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  1. Is there really a need to argue when someone says that a 17 years old 14.15 triple jumper is a less interesting prospect because she didn't improve her PR than an other one whose record is 14m ? Your argument is a fake one so no need for me to put down something serious in response
  2. Meh very poor argument there That's true but you're eluding the point. I'm not denying the chances of seeing junior medalists repeat at senior level, but you're saying that future successful senior athletes are included in a pool of already successful juniors. We know that at least a strong minority of the names you listed will fade, but we also know some anonymous athletes during these championships will appear on the big stage, that's all
  3. Nacheva ? + it's not really reliable to name athletes who already produce eye-catching performances Some now well-known and medaled athletes were pretty anonymous during their own European U20 champs, for example the likes of Teddy Tamgho or Marcin Lewandowski weren't even on the podium, Ohuruogu was 3rd but far from being expected later on with her 54.21
  4. I reckon a good number. Particularly interested in Mahuchikh's performance, she quit after her 2m jump in Stanford and pulled out of Lausanne and Monaco though she was in the anticipated entries. Hope it's nothing important since I'm really looking forward to seeing her battle it out in Doha.
  5. Lol Not being favorite = impossible to qualify ? I wonder how Spain managed to qualify in 2016 On what basis do you state Samoa and Ireland are favorites ? Because France beat Ireland 3 times in the last 3 weeks ? Not very logical And I don't remember the result of the Oceanian QT ... oh yes it has not even happened
  6. Pools for Colomiers : Pool A : France, Portugal, Italy, Hungary Pool B : Ireland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine Pool C : England, Germany, Georgia, Lithuania Semis expected : France-Spain/Germany, England/Ireland
  7. El famoso referee Clear handball on the first penalty, absolute outrage on the second, red card is deserved a 100 time (note that Bamba has been hospitalized) and considering that the two of them have been missed... Whiere is the bias ?
  8. Innacurate for some of the French names Adélaïde is much Ah-day-lah-eed and Thuram is never Too-ram
  9. Holloway also did a 43.75 split during the 4x4 I found Roberts more impressive though, a huge mistake on the 9th hurdle cost him the victory I reckon
  10. About stadiums the comparison is a bit fallacious... The fact is that some countries like Russia or Qatar, even Brazil tend to use the organization as a way of influence and soft power (every country does so but) and build big stadiums despite obvious malfunctions and probable decay of the facilities never used again. The situation is different in France, even for the last Euro medium size not so recent stadiums were used and for this WC there is no such thing as small ancient facilities. No stadium is less than 20k and apart from Montpellier (1997) they are either new or renovated in the last 10 years No artifical turf either, this is not Canada
  11. She was worth 2.05+ before last year, the gap seems legit
  12. This kind of reaction is the main reason they bring to explain the "reworking" of DL meets with 5000 disappearing from the start lists... Doesn't matter how it affects the sport in practice as long as the consumers doesn't get bored because they can't stand 5 minutes between two races The races are coming one after another in a rather dynamic way, I don't think there is a need to hurry and rush warm ups just to get the program going as fast as possible
  13. Hammerschmidt has been injured and she's not recovered yet, at least not in shape to be competitive Kummer has raced normally throughout the season in IBU Cup, nothing particular to say about it, she's not WC-level so ...
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