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  1. I think argentine spanish is the easiest for brazilians, maybe because is the slowest one
  2. Thats a nice topic! For example, I think that the world league is more important than the world cup in volleyball, meanwhile WSL is more important that ISL BUT the last one has the same conditions that we will see next year. I think is a bit difficult to do a "official" medal table like this but for sure its a great indicative for 2020. Sure! here is the link: https://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/blogs/brasil-em-toquio/noticia/apos-ouros-na-ginastica-e-boxe-brasil-sobe-para-12o-no-quadro-dos-mundiais-de-2019.ghtml If you translate you can read his criterias
  3. Nice! Do you know wich competitions they are considerou? I mean, WSL or ISL for surf? World Cup or World League for Volley? A brazilian guy do the same thing but some numbers até diferent. Brazil for exemple is 6-5-9 in his medal table and South Korea is 4-4-9
  4. Shot put isnt dirty, its just a new technique.
  5. Brazil broke the South American Record. Cool
  6. Looks like brazil wont got any medal. But um happy for Romani, hope he can improve even more in Tokyo
  7. How many times did they broke the old CR today at shot put? Lol
  8. Our stadius are good,FIFa please bring the WC to brazil again. It was the best month of my life
  9. Brazilian guy is just 19 years old. He looks like 50 hahaha
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