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Don't forget to select two bronze medallists in the judo, not one. Unless the judo rules have changed but I doubt it :p 

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I'm sorry that this is too late to change the design, but I think that there will be only one (mixed) team competition at the Judo World Championships, ... my prediction is for the mixed event, but I'm probably the only one who noticed it :p so I guess that team events predictions will not count.

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i guess the results will never be posted  just  forgotten like usually

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Hello, once again i must make my comment on scoring design for prediction(this time in basketball).

it isnt logical to get more points to predict wrong winner than a true one(basket diference isnt more important than winner!!??)

i suggest we keep points for winner, for correct diference and points if you miss basket diference for less than 3 points.that kind of rules we have in our main page in slovenia(rtv.slo).

3 points for everything correct

2 points if you missed basket diference for less than 3 points,but correct winner

1 point for correct winner


simple as that

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