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YES! finally all those hours spent watching hockey world league round 1 matches paid off.



And now if Russia wins the handball :whistle:

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11 minutes ago, Wanderer said:


Now it's your turn to win "hockey" gold :d 


That´s all my Totallympics career dream :d

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Final Standing available here



ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b.jpg.4a05d2852188ff96f934faa5edf1d813.jpg :ROU ady48
5a91983c5af54_ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b-Copy.jpg.034592cc412660cfe59ff1ce89ac476f.jpg :ITA Henry_Leon
ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b - Copy (2).jpg :GER chrischi08



It was exciting to follow the final - every goal difference mattered! And the final result was the one that brought @ady48 second medal today and the brightest one! Maybe compensation for the hockey, or simply reward for excellent predictions overall. Congratulation :champion: 

Another medal for Italy today, this time @Henry_Leon celebrates silver. Congrats :bowdown:

For a moment it looked like another 4th place for @chrischi08 today, but this time luck was on his side and new bronze medal for him this year. Congrats! :hatoff:

@LDOG was close, but not enough. One goal difference less, and bronze would be his. @africaboy again 5th!


Thank you everyone who participated this year, it was my pleasure to manage these predictions contests. Before I post the final general standings, I will need to review points and standings for Artistic Gymnastics contest (hopefully next week). Once that is done, we'll officially close 2018 and look forward to the new year!


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mostly i'm good in handb , i failed completly this time 


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Congrats to all medalists especially :ARG LDOG Hockey champion :champion: :ROU ady48 handball champion and double medallist :thumbup:  :ITA Henryleon and Dunadan for Silver and :GER chrischi08 for bronze.

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I have spent quite a time looking at the sports calendar in 2019 and i guess there are some events we can't miss :d of course my list would be considered long for some ppl but i tried to shorten it as much as possible so here are my suggestions : June, July and September being the busiest monthes,  the other monthes are easily manageable

Most important events are in bold :) 




- Men's Handball IHF World Championship

- Men's Football Asian Cup

- Tennis Australian Open



- Alpine Skiing FIS World Championships

- Nordic Skiing FIS World Championships

- UCI Track Cycling World Championships



- Biathlon IBU World Championships

- Women's Curling World Championships



- Men's Curling World Championships

- Women's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championships

- Table Tennis World Championships



- Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship

- Tennis French Open (May - June)



- Women's Football FIFA World Cup (June - July) 

- Men's Football Africa Nations Cup

- Men's Football Copa America (June - July)

- Men's Football Gold Cup (June - July)

- Women's Basketball Eurobasket (June - July) 



- Tennis Wimbledon 

- Aquatics World Championships

- Fencing FIE World Championships



- Badminton IBF World Championships

- Canoe Sprint ICF World Championships

- Rowing World Championships

- Tennis US Open (August - September)



- Archery WA World Championships

- Men's Basketball FIBA World Cup

- Gymnastics Rhythmic World Champinships

- Weightlifting World Championships

- Men's Volleyball European Championship  

- Men's Rugby WR World Cup (September - October - November)

- Athletics IAAF World Championships (September - October)



- Gymnastics Artistic World Championships




- Athletics Para IAAF World Championships

- Men's FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup



- Women's Handball IHF World Championships


In all there would be 10 team sports (20 events) vs 12 individual sports (23 events)  / 14 men's events (6 continental and 8 WCH) vs  6 women's WCH and 23 mixed (for both) events :p / 6 winter sports among 24 or 25 (25 % ) 

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I was busy these days, but now I will work on final standings and as soon as I post them, we can start new season! First event of the 2019 - AFC Asian Cup!

@vinipereira you know what I need to ask from you :whistle: (logo for 2019 general standings and logos for AFC Asian World Cup and Men's Handball World Championship)

Edited by Wanderer
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Congrats to the medallist of the last two events, now the only thing missing is to know if I save my podium or lost it on the final contest ;)

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