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  1. I we were to consider producing a international sports trivia contest, or other type of international sports based game, which of the following would be your preferred means of playing. 1) Podcast style. We invite one user on a week, and they answer questions. 2) Buzzfeed style quizzes on the website. 3) Knowledge quizzes on the website 4) Livestream of questions on YouTube, people can answer in the chat. Participation could be restricted to mostly Totallympics members, or anyone in the general public could play. Might be hard to chose a winner. 5) Twitter polls on our Twitter account. Winner given a shoutout (and maybe a prize somewhere down the line if possible). 6) Some other than a trivia game that could made into a podcast, or maybe a livestream 7) I wouldn’t play, so it doesn’t matter to me You can choose as many of those options as you want, and you can talk about/ask questions about any of them. If you have an idea, we can talk about that too.
  2. That one was a complete mistake. I apologize for that one. I clicked on the wrong thread I think.
  3. US House of Representatives voted to restore and strengthen the Voting Rights Act today. Only one single Republican thought that everyone should be allowed to vote 😑. The US House has passed Gun Reform, Healthcare Expansion, Voting Rights, etc. and the US Senate will not pass any of it. This is the damage Trump can indirectly do @heywoodu. 8 years of stalled social reform, that was already stalled during the 8 years of Obama’s presidency because Republicans wouldn’t vote on it then either. We’ve essentially had 2 decades without any social reform, and we’ve let other critical programs be halted because they’ve become partisan issues. Those are dangerous conditions we’re making. This is the only reason I might actually find myself leaning towards Bloomberg, just to “flip the bird” to the US political system.
  4. 1/4 of our country is just Nazis at this point. I’m 95% certain of this
  5. Well the plots thickens here, supposedly the shooter was from the Saudi military, and it may have actually been a terrorist attack.
  6. I believe that was very good joke @Werloc pulled off
  7. Don’t know. One of a few sports I don’t follow at all. Unfortunately the Iroquois Confederation is not allowed to participate in the tournament, and that’s a big loss for Lacrosse
  8. Lacrosse teams have been announced! Women: Men: Full announcement: https://worldlacrosse.sport/world-lacrosse-and-the-world-games-2021-birmingham-organizing-committee-announce-participating-teams-for-the-world-games-2021/
  9. was 6th out of 49 at the first men’s youth A World Cup for luge this season! Hopefully he’s of the right age to participate.
  10. Picked up some Women’s Volleyball prelims tickets yesterday. Not my favorite, but my dad will be happy.
  11. I eat candy everyday. I will diabetes soon if I keep this up.
  12. 3 dead after armed robbery shootout in middle of rush hour traffic. 4 dead after another shooting at a Naval Base.
  13. Fun little report. Tomorrow the UN tells us who’s the happiest at the end of the decade. My money is one or . The UN measured the wrong qualities though. I prefer a combination of stats such as “The Good Country Index”, World Freedom Ranking, Suicide Rate, Homicide Rate, and Economic Satisfaction.
  14. So can not dribble and shoot the ball? I mean how bad do you have to be to lose like to Nepal!
  15. YOG ceremonies would be fine without flagbearers to be honest. You barely see them currently anyways. Plus every nation is allowed a swimmer and track/field athlete. Just put those two sports on separate weeks and you’re good . That’s why there wasn’t flagbearers for many countries at the 2017 World Games if people remember that ceremony.
  16. I had a really nice kindergarten teacher that wanted to teach us about other countries traditions, so she did this for the entire class. At my school, we had a nap period in kindergarten (like an hour after lunch or something) and on the 6th that year she surprised all of us (35 or 36 students at that time) with candy and school supplies in our shoes. Personally she was more of a witch or krampus to me (absolutely hated me, like most of my elementary instructors, which is funny because I was friends with more faculty than students in high school ), but it was a really nice surprise that I still remember to this day. My family also used to hide a pickle for anyone aware of that Christmas tradition. We also do candy canes on the tree, advent calendars, or go looking a Christmas lights around town one night before Christmas. We also generally see a PG13/R rated movie Christmas Eve. So is Christmas just a minor holiday in Slovenkia then @hckosice? Or do people still do stuff for Christmas too?
  17. What were KL2017’s host crimes? I’m sure there were a few, I just can’t remember any.
  18. First time in ages that I’ve seen a multi-sports games hold Diving and Swimming on the same day and at the same venue. Only other case that comes to mind is the 2018 CAC Games, and maybe the 2017 SEA Games.
  19. Without getting super technical and specific, and using the 2020 Winter YOG as an example. Here we go. If you look up the Lausanne2020 schedule (on Wikipedia, or the website) something should stand out quickly. The games last 14 days, and sports only go for one week. So essentially half the sports are happening in week 1 and half in week 2 (expect for one or two that span the whole schedule). The athletes stay in the village the week their sport takes place. One day they move out, and the next “wave” moves in (I believe it’s a Sunday because there’s only like 1-3 events that day or something). So essentially the village can be smaller (saving the organizers money) and sports can have more athletes. In this edition countries could have qualified up to 3 Alpine skiers for example. In the last edition only 3-5 countries got 2 skiers and everyone else got one (and some countries got none). This system is new to IOC events, but many other games already use variants of this system. It allows them to increase participation, cut costs, and have a more sustainable business model.
  20. God I hate people. There’s a whole bunch of people talking about the good YouTube channel in ESPN5s stream chat right now. Idiots! They’re going to ruin it for us all. That’s why I keep my streams private when I do stuff like that. Common sense. Don’t tell the host broadcaster about a channel broadcasting their stuff, and then recommend people to watch that channel instead of theirs. Honestly is common sense not a thing in . This post is usually negative for me, but I’m understandably (at least I hope) upset by this.
  21. Happy Krampusnacht to all of the Central European users
  22. Welcome @Rohan! I believe you’re the user I got to join over at Reddit. Always nice to see new faces, enjoy the forum
  23. She would definitely be allowed to compete. Ledecky won her first medal when she as 15 I believe. Yes, I believe FINA as said that athletes in Aquatics must be 13 years old and older.
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