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  1. Our medias claiming 6 Gold medals for us so far, in Athletics (W High Jump), Swimming (W 25m Breaststroke and 200m Breaststroke by the same athlete), Rhythmic Gymnastics (Individual All-Around, lol), Tennis (M Singles, lol), Cycling (500m pursuit)
  2. World Cup Stage 20, Raw Air Stage 4 in Vikersund (NOR) Men´s Individual Flying Hill: 1. Domen Prevc 454.7 2. Ryoyu Kobayashi 454.6 3. Stefan Kraft 443.2 Full Final Result HERE
  3. Apparently we have a gold here in High Jump won by a 15 years old girl, the next day she apparently added a silver medal to her collection in the 200m
  4. World Cup Final Standing Men´s: 1. Jarl Magnus Riiber 1518 2. Akito Watabe 893 3. Franz-Josef Rehrl 841  Full Final Result HERE
  5. Stage 11 (World Cup Final) in Schonach (GER) Men´s Individual Normal Hill Gundersen: 1. Jarl Magnus Riiber 25:14.9 2. Jan Schmid 25:39.9 3. Bernhard Gruber 25:53.1  Full Final Result HERE
  6. Stage 13 in Falun (SWE) Men´s 15km Freestyle: 1. Alexander Bolshunov 33:18.6 2. Martin Johnsrud Sundby 33:27.5 3. Didrik Toenseth 33:36.3 Full Final Result HERE
  7. Stage 21 in Nizhny Tagil (RUS) Women´s Individual Normal Hill: 1. Juliane Seyfarth 230.3 2. Maren Lundby 221.1 3. Katharina Althaus 214.1 Full Final Result HERE
  8. if you somehow will feel too bored... remember there still a alternative Anaheim-Florida schedulled tonight at the Honda center, just a kindly suggested aternative in case ...
  9. Final World Cup Standings Men´s: 1. Marcel Hirscher 1546 2. Alexis Pinturault 1145 3. Henrik Kristoffersen 1047 Women´s: 1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2204 2. Petra Vlhova 1355 3. Wendy Holdener 1079  Full Ranking HERE
  10. Stage 37 (World Cup Final) in Grandvalira Soldeu - El Tarter (AND) Men´s Slalom: 1. Clement Noel 1:48.96 2. Manuel Feller 1:49.14 3. Daniel Yule 1:49.79  Full Final Result HERE
  11. Stage 30 in Veysonnaz (SUI) Men´s Ski Cross: 1. Jean Frederic Chapuis 2. Brady Leman 3. Bastien Midol Full Final Result HERE
  12. Stage 30 in Veysonnaz (SUI) Women´s Ski Cross: 1. Marielle Thompson 2. Sandra Naeslund 3. Alizee Baron Full Final Result HERE
  13. Stage 37 (World Cup Final) in Grandvalira Soldeu - El Tarter (AND) Women´s Giant Slalom: 1. Mikaela Shiffrin 2:23.17 2. Alice Robinson 2:23.47 3. Petra Vlhova 2:23.58  Full Final Result HERE
  14. Happy St. Patricks Day Green burgers and green beer from the Irish pub in Košice
  15. The very best and most successful season in (not only Alpine) Skiing of our history is over. Petra rewrited our sports history during this winter so many times, let make a quick recap, 14 World Cup races podiums this winter, including 5 wins. missing only 1 Slalom and 1 Parallel Slalom podium during the whole season. Beating the NR in Giant Slalom (previously 7th places) by 3 wins ! and one 3rd place in World Cup. 2nd place in the Overall Alpine Skiing World Cup final standing is something just unbelievable. + two 2nd places in WC final discipline standings (Slalom and Giant Slalom) and last but definitely not least. Historic 3 medals at the World Championships, including the very first historic World Champion title for a Slovak Alpine skier in Giant Slalom If Petra doesn´t win the Slovak athlete of the year this time, then I can not even imagine what successes other athlete(s) will reach this year to beat her
  16. Stage 13 in Falun (SWE) Women´s 10km Freestyle: 1. Therese Johaug 25:23.9 2. Ebba Andersson 25:42.4 3. Jessica Diggins 25:54.2 Full Final Result HERE
  17. Klaudia Medlová, 8th careers WC podium (0-1-7) 2nd Big Air 2018/19 Season WC Podium (0-0-2)
  18. Stage 29 in Quebec (CAN) Men´s Big Air: 1. Lukas Muellauer 179.75 2. Fabian Boesch 172.75 3. Andri Ragettli 171.50 Full Final Result HERE
  19. Stage 29 in Quebec (CAN) Women´s Big Air: 1. Mathilde Gremaud 178.00 2. Kea Kuehnel 160.50 3. Elena Gaskell 158.00 Full Final Result HERE
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