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  1. The thing is, because this is a holiday weekend, many people won't be able to follow the contest as usual? (add my name to the list of people who already said it they wouldn't post their votes) So in the end I think it's a good decision, mostly because of all the problems @mrv86 had today (which were more than a few). As I learned the hard way last time, the contest is great, but two days without proper sleeping isn't
  2. until
    Women's Sitting Volleyball WPV Asian and Oceanian Championship 2019 Bangkok (THA) - 10 June 2019 - 15 June 2019 Discuss about this event
  3. until
    Men's Sitting Volleyball WPV Asian and Oceanian Championship 2019 Bangkok (THA) - 10 June 2019 - 15 June 2019 Discuss about this event
  4. The venues I've included above are officially "completed", but there are others that are still in works, such as: (please consider that most of these images were taken 1 month ago, so things are more advanced now) Centro Acuático (VIDENA) ARTISTIC SWIMMING, DIVING, SWIMMING Polideportivo 3 (VIDENA) ARTISTIC ROLLER SKATING, BADMINTON, TABLE TENNIS Polideportivo Villa El Salvador GYMNASTICS, KARATE Sede Ecuestre EQUESTRIAN Velodromo (VIDENA) TRACK CYCLING
  5. Villa Panamericana PAN AMERICAN VILLAGE Villa Deportiva Nacional (VIDENA) AQUATICS, ATHLETICS, BADMINTON, BOWLING, HANDBALL, JUDO, SQUASH, TABLE TENNIS, TRACK CYCLING Complejo Villa María del Triunfo ARCHERY, BASEBALL, BASQUE PELOTA, FIELD HOCKEY, RUGBY SEVENS, SOFTBALL, WATER POLO Bowling Center BOWLING Campo de Béisbol BASEBALL Campo de Softbol SOFTBALL Campo de Rugby RUGBY SEVENS Canchas de Hockey FIELD HOCKEY Canchas de Pelota Vasca BASQUE PELOTA Centro Acuático (Villa María del Triunfo) WATER POLO Coliseo Miguel Grau del Callao BOXING, WRESTLING Estadio Atlético ATHLETICS Estadio Universidad San Marcos FOOTBALL Polideportivo del Callao TAEKWONDO, VOLLEYBALL
  6. geez louise, again with the conspiracy theories... You know that when wifi doesn't work, you still can have connection on your phone, right?
  7. Because he's my friend and told me? lol (via instagram, btw) And it goes without saying, but I don't know anything about the voting.
  8. Ok guys, @mrv86 is having some major connection problems today and that's why the wasn't able to upload anything before (and that includes the videos/imagens of Opening Ceremony). Earlier he tried to edit the starting time of the OC (which was supposed to happen in the next hour or so), but it didn't work. He's trying to get a solution so that the contest goes as planned, even going to a new location if necessary!
  9. until
    Wheelchair Rugby IWRF Asian and Oceanian Championship 2019 Gumi (KOR) - 2 September 2019 - 9 September 2019 Discuss about this event
  10. until
    Para Swimming IPC World Championships 2019 London (GBR) - 9 September 2019 - 15 September 2019 Discuss about this event
  11. until
    Men's Blind Football IBSA Asian Championship 2019 Pattaya (THA) - 27 September 2019 - 7 October 2019 Discuss about this event
  12. Notable changes (some of which were discussed here) include: Swimming at the second week in the same days of Athletics; Judo being held in the last days, as Taekwondo goes to the first days; most Cycling events being held from the second weekend on; all Boxing finals in the first week; Women's Volleyball tournament after Men's (Peru might be fighting for gold after all). I think Toronto had some problems keeping the excitement for the second week (at the second Sunday, 233 out of 364 events had already been held). I don't think this will be a problem in Lima. In fact, the second week will be VERY busy.
  13. Well, I think it's a very "artistic" sport that many people like to watch. Obviously I'm biased because in Brazil it seems very popular during the Pan Ams (open TV show the whole competition), maybe because Brazil wins the most golds in the team events. But it's like Figure Skating here (the most popular winter sport), which I don't think many people know how the scoring works, but watch it for the beauty?
  14. I don't think they will. This seems like a sport people like to watch even when they have no knowledge of it?
  15. Nations that didn't qualify anyone yet: Will they qualify anyone outside of Athletics/Swimming?
  16. I hope Brazil send someone, but probably no one from the big stars will go.
  17. Apparently Brazil can still participate according to our committee? Apparently we had/have some quotas in this event, but the federation maybe won't send anyone
  18. Well, I guess the athlete had the right to compete, but they should've put him under some kind of "neutral" flag or something. For now, I've placed him under "PASO" in the first post.
  19. Well, the post is for participating nations, so...
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