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Artistic Gymnastics UEG European Championships 2018

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Men´s Parallel Bars:


1. Artur Dalaloyan  :RUS    15.433

2. David Belyavskiy :RUS   15.166

3. Oliver Hegi :SUI   14.633

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Men´s Horizontal Bar:


1. Oliver Hegi  :SUI    14.700

2. Epke Zonderland :NED   14.400

3. David Vecsernyes :HUN   14.033

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Em 12/08/2018 at 14:11, dareza disse:

It seems that acrobatics are not important in HB at all.


If you mean releases, they are. The thing is the gymnast must perform releases as high as possible, and the more complex, the more they earn points, of course. A lot of gymnasts prefer to perform "safer" skills with different grips of their hands instead of losing points in execution in a release move, though.

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