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  1. 2nd win and very likely the goal achieved. SVK Boys = SVK Girls
  2. https://www.sport1.de/volleyball/em-maenner/2019/09/volleyball-em-schiedsrichter-verzaehlen-sich-bei-oesterreich-niederlage
  3. Our commentator just said something absolutely unbelievable ! Apparently yesterday in the match Austria-Belgium happened something unreal. Austria was losing 8-9 Belgum won another point but the score suddenly awarded 2 points for Belgum. Anybody, literally no one ine the arena noticed it, only after the match they found it, Austria submitted later an official protest, the organizers had to agree that this incredible mistake occured but sadly the match was finshed and nothing couldn´t be done anymore with this. Unbelievable, I mean there a lot of peoples, referees assisting and controlling everything in the match and no one even from the team itself noticed this
  4. Bandi Clearly and without any doubts currently our best boxer the Minsk European Games Bronze medalist Andrej "Bandi" Csemez won his opening bout (as seeded directly in the 2nd round) over Serhat Guler of 4-1 and advanced among the top 16 in his -75kg class. In the last 16 he´ll face the Arman Darkhinyan on Monday. Tomorrow the only our guy who won in the 1st round Dávid Michálek will fight his 2nd round bout in the -91kg. But certainly it´s gonna be the end of his road against no one else than Vassily Levit of the Rio 2016 Silver medalist (but for every normal sport fan in the world the deserved Olympic champion)
  5. well, if you get Serbia, then it´s game over. we "team sports" mortals can beat them only in hockey I have no real clue about Turkey, but I guess they are stronger in team sports as well
  6. [hide] Knockout Round September 10th - September 15th, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Bronze Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 15th 2019, h. 16:00 France 2 Australia Gold Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 15th 2019, h. 20:00 Argentina 3 Spain [/hide]
  7. Oh that would be really amazing. because this time it didn't look very good with the amount of your qualified team sports. It would be really epic if the Male Basketball team will be the one who´ll save this But I guess it´s not going to be an easy task against big Basketball countries.
  8. Kližan is such enigma, I´ll never understand this player, never.... dude what´s wrong with you However anyone know why Roger and Stan don´t cares about DC ?
  9. Fixing Time... Checked it by myself..Apparently Czechoslovakia´s last appearance was in 1982. so that´s what you get when you trust our medias
  10. Fun Fact time... So (Czech Republic) by this 6th place equaled today in its first historic participation the result of the last participation of (Czechoslovakia) at the World Championships (6th Place n 1970 in ) EDIT: Wrong, see next post
  11. ok, so after he joined "them (Alaphilippe, specifically) no one wanted to work with him again. Better ?
  12. yay a win after 6 years at the Europeans Very well done guys ! now there a real chance to repeat the achievement of the girls from 2 weeks ago and qualify for the Play-Offs as well. war of the Genders
  13. Šimon Nemec the defencer of HK Nitra became yesterday during the HK Nitra - MAC Budapest Ujbuda match the second youngest player ever to play in our National Championship. Yesterday he had exactly 15 years 6 months and 29 days. The Youngest players to play Slovak Extraliga: 1. Andrej Podkonický (15 years, 4 months and 19 days, season 1993/1994 (1st historical after the independance) for HKM Zvolen) 2. Šimon Nemec (15 y, 6 m and 29 d, season 2019/2020 for HK Nitra) 3. Michal Ivan (15 y, 10 m a 14 d, season 2015/2016 for HKM Zvolen) 4. Peter Valent (15 y, 11 m and 29 d, season 2012/2013 for HC '05 Banká Bystrica) 5. Marián Gáborík (16 y, 0 m amd 27 d, season 1997/1998 for Dukla Trenčín)
  14. again anyone wanted to work with Peťo... why they join him in the attack then if they don´t want to win..man, what a disappointing race this was. at least it looks like his form for the WCh is growing in the right way
  15. 4th Individual Skeet European Champion title for Danka (she has also 2 silvers and 5 bronzes from individual Events) and back to back continental title after her triumph in Austria last year. She has also 6 Skeet Teams Gold medals from European Championships. Congrats Danka ! #SVKTokyohopes
  16. Golden hattrick for Metelka. Jozef Metelka won for the 3rd consecutive time the Time Trial world title !
  17. Nope, just decently, 2 beers I had work today. and ...well, I didn't want to wait for half an hour for another beer
  18. Danka ! and this is what happen when you focus more on training than on IOC office work
  19. yeah, no ! Really disappointing display from the team yesterday, t looked like the guys met only one week before the match for the first time Anyway, let them enjoy their win, because you know...it´s not important to win the first match, the most important is to win the last match
  20. yeah, like we are not used of our boxers losing wait ! the real plot will occur when we will win one beautiful sunny day something in this
  21. Oh dear ! Don´t know exactly, missing the shot from front view, but evaluating by the color and mass of the smoke, this look like some very dangerous signs of classical Backdraft ! Remember All smoke is the result of incomplete combustion to some extent; the darker it gets, the more incomplete the combustion is and by this also the more dangerous
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