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  1. No medal for Javier hundredfires
  2. what a proud moment for Gambia, this must be
  3. Uibo finally decided to close the show
  4. Uibo with his one man show jumped already to 5th overall current place
  5. KJT 96 points ahead of Thiam after Day 1 (4/7 Events)
  6. Kevin Mayer is simply a WARRIOR ! 1.96 xx0 1.99 xx0
  7. Van der Plaetsen will very soon, as usual, stay alone in the stadium
  8. Mayer escaped with 3rd attempt on 1.93 and move up
  9. NR for Sage Watson 54.32 qualifiying for the 400h final
  10. 51 points lead for Thiam over KJT after 3/7 Events
  11. 7 PanAms and 1 African in the 400 Final... 2x both with little q + 1x and
  12. NR for Zambrano and qualified for the 400m final
  13. That KJT shot put attempt was like me trying to cook ratatouille
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