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  1. Welcome to the big leagues That’s mostly how it is in California too. Make sure you’re registered on time, and that you’ve filled out the necessary paperwork. Texas is a red state, which means the voting laws are generally much more strict. I recommended Ballotpedia, isidewith, and votersedge to inform your vote. There will most likely be even more elections in November by the way. Good luck!
  2. Bernie has already been declared the winner by CBS, AP, NBC, and FOX with less than 5% of the vote counted in the Nevada. It looks like he could win by a margin of 25%. He has done better than expected, and he’s been able to win 55% of the Latino vote (which is very surprising). Biden is holding second over Buttigieg. Warren is the only other candidate in double digits. Klobuchar is doing horribly. This is my one political post for the night
  3. I went for a run in like the first time in year just now, and I’m about ready to chop off my legs. I realized just how out of shape I am. At least I’m on the running grind now (and I’m hoping to get back on the climbing grind too). I’ll be looking to target some 5km races, and maybe a few orienteering races, this year. If I get really motivated over the summer, I might go for a triathlon in autumn.
  4. I was worried I made this weeks to hard, so thankfully I didn’t @hckosice @Vojthas
  5. You begin by putting a specially designed (with security protocols) paper in to the machine. It then records you votes, and prints them onto the paper. It then prints out you paper and let’s you read it and check it for errors. You then put the paper back in the machine, and cast your votes. The paper records are stored so they can be checked.
  6. Damn, I should have got +80kg tickets I would have loved to have seen Ethiopia make it’s Olympic debut.
  7. Well, it’s been a productive day. Wrote the quiz, wrote the articles, got a new pair of running shoes (so I can start running again), and I went to vote. LA County has a voting period of 14 days for all elections now. There are a few designated places in the county where you can vote. The voting is all electronic, and it’s a fantastic improvement on the old paper ballot system. I was able to vote as a non-aligned (since my old party isn’t recognized by California) in the Democratic Primary. I spent a few minutes seriously thinking about vote before lodging one for Sanders. My heart kept saying Warren, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I actually regret not voting for her now. I also voted on the other stuff too. Yes to more money (taxes) to pay for schools, hiring more firefighters, and funding our city hospital. Wasn’t that interested in the local races. Didn’t vote McCarthy (for obvious reasons) for House Representative. Hoping the Democratic Party doesn’t nominate the pedophile for our local state representative again. Now all I can do is wait for the results from California and rest of the country
  8. Reviews of today’s racing are up on Totallympics Media. Here’s a link the women’s review: https://games24.totallympics.com/?p=1754
  9. Ah, good memories. What a day that was
  10. Also, shoutout to @hckosice and @dcro for the joint highscore on last week’s quiz.
  11. Totally Quiz #5 is ready to go: https://games24.totallympics.com/?p=1748
  12. Morocco really disappoints me when they host events. They have a good economy, they have good technology, and have people who want to watch. But then we can’t get basic information, or livestreams in many cases
  13. Man, I know what to much about this show. I can’t tell you that amount of dreams where I’ve been a “bender”. I loved Iroh too, but I don’t know if I can choose a favorite.
  14. This might be the greatest thread we’ve had in a while I’ve had a few sports related dreams, but I can’t seem to remember any of them right now. I do remember a series of dreams I had when I was 12/13, where I climbed the Golden Gate Bridge from ocean to top. I fell the first 5 times (and died), but made it on the 6th time.
  15. I feel old now This was one of my favorite shows going up. It actually serves pretty well as an adult animated series too (you can understand a lot of the philosophical stuff). Arguably one of the best animated series of all-time.
  16. Also, US Luge has confirmed it’s entire team will boycott the event. This month is also the 10 year anniversary of the last death in luge...
  17. God I love Summer. She’s a really fun athlete to follow on social media. Same can be said for Mazdzer.
  18. Little review article for those who missed today’s racing: https://games24.totallympics.com/?p=1742
  19. I just wanted to come on here and say how proud I am of Lima 2019. Six months after the games ended, and the venues are still operational and being used for both local and international events. Lima 2019 is also using their website as a “hub” for local and Peruvian sport. It’s really great to see a legacy’s for the infrastructure built for the Pan American Games, especially after all the construction and funding woes. I really hope they can keep this up, because it really does appear to have a huge impact on the community there. Plus, it makes the 2019 Pan American Games a further success, and I don’t know who would want to complain about that.
  20. I’ve kinda just given up on that for these games. I do that every other time I watch a multi-sports event, so I think I’ll just live in the moment during Tokyo.
  21. Yep, that’s my problem with Tokyo too. However, replays will be available forever when it comes to the Olympics, so I’m not concerned.
  22. Canoe Slalom’s pretty cool. You could travel down the LA River in a flamingo raft like those guys did a while back
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