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  1. Also just noticed all 19 heptathletes will throw together in one single Javelin group
  2. M Shot Put may seriously be the EVENT of this WCH edition
  3. well, that´s surprising. I was surprised to see the Group B still not competing, I Don´t remember at all, they already did it last year. Thanks
  4. Tim Nedow Qualified in Shot Put as well, I wonder how many finalists we will have
  5. Don´t know, but probably the first time we have non-parallel Pole Vault Decathlon groups
  6. Stanek escaped nicely here. another final for CZE
  7. So 216 points lead for KJT over Thiam before the Javelin
  8. Shkurenyov with some good numbers in the start of day 2
  9. This Triple Jump B Group qualifier is so insanely slow..the A group finished some 20 minutes ago
  10. Not sure if it was really a foul from Mayer
  11. It was a about time for Yulimar Rojas
  12. That girl has absolutely no taste
  13. Saladukha Q after two fails thanks 14.32 in last attempt
  14. Ibarguen 14.32 and is the 3rd qualified
  15. 71 points lead for Damian Warner over Kein Mayer after 6/10 events of the Decathlon, Lepage 3rd 38 points behind, Victor 4th another 91 points back
  16. Shanieka Ricketts first qualified in Triple Jump 14.42
  17. Just arrived home and wanted to write it. Huge tragedy. RIP
  18. Martin Fehervary becomes last night the 87th Slovak playing an NHL match. WTG Martin. he embellished his debut with this nice self-sacrificing intervention.
  19. Updated Results from October 2nd, 2019 Men´s Hammer Throw: 1. Pawel FAJDEK 80.50 2. Quentin BIGOT 78.19SB 3. Bence HALÁSZ 78.18 3. Wojciech NOWICKI 77.69 Full Final Result HERE
  20. Ortega has all rights to be really pissed
  21. Women´s 200m: 1. Dina ASHER-SMITH 21.88NR 2. Brittany BROWN 21.22PB 3. Mujinga KAMBUNDJI 22.51 Full Final Result HERE
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