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  1. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Pan American Games 2019 Lima (PER) - 26 July 2019 - 11 August 2019 Totallympics Results Thread
  2. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Do you guys have any info about Basque Pelota qualification?
  3. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Updating some quotas: 3x3 Basketball +8 +8 +8 +4 +4 +4 +4 Equestrian +12 +12 +12 +8 Rugby Sevens +12 Surfing +3 +1
  4. vinipereira

    National & International Sports Awards

    For Prêmio Brasil Olímpico, which will take place at December 18th, the nominees are: Men Gabriel Medina (Surfing) Isaquias Queiroz (Sprint Canoeing) Pedro Barros (Skateboarding) Women Ana Marcela Cunha (Swimming) Ana Sátila (Slalom Canoeing) Marta (Football) Isaquias won the award 2 times, so I'm guessing they're going with Medina (first time nominee) this time. Among the women, Cunha won before and is nominated almost every year, while Sátila achieved her second nomination in a row. Marta is a easy pick because she never won before - which also would be the first time a footballer (man or woman) wins! There's also a thing called Atleta da Torcida, which basically it's a popular vote award that strangely enough doesn't include some of the nominated athletes above. The nominees are: Erika Miranda (Judo) Bruno Rezende (Volleyball) Arthur Zanetti (Gymnastics) Henrique Avancini (Cycling) Gabriel Medina (Surfing) Ágatha/Duda (Beach Volleyball) Letícia Bufoni (Skateboarding) Bruno Fratus (Swimming) Marta (Football) Eduarda Amorim (Handball) I guess Medina wins but who knows. If he (or Bufoni) posts something about this on their instagram accounts, they can easily win, but right now Avancini of all people has more than 80% of the vote (most likely because he said something about the award in his social medias). I voted for Erika. Anyone can vote here. Finally, the brazilian committee also picks the best in each Olympic sport (for winter sports they simply divide between "ice" and "snow") and all these athletes have their moment at the ceremony. The list:
  5. vinipereira

    [OFF TOPIC] Countries' Best Athletes of the 2018

    18 December
  6. vinipereira

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yes, it happened many times, but this is a *very* important match. If the match is played today and River is the champion, this win will be tainted for sure.
  7. vinipereira

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Doesn't matter if it's something usual or not. The club (River) should be penalized and match shouldn't happen today.
  8. vinipereira

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Two late matches, one with incidents that shouldn't have happened. And this was supposed to be the Libertadores "superfinal". More shame to south american football.
  9. vinipereira

    Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    5-time Olympian Dani Scott severely injured in stabbing https://volleymob.com/5-time-u-s-olympian-dani-scott-severely-injured-in-stabbing/
  10. vinipereira

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    Argentina will be the last option standing, just wait and see I'll finally go to a winter Olympics
  11. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    I'm confused. First they say it is the top 7 (+1 host) athletes for each gender of the LAST Pan Am Wakeboard Championship in the Open division. Then in the table of events, it clearly says top 2 of the 2017 championships and top 5 (LCQ) of the 2018 championships
  12. Girl, I can relate to that so much. I did the closing ceremony on Sunday but I was like DEAD inside from the sleep deprivation. Organizing a TISC edition is no joke, so congrats
  13. I'm shocked about this entry, it's amazing and I think deserved at least top 5. But at least the medal table is yours
  14. Btw Portugal, we always give you points (and even a SONG in the last edition ) and you give us nothing
  15. So Brazil decides the contest again? At least wasn't a vote-by-vote this time and I could reveal the votes quickly
  16. BRAZIL Lithuania 12 Denmark 11 Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1 Goodbye from Brazil. Have a wonderful evening!
  17. BRAZIL Denmark 11 Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1
  18. BRAZIL Jury Spokesperson: vinipereira Hello from Brazil! As we had the honour of staging the previous TISC edition, the TISC Annual show earlier in the year. Now, we must congratulate our American hosts for putting on a fantastic contest. As usual, it has been a joy to be a part of! And now, it's time for the Brazilian jury (@titicow and @vinipereira) votes: Olá a todos! O Brasil teve a honra de sediar a edição anterior do TISC, a versão anual no início de 2018. Agora, parabenizamos nossos anfitriões americanos pelo organização desse concurso fantástico. Como de costume, foi maravilhoso fazer parte dessa festa! Sem mais delongas, aqui estão os votos do júri brasileiro: Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1
  19. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Water Polo +22 +11 +11
  20. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Artistic Swimming +9 +9 +2 +2