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Athletics IAAF World Championships 2019

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2 minutes ago, Jan Linha said:


You want to say that you've been using Eurosport regularly outside Europe?

Well there are better channels then Eurosport when they’re all available. I tried the online platform for :CZE and got it work a couple months back. I could at least watch Eurosport 1 and 2.

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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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Breakfast at 17:00, Main Training session from 20:00, Lunch around midnight and then the second training phase untill 03:00 AM, this is the last training camp program of Matej Tóth in Cyprus 2 weeks before the World Championships :lol:

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:POLSofia Ennaoui finished dead last in the Kamila Skolimowska Memorial today and announced she's battling a hip & Achilles issue and won't take part in Doha WCh :(


This extended season is turning out to be a real dud. Ennaoui joins Anita Wlodarczyk, Joanna Jozwik, Klaudia Siciarz & Cyprian Mrzyglod as high-profile Polish absentees. Not to mention Michal Haratyk has a finger swelling and will probably bomb out hard.

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:ETH Genzebe Dibaba is injured (I don't know the exact injury) and it's likely she will not compete at the WCH in Doha.


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Also an update on :QAT Abderrahaman Samba injury. According to the Norwegian news site, VG.no, who has spoken with his Swedish manager, Daniel Wessfeldt, Samba still struggles to run due to a hip injury. His manager says they will decide if Samba runs at the WCH 4-5 days before it starts. 


Journalist from VG

- Samba has not run anything?



- No, no. This will not be decided until four or five days before the World Championships. Every day is a battle against the clock. There is no point to start if he is only able to run around 49 sec. at the World Championships. Then it is better not to run, Wessfeldt replies.

- He has only been able to train for the last 12 to 14 days, he says.


When asked if Samba will run a test competition before the World Cup, almost four months after he ran the 400 meter hurdles last time, his manager Wessfeldt replies that it will not happen until September 18-20. The plan is for him to move from his training base in Spanish Valencia to Doha on September 22. 

 - We probably shouldn't be too positive. Let's see how things will go, says Daniel Wessfeldt.

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:BAH Bahamas might not send a team to the WCH due to lack of funding.

Source: https://thenassauguardian.com/2019/09/14/world-championships-team-in-jeopardy/

The Bahamian 10-member team might not be able to make it because of insufficient funds, according to Drumeco Archer, president of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA).

According to Archer, the BAAA proposed a $116,000 budget to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture for the prestigious meet from February 1 of this year and on Wednesday evening, September 11, the ministry granted them $25,000 – way short of the proposed budget.

The team is set to travel next week and Archer said if they only have $25,000 they will not send a team to Doha. The BAAA refuses to send a team that can only send some of the athletes because all of the athletes qualify for the meet.

The athletes that are set to compete with Team Bahamas are Tynia Gaither, Anthonique Strachan, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Pedrya Seymour, Steven Gardiner, Alonzo Russell, Latario Collie-Minns, Lathone Minns, Donald Thomas and Samson Colebrook, who opted out.


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It really costs 100.000 dollars to send ten athletes and some coaches to the Bahamas? I'd be really, really, really surprised if Miller-Uibo doesn't have a big sponsor or something that could very easily cough that up..

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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK




Marcel Lomnický  (Hammer Throw)

Matej Tóth  (50km Race Walk)




Gabriela Gajanová  (800m)

Martina Hrašnová   (Hammer Throw)

Mária Katerinka Czaková  (50km Race Walk)


so SVK will send only 5 athletes. 6 made the standards but the Marathon Runner Tibor Sahajda decided to instead compete at the Košice peace marathon in 2 weeks (the SVK national championship in marathon) in order to win valuable points for the Olympic ranking. 

2 Other athletes missed the WCH by really few...especially the 100m Hurdles athlete Stanislava Lajčáková will miss the world championshps for 0.01s :( and Triple Jumper Tomáš Veszelka for 4cm :(

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As we were discussing in the Suggestions thread, it would be nice to get these schedules posted at the top of threads again for events, because the official websites are always terrible. I just put this together for the World Athletics Championship. @Sindo, would it be possible to add this to the first post, maybe as a "spoiler" so that people don't have to scroll through it?

Official Schedule
Arabian Standard Time (GMT +3)
Olympic Event Final | Non-Olympic Event Final

Friday, September 27th
16:30 Men's Long Jump Qualification A+B
16:35 Men's 100m Preliminaries 
16:40 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification A
17:10 Men's 800m Round 1
17:30 Women's Pole Vault Qualification A+B
18:05 Men's 100m Round 1
18:10 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification B
18:40 Women's High Jump Qualification A+B
19:00 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1

19:25 Men's Triple Jump Qualification A+B
19:55 Men's 5000m Round 1
20:30 Men's 400m Hurdles Round 1

23:59 Women's Marathon Final

Saturday, September 28th
16:15 Men's Discus Throw Qualification A
16:30 Women's 100m Round 1
17:05 Men's 800m Round 1
17:30 Men's Pole Vault Qualification A+B
17:45 Men's Discus Throw Qualification B
18:05 Men's 400m Hurdles Semifinals
18:45 Men's 100m Semifinals
19:15 Women's 800m Semifinals
19:25 Women's Hammer Throw Final
20:00 Mixed 4x400m Relay Round 1
20:40 Men's Long Jump Final

21:10 Women's 10000m Final
22:15 Men's 100m Final
23:30 Women's 50km Race Walk Final
23:30 Men's 50km Race Walk Final

Sunday, September 29th
20:05 Men's 200m Round 1
20:40 Women's Pole Vault Final
21:20 Women's 200m Semifinals
21:45 Men's Triple Jump Final
21:55 Men's 800m Semifinals
22:35 Mixed 4x400m Relay Final
23:20 Women's 100m Final
23:30 Women's 20km Race Walk Final

Monday, September 30th

16:30 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification A
17:05 Women's 200m Round 1
18:00 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification B
18:20 Women's 400m Round 1
20:05 Men's 110m Hurdles Round 1
20:30 Women's High Jump Final
20:50 Men's 200m Semifinals
21:20 Men's 5000m Final
21:25 Men's Discus Throw Final

21:50 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final
22:10 Women's 800m Final
22:40 Men's 400m Hurdles Final

Tuesday, October 1st

16:30 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification A
16:35 Men's 400m Round 1
16:50 Men's High Jump Qualification A+B
17:30 Women's 400m Hurdles Round 1
18:00 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification B
18:15 Men's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1
20:05 Men's Pole Vault Final
20:50 Women's 400m Semifinals
21:20 Women's Javelin Throw Final

21:35 Women's 200m Semifinals
22:10 Men's 800m Final
22:40 Men's 200m Final


Wednesday, October 2nd

16:35 Men's Decathlon 100m
16:45 Women's Shot Put Qualification A+B
17:05 Women's Heptathlon 100m Hurdles
17:30 Men's Decathlon Long Jump
17:35 Women's 1500m Round 1
18:00 Women's Discus Throw Qualification A
18:15 Women's Heptathlon High Jump
18:25 Women's 5000m Round 1
18:50 Men's Decathlon Shot Put

19:25 Women's Discus Throw Qualification B
20:05 Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinals
20:30 Women's Heptathlon Shot Put

20:35 Men's 400m Semifinals
20:40 Men's Decathlon High Jump
21:05 Women's 400m Hurdles Semifinals
21:40 Men's Hammer Throw Final
21:50 Women's Heptathlon 200m
22:35 Women's 200m Final
22:55 Men's 110m Hurdles Final
23:15 Men's Decathlon 400m


Thursday, October 3rd

16:35 Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles
16:40 Women's Triple Jump Qualification A+B
17:30 Men's Decathlon Discus Throw A
18:15 Women's Heptathlon Long Jump
18:35 Men's Decathlon Discus Throw B
19:05 Men's Decathlon Pole Vault A
19:20 Men's Shot Put Qualification A+B
20:05 Men's Decathlon Pole Vault B
20:10 Women's Heptathlon Javelin Throw

22:00 Men's 1500m Round 1
22:05 Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw A
22:35 Women's Shot Put Final

23:00 Women's 1500m Semifinals
23:10 Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw B
23:50 Women's 400m Final
Women's Heptathlon 800m 
00:15 Men's Decathlon 1500m


Friday, October 4th

20:10 Men's 1500m Semifinals
20:15 Men's High Jump Final
20:40 Women's 4x100m Relay Round 1
21:00 Women's Discus Throw Final

21:05 Men's 4x100m Relay Round 1
21:30 Women's 400m Hurdles Final
21:45 Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final
Men's 400m Final
23:30 Men's 20km Race Walk Final


Saturday, October 5th

16:30 Men's Javelin Throw Qualification A
17:15 Women's 100m Hurdles Round 1
17:50 Women's Long Jump Qualification A+B
18:00 Men's Javelin Throw Qualification B
19:55 Women's 4x400m Relay Round 1

20:05 Men's Shot Put Final
20:25 Men's 4x400m Relay Round 1
20:35 Women's Triple Jump Final

20:55 Women's 1500m Final
21:25 Women's 5000m Final
22:05 Women's 4x100m Relay Final
Men's 4x100m Relay Final
23:59 Men's Marathon Final


Sunday, October 6th

19:05 Women's 100m Hurdles Semifinal

19:15 Women's Long Jump Final
19:40 Men's 1500m Final
19:55 Men's Javelin Throw Final
Men's 10000m Final
20:50 Women's 100m Hurdles Final

21:15 Women's 4x400m Relay Final
21:30 Women's 4x400m Relay Final

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