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  1. I'm happy to know that this song really spoke to someone else. When I was in my early 20s, I was so convinced that I would make my life elsewhere than Switzerland. I had that will to leave and go live elsewhere. I thought that elsewhere might be Australia as I went there on a working-holiday visa and thought I might not come back to Switzerland for a long time, if ever. Well, life has a funny way of teaching you to know better haha. After 2 months in Australia (different places), I felt homesick and came back to where is definitely "home" When I heard this song it brought me back to those years and this is also why I decided to present it for the contest.
  2. Absolutely! This song is now a permanent resident into my Apple Music Thank you @uk12points!
  3. Oh man and the competition's logo is AMAZINGLY STUNNING
  4. Hi everyone, I know the contest has just been closed, I'm a little late. But I couldn't be there yesterday as I anticipated before confirming Switzerland's participation and I would like to say a few things. First of all, auguri all'Italia One of my 2 blood-countries winning makes me super proud Second, WOW, finishing just shy of 100pts is SUPER DUPER AMAZING! Being temporarily in the Top5 and even Top3 is more than I had imagined! I'm glad so many of you liked Eliane, whom I just discovered looking for Switzerland's entry in this contest. She really has a great voice. And third, I would like to thank the nations that have voted for Switzerland. Thank you Algeria (11pts), India (10pts), Azerbaijan & Indonesia (9pts), Germany & Russia (8pts), Lithuania (5pts), Brazil & Ireland & Romania (3pts), Bulgaria & Malta (2pts) and Italy (1pt). Last but not least, a HUGE. No, IMMENSE thank you from the bottom of my heart to Croatia ( @dcro ) & Netherlands ( @heywoodu ) for awarding 12 POINTS to Switzerland Obrigado @vinipereira and Brazil for hosting this year's TISC EDIT PS: Great Britain's song hit directly into my soul, hence my 12pts.
  5. Nathy

    Men's Baseball MLB 2018

    And he's my starting SS Guys have you seen how the Astros beat the Padres yesterday? Hilarious
  6. Ah that's why one of my messages disappeared^^
  7. Nathy

    Men's Baseball MLB 2018

    WOW!!! That's short! Manfred must be happy haha! The game Dodgers-Dbacks was a lot of fun, if you guys can watch the replay or condensed, I recommend it!
  8. Nathy

    Men's Baseball MLB 2018

    And Pillar who stole 3 bases (2nd, 3rd and home) in ONE inning After a rusty start, the last 2 games of the Blue Jays and Dodgers were fun to watch! And Happ starting the season with a HR, awesome! Even more because he was on my fantasy team haha! But I traded him for Moncada.
  9. The Jury of Switzerland has voted! So many good songs this year
  10. Haven't started yet... I was sick, then on a business trip and now I'm even sicker than before Will vote today or tomorrow though
  11. It also doesn't matter to me if there's a music video or not I listen more than I watch.
  12. ELIANE - DEAR HOME For the TISC 2018, Switzerland presents 27-year old Eliane Müller from Lucerne. She is a singer-songwriter and the song "Dear Home" is part of her 4th album "Slow Motion" that was released in November 2017.
  13. Welp... That's also the kind I had chosen...
  14. Nathy

    Men's Baseball MLB 2018

    Well, Ohtani was perfect as a batter yesterday, pleasure to watch! 3 walks and an rbi single