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  1. Ok whoa, Sport Climbing definitely deserves a spot in the Olympics. I’m indifferent about Surfing, and Skateboarding was going to make it eventually so whatever. Breaking can go break away from the Olympic Program though.
  2. Totallympics Weekly Update for last week has postponed till further notice. Sorry, We (I) am just to hard at work right now, but don’t worry you hear from us this week, it may even be our longest episode yet.
  3. Day 5 is here. Enough said: https://anchor.fm/twu/episodes/Today-In-Minsk--Day-5-e4ena0
  4. A) I didn’t know BVI almost won a softball bronze B) That a team with some gold medal chances. For only four people, I’d say their chances are better than ever.
  5. Boxing will go eventually, but see no reason to get rid of Weightlifting or Wrestling
  6. Really Skateboarding should be gone too for it’s inability to create good governance. Climbing should definitely stay on the program though, it honestly should have been on the program for the last few years.
  7. Most likely Match TV if you have a vpn
  8. Breaking will receive a total of 32 quotas for the games. 16 for both men and women. The between the other three sports there will be just over 200 quotas given out. There have also been 12 events proposed, In currently trying to get a list.
  9. It really is sad to see how much coverage these games get in Europe. Multiple countries aren’t showing the games. Many of the countries who are, only show two 1 hour highlight segments. And even the ever dependable Match TV is showing maybe 6-9 events a day. Belarus and Greek TV do appear to show quite a bit more though, unfortunately that don’t make replays of their streams available. Ukrainian Inter TV has at least shown 4-5 events daily and put them on YouTube, so at least their are still some replays available if Match TV’s disappear.
  10. If you have a vpn I can find the replay
  11. It will come out in about two-three hours time. Very sorry for the delay. It’s been a bit of a challenge to do the weekly podcast and Today In Minsk. I have throughly enjoyed doing Today In Minsk, so expect to see that format for other big events this summer.
  12. Well the is been awesome. I’ve caught two of her games, and she is playing phenomenal right now.
  13. Well the club managers announced otherwise today. San Siro is set to be demolished soon, and the new venue will sit on a nearby area.
  14. Least shocking news of the day...
  15. Man what a day. Published a successful episode of the podcast. Manage to watch every event at the European Games up to today. And now I’ve just learned that I’ve gotten lucky enough to get Olympics tickets!!! I’ve got more tickets to check on, but I won’t know until tomorrow...
  16. I’m honestly down for this becoming a thing:
  17. I feel behind on my sleep schedule, so I will miss the first few events today (I’ll try to find time to watch the replays on Match TV.), but I will still make sure to publish the podcast. Enjoy the games today.
  18. So in sports politics news, California is on the verge of passing an a university athlete compensation bill that would see/allow college level athletes to make money off the use of their names, likeness, and image. The NCAA is similar to the IOC on this matter and profits unfairly in a similar way. The NCAA have to expel California universities from all NCAA championships. However, this could backfire for multiple reasons 1) UCLA, USC, Stanford have some of the largest fanbases in the country. There will be millions of upset viewers most likely boycotting the NCAA. (For reference, a majority of Californians, especially sports fan, approve of this bull) 2) California has at least 30-40 NCAA Universities and is capable of forming a competitor league to challenge the NCAA. It is believed other liberal west coast states could and might join them there. 3) TV companies pay a lot of money for rights to NCAA games. And they are mostly based where? Answer: California. The NCAA would have multiple lawsuits on their hands, not to mention a possible media boycott. 4) This has been building for awhile. The NCAA has gotten more and more aggressive over the years, and public sentiment is starting to shift against them. This could be a nail in the coffin for them. Most likely we’ll see some kind of in between deal. I support my state on this (as always), and it’s not surprising California is the first state to attempt this being a beacon for American liberals since the 1950s. California is probably the most left state in the union (maybe tied with New York), so we tend to care more about social issues than other states. We have passed many state laws on climate regulations, equality, and won a Supreme Court battle for the right to marriage equality. Yes, we have failed in some aspects, but this bill is definitely a step in the right direction.
  19. Pretty good quality. Y’all might be hard pressed to beat us in quite a few events. FunFact: Donovan Brazier trains an hour away from my house. I should go run with him one day (more like get lapped by him (he’d lap me in a 100m race))
  20. They should have hired me Their photo: My photos: And mine were taken with a phone camera. Game recognizes game @Minsk2019. Hire me next time
  21. Honduran Military Police have opened fire on protesting students at the national university in Tegucigalpa. They came without warning and immediately began to fire live ammunition. The Trump administration has argued for months that conditions in Honduras do not allow for asylum status, but they were definitely way wrong (even before this incident). Trump is an equal party in this to me. We currently support their government I believe, what a disgrace
  22. That’s what I thought originally. I’ve gotten use to them a bit, but they’re not great. I agree the World Games ones suck too.
  23. Is anyone able to find replays of the events? I watch stuff I missed, but I can’t find any (besides a few gymnastics ones on YouTube)
  24. Listen? Do you here that? It’s me telling you that Today In Minsk episode 4 is here: https://anchor.fm/twu/episodes/Today-In-Minsk--Day-4-e4ealg
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