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  1. Ridiculous tempo from Johaug...even Weng, though she's still 6+ seconds behind after a kilometer.
  2. Gonna lose a few on the track again, though. EDIT: Managed to hold them all off. Well done. No Boe, Fourcade wins. So predictable. Other Boe was terrible.
  3. How did they do the men last year? Shooting today at 5 - 7.5 - 10 - 12.5?
  4. Exhilarating 3 minutes of AC. Shame biathlon is 45 minutes away.
  5. Zubčić showing slalom skiiers how it's done.
  6. Might get better in some future races, but today for instance, second race is useless after first three starters. Men's race was over when Pinturault started 9th I believe. So far, very much prefer previous order. Combination will never be fair. And as I said, always was looking forward by just how much speed masters will lose in slalom races.
  7. And silly, it was. Just 47 starters, 31 finishers. And apparently, we're going with 1st in this race -> 1st starter in slalom, 2nd -> 2nd and so on and on...? So, pretty much no point watching a lot of second race. No more looking forward to various straddling while waiting for the last racers...
  8. Combination is interesting discipline in the way where we watch just how silly will it get. Still miles better than parallel nonsenses.
  9. Globe for three races just isn't anything to look for. But, still 200 more points to be given.
  10. Very surprising and nice result for the curser.
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