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  1. One very interesting result is the 22nd place of Cheng Fangming , at a time when China doesn't seem to have good male prospects heading for their Olympics, he's back from 4 years out of the circuit and get a very decent first appearance in the WC. Good shooting (18/20) and, despite what we may think at first, promising performance on the skis : 33th course time +3.05, beating the likes of Eliseev, Dale, Guigonnat, Samuelsson (and we know you might exceed a certain speed threshold to hope for top 20 and further). Nonetheless, like his fellow countrywomen, too much time lost at the range (92nd range time).
  2. Fabien Claude will get a fine for his poor performance Guigonnat will be suspended 20 years
  3. No no, you misspelled Oeberg Which one do you want ?
  4. WTF no penalty for Kelsey Mitchell despite a clear lane infringement
  5. Not very fair and again a OQT in France But I will not complain, maybe the little help we need to get to Tokyo
  6. I think you don't get it ... only the 3 best results count. Belgium will get the points for being 2nd in HK, given the teams in Cambridge and Brisbane I'm quite sure the French won't perform that well so huge gap to be expected
  7. I've really tried to understand the principle of having already qualified athletes/athletes that cannot qualify to a olympics QUALIFYING tournament ... but I just can't get it
  8. Great manoeuvre from Belgium, they get a 2nd place in the women team pursuit with a very weak field and earn a lot of point to go past France ...
  9. 9th course time for Cheng, 50s from Andersen and Rastorgujevs He has missed the 3 last seasons
  10. The problem with this format is that there is no weighting according to the results or the competitivness. A 3rd place in 4.25 with 4 opponents weighs the same as a 3rd place in 4.16 with 10 opponents ...
  11. Look, they will be in Cambridge, they cannot participate to each and every competition. Nonetheless, looking at the entries it seems that the concurrence is less important in HK so maybe not the greatest move indeed
  12. Nope, only men sprinters And you can see that the entries are only provisional since some athletes listed will not be there for sure
  13. Here you can find the documents https://www.uci.org/news/2018/tissot-uci-track-cycling-world-cup-official--documents The provisional entries for HK and Cambridge are out
  14. It's not a serpentine system : A1 v Barrage W B1 v Best 3rd C1 v Worst 2nd Best 2nd v Second best 2nd
  15. Hong Kong players are mostly of direct anglo-saxon ascendance, I find it more enthralling for rugby to see China progress than HK It's not a near-lock but they are still strong favorites, they've played China at four occasions this summer, for the same amount of victories
  16. Same applies for the Philippines who were quite interesting at last HK qualifier tournament The squad for Incheon is similar to the team that played on the world circuit this year so, at least for this qualifier because I don't know whether the rules are different here and at the Olympics, HK is a great contender You're overlooking China , whose recent results indicate the progresses. This summer, they've reached 3 podiums during the 3 stages of the Asian 7s Championships, and one final beating Japan in the semis, eventually finishing 3rd in the standings behind Japan and HK . I've seen them play a few weeks ago in Elche and they were way better than what I thought they'd be. So my odds are the favorite in front of and then and , with maybe to the semis. really is the dark horse here ... they've come out recently as a team to be reckoned with, but a qualification for the Olympics would mean that Tokyo would be the first appearance of China on the global stage since HK 2011 (they've never even been part of the HK qualifier tournament)
  17. Doit rattraper : Suisse ou Allemagne Peut : aucun je le crains à moins d'être quasiment champion du monde
  18. Men : 1 9040 2 8670 3 8430 (-1) potentially 9260 considering the mean of their best results last season (=1) 4 7930 5 7290 6 7230 7 6800 (-2) potentially 8430 (=4) 8 6520 9 6230 (-2) potentially 7760 (=6) 10 6200 11 6120 12 5840 Women : 1 9800 2 8530 (-1) potentially 9390 (=2) 3 8440 4 8190 5 7380 (-2) potentially 9180 (=3) 6 7330 (-1) potentially 8080 (=7) 7 6810 (-2) potentially 8410 (=5) 8 6690 9 6570 10 5580 11 5310 (-2) potentially 6640 (=9) 12 4890 (-2) potentially 5960 (=11)
  19. Sometimes they just put the alphabetical order so you have to guess the right order But there is no way Van 't Hoenderdaal/Van den Berg are anywhere else than first
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