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  1. NatsutoFuyu

    Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Does anyone know when events featured at Tokyo 2020 are officially announced? And which events are expected to be selected? Judo mixed team, additional female categories in canoeing, rowing and weightlifting, and what else?
  2. NatsutoFuyu

    Badminton at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Tough draw for Yamaguchi. She meets world no.29 and 36 in the group stage and then Intanon in the round of 16. After she manages to beat Intanon, the next match will be with Okuhara. Yamaguchi has never beaten Okuhara either in national and international matches and was beaten again this month at Yamaguchi's hometown Katusyama. Anyway it would be rather hard for us to win a medal at women's singles in this draw.
  3. NatsutoFuyu

    Badminton 2016 Discussion Thread

    Thanks! We have at least one entry for each of 5 events. Though we have a huge trouble in men's singles and only one quota for women's doubles, I'm content with this qualification result.
  4. NatsutoFuyu

    Badminton 2016 Discussion Thread

    It was early to say no quota for us. Durkin/Vislova failed to add points and Egyptian pair will fall from top 50. Kazu/Kuri win the last quota if I'm not mistaken.
  5. NatsutoFuyu

    Badminton 2016 Discussion Thread

    No mixed double quota for us at Rio However, I'm glad to see Kazuno/Kurihara improve their performance over the past year
  6. NatsutoFuyu

    Japan National Thread

    Most winter sports national selection systems for PyeongChang are still unkown(the only I know is curling). Considering the domestic qualification for 2014, Japan biathlon federation will use all the quotas and the national trials will be held in the early 2017-2018 season.
  7. NatsutoFuyu

    Japan National Thread

    このスレッドはTotallympicsにおける日本のNational Threadです (工事中)
  8. NatsutoFuyu

    Diving Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    The actual national qualification system is more complicated than what I posted (a diver has to finish top16 in 2016 world cup and finish top12 in an imaginary list of world cup semifinalists, which excludes divers from nations winning quotas at 2015 world championships and asian cup) 2012 qualification rule was more severe(a diver had to finish top 3 in a list of 2012 world cup semifinalists, which excluded already-qualified divers, so Sakai was placed fourth in the list) Sorry for my confusing post
  9. NatsutoFuyu

    Diving Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Japan Swimming Federation has its original Olympic qualification rule: • A diver winning quota in the world championships or Asian cup can go in Rio • A diver winning quota in the world cup will be sent to Rio by the national swimming federation only when he or she finishes in the top 16 at the world cup
  10. NatsutoFuyu

    Diving Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Sasaki's quota(women 10m) will be rejected. The national qualification system demands that divers finish in the top 16 in world cup.
  11. NatsutoFuyu

    Athletics Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    World record holder(20k walk) Yusuke Suzuki will miss Rio Olympics He has been injured since last year and officially won't participate in the last Olympic trial this weekend.
  12. NatsutoFuyu

    Football Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Multiple reasons can be considered: defensive player Utsugi is injured, we didn't prepare well (we lack in playing actual match) , failure of generation change, and some media say there is awkward atmosphere in the team. We are now u17 world champion. I hope the bright future will wait for us
  13. NatsutoFuyu

    Badminton 2016 Discussion Thread

    Kazu/Kuri won They are getting closer to Rio