretely hope in a Saudi exploit by Emad Al Malki...
pool 3...this one is not going to be easy...just another really balanced draw, but this time with a couple more well known fighters, like Evgeny Plakhutin (RUS), Sadriddin Saymatov (UZB), Firdovsi Farzaliyev (AZE) and, above all, Angelo Crescenzo (ITA), reigning European Silver medallist...I hope our man can do it, but I think for him is going to be really difficult facing especially Saymatov, who already beat him more than once...
pool 4...Dominik Imrich (SVK) has a real chance to make the pool final in the top half of the draw in this pool (for the joy of our mate @hckosice :lol:), but then he will find his route closed by people like Emil Pavlov (MKD, reigning European Champion) or, above all, the dynamic duo Eray Samdan (TUR) and Amir Mehdizadeh (IRI), who unfortunately will have to face each other in rd #3 (which in this class is rd of 32, tbn)...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: Douglas Brose vs Saymatov (that's an unconventional one, I must admit)

Men's Kumite, -67kg
pool 1...this one would eventually end up in an Asian clash, I guess...Hiroto Shinoara (JPN) will have to get the best of many athletes coming from the Gulf States, the Kazakh guy (who's not the same one who competed in the Asian Games) and also a couple of Europeans that can't be forgotten, like Joksic (SRB) and Pokorny (AUT)...
pool 2...a pure mess...Vinicius Figueira (BRA), Luca Maresca (ITA), Yves Martial Tadissi (HUN), Abdel Rahamn Al-Masatfa (JOR) and Ikboljon Uzakov (UZB) all in the same pool...basically, all the medallists of the last K1PL stages are here...we can easily call it a lottery (where all the named guys have the capability of coming up as the pool -and not only the pool- winner)...
pool 3...the exact opposite of the previous pool...here the only big name is Steven Dacosta (FRA)...Mario Hodzic (MNE) and Ayoub Zakaria (MAR) are just average outsiders...
pool 4...Burak Uygur (TUR) and Jordan Thomas (ENG) are the top 2 names here, but the jokes of the draw have put them one against the other already in the round of 64...however the Turkish guy is the clear favorite...another guy who could raise for the occasion is Hamood Deraf (IRI), evn if also in this case it's more because of the Iranian reputation (never seen this guy before, as it often happens with Countries that do not take part in most of the K1PL stages throughout the season)...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: Shinoara (but I really hope Maresca can bring some magic to our team this time) vs Uygur

Men's Kumite, -75kg
pool 1...Ken Nishimura (JPN) vs Bahman Asgari (IRI)...no way it could go down to anybody else...
pool 2...Thomas Scott (USA) should easily win this pool...Hsu Wei-Chun (TPE) and Raef Al-Turkistani (KSA) are just outsiders...
pool 3...Dastonbek Otbolaev (UZB) vs Mamduh Abdelaziz (EGY) is the duel to watch for in the top part of the draw of this pool, meanwhile the bottom half has Logan Dacosta (FRA) as the main contender of the great Luigi Busà (ITA), who's still the tournament favourite after literally destroying all of his opponents in the recent K1PL final stage in Tokyo...
pool 4...quite a crowded pool...Erman Eltemur (TUR), Stanislav Horuna (UKR) and Noah Bitsch (GER) are the top names in the top half, meanwhile in the bottom part of the draw in this pool the man to beat his the living legend of Karate himself, Rafael Aghayev (AZE)...
my pick for the Gold Medal match: Scott vs Busà / Aghayev (this one is really too close to call..and I'm sure it would eventually go down to some controversial calls by the judges, as it always happens when those legendary 2 guys meet)...


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first results...


Men's Individual Kata

Gold Medal Match: :ESP Damian Hugo Quintero Capdevila vs :JPN Ryo Kiyuna 

Bronze Medal Match #1: :VEN Antonio Diaz vs :TUR Alì Sofuoglu

Bronze Medal Match #2: :GER Ilja Smorguner vs :ITA Mattia Busato

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not that this one was the most difficult of them all...:whistle:


but it looks that I got all of my men's kata preview right...:lol::raspberry:

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