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  1. wait ! are we going to have a contest for Canoe Slalom ? don´t toy with me man, I have a weak heart !
  2. [hide] Knockout Round September 10th - September 15th, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 13th 2019, h. 20:00 Argentina 3 France September 13th 2019, h. 16:00 Spain 5 Australia [/hide]
  3. Try again all matches will be for free on Huste.sk even the matches from Miskolc and Budapest https://huste.joj.sk/live Tomorrows opener is on RTVS 2 and Huste.sk on web. + RTVS will broadcast live one match each Sunday, and all games from the Play-Offs on
  4. Thanks. Well, everything is set for a great and memorable season. with the return of Slovan, the new format changes and new rules it may have a potential to be one of the best seasons for many years. Btw after the removal of the U20 National Team project the federation established a new rule every team will have to play every match with at least one U20 Slovak player. Also to notice, the maximum number of foreigners was reduced to seven per roster, which may help our young players even more.
  5. IBU cleared biathletes in Doping case. The International Biathlon Union says cases against nine Kazakh athletes, six of them from last year’s Winter Olympic team, were dismissed because of insufficient evidence. None are Olympic medalists.
  6. less than 24 hours before the start of the new season and the mega opener HC Košice - Slovan Bratislava
  7. Normal bread here, Dark or white around +/- 0.70 EUR a piece (500g) and +/- 1.50 EUR a 800g and more But in fact instead of the normal bread Peoples were and are used to consume more "Rohlík" or "Rožok" sort of traditional central european pastry, popular and eaten in our regions, If I´m not wrong it´s called Kifli in Hungarian. Basically the most used food, we eat it with everything. https://prague.tv/en/s72/c209/n3731-How-do-you-eat-your-rohlik
  8. The president of NOC today officially send our aplication to the Tokyo Organizing committee via mail and by this officially confirmed our participation in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and look, look who was there, during the ceremony, and had a speech, no one else than Rory Sabbatini also Takuya Haneda the most Slovakian of the Japanese
  9. No idea. I just discovered this news on our Volleyball federation site. I don´t know anything else. Maybe it will be unveiled later, the tournament starts 18th September, there 2 quotas to be awarded for both finalists.
  10. Viliam Tankó lost to Ian Clark Bautista of 0-5 in the 1st round of the Bantam weight. Tomorrow Michal Takács will enter the competition in the -63kg
  11. Natalia Dubovcová/Andrea Štrbová had to decline their participation in the World Olympic Qualification tournament in China scheduled next week due to health problems Poland will receive their spot and replace them in the top 16 not already qualified countries pairs tournament
  12. Breakfast at 17:00, Main Training session from 20:00, Lunch around midnight and then the second training phase untill 03:00 AM, this is the last training camp program of Matej Tóth in Cyprus 2 weeks before the World Championships
  13. it looks like we are envisaging to send a official complaint to UEFA, for defamation of national emblems, derogatory screams and banners. SVK flags turned downwards and unrespectful behavior during the national anthem lol, I really don´t know what we want to achieve with that if they will really send it, just a waste of money....like we didn´t do the same last March
  14. send here 5 boxers, 2 of them entered the competition today with a record of 1 W and 1 L Dávid Michálek won in the -91kg class over Erdenebayar Sandagsuuren 4-1 1st round, sadly the quarterfinalist from this years Minsk European Games Matúš Strnisko lost to Ehsan Ruzbahani, the London 2012 quarterfinalist 1-4 in the opening round of the -81kg class. Tomorrow Viliam Tankó the Baku 2015 bronze medalist will face Ian Clark Bautista of bronze medalist from the last Asian championships in the -57kg 1st round. 2 days later Michal Takács will also start his competitons in 1st round of the -63kg class against Mulumba Mbaya quarterfinalist of ths years African Games. and the 14th september our only seeded boxer here, the Minsk 2019 bronze medalist Andrej "Bandi" Csemez will fight in the 2nd round of the -75kg category against Serhat Guler of 23 years old very talented Turkish boxer who eliminated in the first round yesterday the guy from
  15. TEAM SLOVAKIA Setters: Filip Palgut (Aich Dob, ) Juraj Zaťko (Spartak Komárno) Hitters: Tomáš Kriško (Friedrichshafen, ) Marcel Lux (Karlovarsko, ) Matej Paták (Chaumont, ) Július Firkaľ (Tokat Belediye, ) Peter Michalovič (Nantes, ) Filip Gavenda (Teruel, ) Blockers: Filip Mačuha (VK Prievidza) Peter Ondrovič (České Budějovice, ) Šimon Krajčovič (Lví Praha, ) Jakub Kováč (Rovaniemi, ) Liberos: Marián Vitko (Kazincbarcika, ) Jakub Ihnát (Ostrava, )
  16. I don´t care about the booing anthem (honnestly SVK fans did the same in the home game) and the nationalistic bullshits for things that happened some 100 years ago, but the thing I can not still understand was how can UEFA allow such thing to happen, I mean I never heard or saw anything like this. This was just unreal. Our fans were threatened in their own visitors sector by another citizens of Slovakia that sadly don´t feel themselves as Slovaks. This was one epic mistake from UEFA and clearly the highest moment to change that stupid rule, to put all spectators of the visitors country into the same visitors sector...
  17. Gabriela Gajanová finished 4th with only 0.05 behind the podium, at least won 5 points for team Europe
  18. Well, thanks. But I don´t think t was deserved tonight, I also think your problem was in the end like some issue with stamina. The Hungarians looked not running at all Also I don´t agree the qualification is close. at all. This group is just insane AZE-SVK 1-5 AZE-CRO 1-1 HUN-CRO 2-1 SVK-CRO 0-4 SVK-HUN 2-0, HUN-SVK 1-2 WAL-SVK 1-0 HUN-WAL 1-0 total madness, I say you
  19. lol this was the worst free kick wall I saw in many years...we really should stop football, we are embarassing as hell lately
  20. Yes, it was a offside. I agree I can´t believe ther not VAR in such important tournament. HUN is better on the field, no doubts, especially our defence s a absolute crap after the retirement of Škrteľ and Ďurica
  21. Don´t know. But since it´s primarily a World Championships so I guess he can compete, since he competed in some worldwide juniors competitions already before
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