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  1. Well the games have been going on all week. I watched a bit of the gymnastics tonight. Interesting festival. I think it’s good for women’s empowerment and the message the all female athletes, The all female commentators, and all female judges sends a good message for young girls. Plus, it’s been tailored as a women’s empowerment event. I wasn’t really enjoying it, but I obviously wasn’t the audience they were catering to and I’m fine with that. They did bring in some very talented and exciting athletes to support the event. They also showcased some sports and events that normally wouldn’t get national television attention here in the US. I might go back and watch a few things actually.
  2. Also, welcome the the King Mohammed VI Games
  3. I do love the cycling kits though. Hopefully we see one or two in the Olympics.
  4. The mountain bike course was laughable. Good climbs, but just no features that make mountain biking itself. No rocky sections, no challenging downhills, no roots, no steep rocky hills, no jumps. Disappointing, like these games.
  5. won their third ever gold medal today! They won the men’s Beach Volleyball tournament. It’s also their 10th all-time medal. It will be interesting to see if we see them at Birmingham 2022
  6. Alright, screw the African Games. These games have everything. Nice graphics, sustainable venues, beautiful scenery, probably more than 5 spectators, a nice function website. I’m getting very hyped for these games.
  7. Volunteer uniforms It honestly can’t get more beach than this look (at least while looking professional).
  8. If there is but one thing I love these games, It’s the graphics
  9. Heavy attendance for the swimming finals today
  10. Well he is the Olympic bronze medalist...
  11. Or and hear me out ICF. Just making the freaking women’s race 1000m
  12. Look I have an idea, K4 50m. That’s it. That’s my response.
  13. That’s a good size team though. Honestly, all the athletes at these games should be amateurs. It will be a nice chance for them to represent their country. I think Algeria will get a few medals
  14. They only sent those who could win medals (at least that’s what I thought when looking at their team)
  15. Always adding content: https://games24.totallympics.com/?page_id=19
  16. Speaking of republicans being pro-Israel: The left already made Palestine a trending topic on Twitter a few days ago. The president was probably somewhat inspired to make this statement after seeing that. Also, fun fact: many people of Jewish faith and ethnicity vote on the left. The split is something like 70% DEM - 30% GOP, but that may have changed for all I know.
  17. @MHSN The average American is pretty much taught to hate Iran. They are to be seen in on the same level as Russia and North Korea, especially amongst conservatives. However having done my own research, I know what you say is true. The US, UK, France, Germany, and Russia are probably responsible in some way for almost every global conflict since 1900. The US made a lot of foreign policy mistakes in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. I believe I’ve already stated before that I completely apologize for what we did to Iran, Iraq (unsure about that one though), Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc. The interesting thing is how completely different the political parties are in this country, even on foreign policy. The GOP is more United in there polices, but the difference between them and the majority of Democrats is interesting. Most republicans are in favor of a one state solution to Israel. Many democrats favor the Palestinians (including myself). GOP is strictly against Iran. The Democrats are willing to hold out an olive branch. GOP is willing to enter talks with North Korea. The Democrats are extremely against it. The Democrats are willing to hold out an olive branch to Cuba. The GOP thinks Cuba=Russia. Those are just the basic best ones. Their are a lot of other interesting democrat/republican splits. Republicans are almost all religious in some way. the Democrats are increasingly not religious. Both groups however have wings against child vaccination and climate change. The GOP feels pride when they hear the national anthem. Most Democrats hate the national anthem and symbols.
  18. So I thought I’d make a rankings list of all the continental games this Olympiad cycle. The rankings are purely my opinion. I’ll do this again after the 2020 Winter YOG except I’ll compare all the multi-sports games of this cycle. Branding (a.k.a Graphic design, colors, logo, etc.): 1. 2019 African Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pacific Games 10/10 3. 2019 European Games 10/10 4. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 5. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 Availability of Information: 1. 2019 Pan American Games 9.5/10 2. 2019 European Games 8.5/10 3. 2018 Asian Games 7.5/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 3/10 5. 2019 African Games 1/10 Atmosphere: 1. 2018 Asian Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pacific Games 9.75/10 3. 2019 European Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games 1/10 Ceremonies: 1. 2018 Asian Games 11/10 (scored as 10) 2. 2019 European Games 10/10 3. 2019 Pacific Games 8.5/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games 3/10 Streaming/Broadcasting/Television: 1. 2019 European Games 9.75/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9.5/10 3. 2019 Pan American Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 9/10 5. 2019 African Games 3/10 Level of Athletes: 1. 2018 Asian Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pan American Games 8.5/10 3. 2019 European Games 8/10 4. 2019 African Games 7/10 5. 2019 Pacific Games 3/10 Diversity of Medalists: 1. 2019 European Games 9.25/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 3. 2019 Pan American Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 8/10 Unknown. 2019 African Games Sports Program: 1. 2019 Pan American Games 9.75/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 3. 2019 Pacific Games 8/10 4. 2019 African Games 7.5/10 5. 2019 European Games 5/10 My Personal Ranking: 1. 2019 Pacific Games 10/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9.5/10 3. 2019 European Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games unknown (could rise, but doubtful) Final Ranking: (Will be revealed after African Games)
  19. Alright some more streaming and broadcast information for y’all. SNRT TNT Schedule for 8/21: 12:00 Handball v. 15:00 Taekwondo (Afternoon Prelims) 17:00 Swimming (Finals Session) 19:00 Taekwondo (Finals Session) 24:00 Daily Highlights SNRT SAT will show the 2019 European Games boxing finals at 15:00 for those interested (they showed basketball 3x3 yesterday) Also Olympic Channel will broadcast daily the only international program available. This will be a 50:00-1:00:00 highlights package
  20. But we’ll still know a concrete amount of athletes?
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