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  1. Oh, this is very nice. Had very mediocre start, thought had no chance, but luckily, good weekend for me. Thanks for hosting, @Wanderer, it was very fun, and I really regret not participating in Nordic WC one. Great job, @Werloc and @SteveParker!
  2. It was a pretty famous win from Belarus women. Weird that you didn't know that.
  3. Think I did just fine this last day with predictions as well.
  4. When unexpected happens, mass starts can be fun it seems.
  5. Eberhard and Loginov to medal? I think they're the faster ones out of this group.
  6. Goodness me. This is the worst shooting I've ever seen. Windisch to win.
  7. Boe caught Garanichev. Was 30 seconds behind, ridiculous.
  8. It's a mess for first couple of laps/shooting, especially on range. Annoying. But indeed, can get exciting with third and last shoot, when the field gets thinner, well, if Boe doesn't go 20/20 or something.
  9. Maybe I'm preaching to the choir, but interval cross-country/biathlon >>> mass starts cross-country/biathlon.
  10. Bolshunov takes the win, while Klaebo is only 19th. And that brings overall points to... Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 1393 Alexander Bolshunov 1379 1 x Sprint F 1 x 15 km C Mass Start 1 x 10 km F Pursuit Could be exciting.
  11. Patrick and Mike on english ES mentioned conspiracy theory about that.
  12. I don't think you should worry about him. Maybe tired, maybe just not motivated any more this season, and just waiting to end. Done everything this season anyway. Hope he doesn't retire, awesome to watch.
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