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Athletics Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

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Tean France: (as of 4th of march)


  • Long Jump :  Kafétien Gomis 
  • Pole Vault : Renaud Lavillénie
  • Decathlon: Kevin Mayer
  • 20 km walk: Yoan Diniz
  • 4*100



  • Pole Vault: Vanessa Boslak
  • Marathon: Christelle Daunay
  • 4*400


French Qualification standards































3000m steeple



110m/100m hurdles



400m hurdles



High J.



Pole V.



Long J.



Triple J.



Shot P.



Discus T.



Hammer T.



Javelin T.






20 km Walk



50 km Walk




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  • Romanian athletes have so far achieved qualifying standards in the following athletics events
  • Men's marathon – 1 quota place (Marius Ionescu)
  • Men's 50 km walk – 1 quota place (Marius Cocioran)
  • Men's high jump – 1 quota place (Mihai Donisan)
  • Men's triple jump – 1 quota place (Marian Oprea)
  • Men's shot put – 1 quota place (Andrei Gag)
  • Women's 400 m – 1 quota place (Bianca Razor)
  • Women's 800 m – 1 quota place (Florina Pierdevara)
  • Women's marathon – 2 quota places (Daniela Carlan , Paula Todoran)
  • Women's 20 km walk - 1 quota place (Claudia Stef)
  • Women's high jump – 1 quota place (Daniela Stanciu)
  • Women's long jump – 1 quota place (Alina Rotaru)
  • Women's triple jump – 1 quota place (Cristina Bujin)

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Greek athletes who have secured their qualification for the Olympic Games:

Men's 200 m – 1 quota place (Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas)
Men's 110 m hurdles – 1 quota place (Konstantinos Douvalidis)
Men's marathon – 1 quota place (Christoforos Merousis)
Men's high jump – 2 quota places (Konstantinos Baniotis, Antonios Mastoras)
Men's pole vault – 1 quota place (Konstantinos Filippidis)
Men's 20 km walk – 1 quota place (Alexandros Papamichail)
Men's 50 km walk – 1 quota place (Alexandros Papamichail)
Women's 200 m – 1 quota place (Maria Belibasaki)
Women's marathon – 2 quota places (Ourania Rebouli, Sofia Riga)
Women's pole vault – 2 quota places (Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Ekaterini Stefanidi)
Women's Triple Jump – 1 quota place (Paraskevi Papachristou)
Women's discus throw – 1 quota place (Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou)
Women's 20 km walk – 2 quota places (Antigoni Drisbioti, Despina Zapounidou)


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Updated as of 02.03.2016



  • Jozef REPČÍK (800m)  (1:45.40 Lignano 07.07.2015)
  • Matúš BUBENÍK (High Jump) (230 Banská Bystrica 04.02.2016)
  • Marcel LOMNICKÝ (Hammer Throw) (77.63 Trnava 10.05.2015)
  • Matej TÓTH (20km Race Walk, 50km Race Walk) (1:20:21 Murcia 17.05.2015/ 3:34:38 Dudince 21.03.2015)
  • Martin TIŠŤAN (50km Race Walk) (4:02:26 Murcia 17.05.2015)
  • Dušan MAJDÁN (50km Race Walk) (3:58:57 Beijing 29.08.2015)



  • Iveta PUTALOVÁ (400m) (52.18 Gwangju 10.07.2015)
  • Lucia HRIVNÁK-KLOCOVÁ (800m) (1:59.14 Beijing 27.08.2015)
  • Katarína BEREŠOVÁ (Marathon) (2:36:20 Vienna 12.04.2015)
  • Dana VELĎÁKOVÁ (Triple Jump) (14.27 Banská Bystrica 01.08.2015)
  • Martina HRAŠNOVÁ (Hammer Throw) (74.27 Kawasaki 10.05.2015)
  • Mária CZÁKOVÁ (20km Race Walk) (1:32:23 Poděbrady 11.04.2015)
  • Mária GÁLIKOVÁ (20km Race Walk) (1:31:42 Dudince 21.03.2015)

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Canadians who have achieved the qualification standards so far:


Men's 100m - More than 3

200m: Andre de Grasse, Brendon Rodney, Aaron Brown

400m: Philip Osei

800m: Brandon McBride

1500m: Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, Nate Brannen

5000m: Mohammed Ahmed, Matt Hughes, Cam Levins

10000m: Cam Levins, Mohammed Ahmed

3000m Steeplechase: More than 3

110m Hurdles: Damian Warner, Johnathan Cabral, Sekou Kaba

High Jump: Derek Drouin, Michael Mason

Pole Vault: Shawn Barber

Shot Put: Tim Nedow

Decathlon: Damian Warner

Marathon: More than 3

20km Race Walk: Benjamin Thorne, Inaki Gomez, Evan Dunfee

50km Race Walk: Evan Dunfee, Matt Bilodeau, Inaki Gomez


Women's 100m: Khamica Bingham, Crystal Emmanuel, Kimberly Hyacinthe

200m: Khamica Bingham, Kimberly Hyacinthe, Crystal Emmanuel

400m: Carline Muir, Audrey Jean-Baptiste

800m: Melissa Bishop, Fiona Benson, Jessica Smith

1500m: Fiona Benson, Nicole Sifuentes, Sheila Reid

5000m: Jessica O'Connell

10000m: Natasha Wodak, Lanni Marchant

3000m Steeplechase: Genevieve Lalonde, Jessica Furlan, Erin Teschuk

100m Hurdles: More than 3

400m Hurdles: Sarah Wells, Sage Watson, Noelle Montcalm

Pole Vault: Kelsie Ahbe, Alysha Newman, Melanie Blouin

Long Jump: Christabel Nettey, Brianne Theisen-Eaton

Shot Put: Brittany Crew

Hammer Throw: Sultana Frizell

Javelin Throw: Liz Gleadle

Heptathlon: Brianne Theisen-Eaton

Marathon: More than 3

20km Race Walk: Rachel Seaman

4x100m Relay

4x400m Relay

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Dutch athletes who reached standards so far (athletes in bold got the standard, athletes not in bold might be able to do it. It's in Dutch, but I think the meaning of most events is clear looking at the numbers. Speerwerpen = javelin, kogelslingeren = hammer throw)



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  • Men's marathon – 2 quota places (Remigijus Kančys, Valdas Dopolskas)
  • Men's 20 km walk – 2 quota places (Marius Žiūkas, Marius Šavelskis)
  • Men's 50 km walk – 1 quota place (Tadas Šuškevičius)
  • Men's discus throw – 1 quota place (Andrius Gudžius)
  • Women's 800 m – 1 quota place (Eglė Balčiūnaitė)
  • Women's 400 m hurdles - 1 quota place (Eglė Staišiūnaitė)
  • Women's high jump – 1 quota place (Airinė Palšytė)
  • Women's triple jump - 1 quota places (Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė)
  • Women's discus throw – 1 quota place (Zinaida Sendriutė)
  • Women's marathon – 1 quota place left (Vaida Žūsinaitė, Živilė Balčiūnaitė, Monika Juodeškaitė, Remalda Kergytė) (Diana Lobačevskė, Rasa Drazdauskaitė already secured quota)
  • Women's 20 km walk – 3 quota places (Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė, Neringa Aidietytė, Kristina Saltanovič)

Athletes that have a possibility to qualify: 100m. Rytis Sakalauskas / Lina Grinčikaitė. 800m. Natalija Piliušina. High Jump: Raivydas Stanys. Heptathlon: Austra Skujytė

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So far these danish athletes have reached the national danish standards:

Men's 800m: Andreas Bube
Women's marathon: Jess Draskau-Petersson and Anna Holm Baumeister
Women's 400m hurdles: Sara Slott Petersen and Stina Troest

The following athletes have a chance to qualify as I see it (though I'm surely not expecting all of them to do so):

Men's 400m: Nick Ekelund-Arenander and Benjamin Lobo Vedel
Men's 1500m: Andreas Bueno
Men's 5000m: Thijs Nijhuis
Men's Marathon: Henrik Them, Abdi Ulad Hakin and Lars Budolfsen
Men's 110m hurdles: Andreas Martinsen
Men's 400m hurdles: Nicolai Hartling
Men's 3000m steeplechase: Ole Hesselbjerg and Jakob Dybdahl Abrahamsen
Men's Long jump: Andreas Trajkovski
Men's high jump: Janick Klausen
Men's pole vault: Rasmus Wejnold Jørgensen

Women's 400m hurdles: Anne Sofie Kirkegaard

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With the exception of Marathon, Race Walking, Heptathlon, Decathlon and the relays, German athletes need to fulfill the national standards between spring and summer 2016. So these athletes have fulfilled the national standards so far:

Marathon: Anna Hahner, Lisa Hahner, Arne Gabius, Philip Pflieger, Julian Flügel

Race Walking: Carl Dohmann, Hagen Pohle

Multi Events: Jennifer Oeser, Claudia Rath, Rico Freimuth, Kai Kazmirek (and Michael Schrader, but he's out due to injury)

Relays: 4x100m Relay men, and the 4x100m Relay women is basically qualified as well, as their time will be enough for the top 8 fastest.


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  • Ivan HORVAT (pole vault)
  • Marin PREMERU (shot put)
  • Stipe ZUNIC (shot put)
  • Filip MIHALJEVIC (shot put)


  • Andrea IVANCEVIC (100 metres and 100 metres hurdles)
  • Matea MATOSEVIC (marathon)
  • Marija VRAJIC TROSIC (marathon)
  • Sandra PERKOVIC (discus throw)
  • Blanka VLASIC (high jump)
  • Ana SIMIC (high jump)
  • Sara KOLAK (javelin throw)

EDIT: Sara KOLAK in women's javelin throw also qualified for Rio.

Edited by Crolympic

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:ITA italian team (the final team will be made by CONI) :ITA

  • Women's 20 km Walk: Eleonora Giorgi, Elisa Rigaudo, Antonella Palmisano
  • Women's Marathon: Anna Incerti, Valeria Straneo
  • Women's 400 mt: Libania Grenot
  • Women's 400mt hs: Yadislieidy Pedroso
  • Women's 200mt: Gloria Hooper
  • Women's High Jump: Alessia Trost
  • Men's 20 Km Walk: Giorgio Rubino, Marco de Luca, Massimo Stano
  • Men's 50 Km Walk: Matteo Giupponi, Federico Tontodonati
  • Men's Marathon: Daniele Meucci, Ruggero Pertile
  • Men's High Jump: Gianmarco Tamberi, Marco Fassinotti
  • Men's Triple Jump: Fabrizio Donato
Edited by Danylove80

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