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  1. Gabriela Gajanová finished 4th with only 0.05 behind the podium, at least won 5 points for team Europe
  2. Well, thanks. But I don´t think t was deserved tonight, I also think your problem was in the end like some issue with stamina. The Hungarians looked not running at all Also I don´t agree the qualification is close. at all. This group is just insane AZE-SVK 1-5 AZE-CRO 1-1 HUN-CRO 2-1 SVK-CRO 0-4 SVK-HUN 2-0, HUN-SVK 1-2 WAL-SVK 1-0 HUN-WAL 1-0 total madness, I say you
  3. lol this was the worst free kick wall I saw in many years...we really should stop football, we are embarassing as hell lately
  4. Yes, it was a offside. I agree I can´t believe ther not VAR in such important tournament. HUN is better on the field, no doubts, especially our defence s a absolute crap after the retirement of Škrteľ and Ďurica
  5. Don´t know. But since it´s primarily a World Championships so I guess he can compete, since he competed in some worldwide juniors competitions already before
  6. well Mak dude this kind of provocating celebrations wasn´t necessary... I hate those football matches between SVK and HUN I always have that really dumb feeling something really bad can escalate in anytime soon..we successfully avoided to be drawn together for years until now
  7. and here we go fights and stupid nationalistic provocations problems in the stands... Unbelievable "mistake" from the Hungarian organizers to put in the same visitors sector Slovak fans and "slovaks" of Hungarian minorities around Dunajská Streda obviously supporting Hungary...so suddenly the local police had to make a corridor to divide the visitors sector in two half, on the one side SVK fans and on the other SVK citizens of Hungarian minority
  8. No idea, Maybe it´s just a mistake, I don´t know much about in fact, I just discovered it in the official document of our federation, when searching about the nomination for the WCh. https://www.zapasenie.sk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/nominacia-ms-s-nur-sultan-14.8.-2019.pdf I am a bit disappointed to not see Akhsarbek Gulaev didn´t get a chance to compete at the worlds seniors though. how you can start learning and gain experience if you´ll not get a chance...
  9. TEAM SLOVAKIA Mens Freestyle Taimuraz Salkazanov (-79kg) Boris Makoev (-86kg) Mens Greco-Roman Leoš Drmola (-67kg)
  10. [hide] Knockout Round September 10th - September 15th, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 10th 2019, h. 19:00 Argentina 3 Serbia September 10th 2019, h. 21:00 Spain 16 Poland September 11th 2019, h. 19:00 United States 9 France September 11th 2019, h. 21:00 Australia 11 Czech Republic [/hide]
  11. wowow congratz for this epic QF WTG Čechy !
  12. and pretty good start for Martin Feherváry, scoring 2 goals in the first test game . points last night also for Maxim Čajkovič and Róbert Lantoši. Martin Pospíšil started the camp with first brawl
  13. Internal Qualifier after Event 2/4 M C1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Matej Beňuš 28 30 58 2 Michal Martikán 28 28 56 3 Alexander Slafkovský 30 25 55 M K1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Jakub Grigar 15 31 46 2 Martin Halčin 37 1 38 3 Andrej Málek 1 11 12 W K1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Eliška Mintálová 18 28 46 2 Jana Dukátová 21 8 29 3 Elena Kaliská 16 4 20 W C1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Monika Škáchová 23 11 34 2 Soňa Stanovská 1 21 22 3 Emanuela Luknárová 20 1 21 *Note: The worst result of every athlete will be scratched at the end, only the top 3 results of each athlete will be counted, the athlete with higher amount of points will compete in Tokyo (Depending If Slovakia wins the quota ofc)
  14. Stage 5/5 in Prague (CZE) Men´s K1: 1. Jiri Prskavec 90.67 (0) 2. Vit Prindis 93.20 (0) 3. Boris Neveu 94.18 (0) Full Final Result HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Cup 2019 Final Standing Men´s K1: 1. Jiri Prskavec 319 2. Peter Kauzer 266 3. Vit Prindis 262 Full Final Result HERE
  15. Stage 5/5 in Prague (CZE) Women´s C1: 1. Jessica Fox 113.95 (2) 2. Kimberley Woods 113.99 (2) 3. Tereza Fiserova 118.39 (2) Full Final Result HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Cup 2019 Final Standing Women´s C1: 1. Jessica Fox 312 2. Ana Satila 225 3. Tereza Fiserova 222 Full Final Result HERE
  16. Je to v oficiálnom dokumente. Môže sa v prípade potreby vymeniť jedná miestenka za inú, ale každá krajina môže len raz a ak sa nemýlim v akejkoľvek inej disciplíne ale musí byť v rovnakom pohlaví. (aj ked my sme v Riu taktoo vymenili Zuzaninu miestenku z ženského trapu kedže bola vtedy tehotná za miestenku pre Kováčocyho v M Trape, takže neviem, možno existujú isté výnimky) oficiálny dokument. Posledný odsek bod E : https://totallympics.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1513
  17. More competitors are usually competing in the M K1 + there 40 paddlers in the M K1 semifials while in the other categories only 30 athletes qualify for the semifinals usually at the major events.
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