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  1. Hammerschmidt has been injured and she's not recovered yet, at least not in shape to be competitive Kummer has raced normally throughout the season in IBU Cup, nothing particular to say about it, she's not WC-level so ...
  2. Sad ... 19/20, 3rd best shooting time and still 86 out of 93 Time to maybe reconsider a career in shooting sports
  3. Three 16/20 is not very good though ... but at least good ski speed for once in a while
  4. Justine Where did that come from ?
  5. Putting on the same level a repeated cheater and a bad boy/one time opportunist is not very fair. I reckon you're referring to the Kemboi case ... You can't blame an athlete for obtaining a medal within the rules and then lump him with another athlete obtaining a medal outside those rules From a French perspective, I've felt we've been screwed too much times to complain
  6. He criticized Loginov who has been convicted, I don't see the hatred here. Then Shipulin answered because Loginov is his teammate, it's just a little hitch between two great athletes respecting each other. Fourcade is not anti-Russian
  7. Fourcade has never been anti-Shipulin, stop with your complete paranoïa though
  8. What a tournament for us However we will probably not see Tokyo ... probably one place for GB/France/Spain + don't know about how the Ireland/Eire thing will be sorted out, and then maybe a OQT with Australia/Samoa
  9. I wouldn't go this far concerning Fourcade but yes there is a clear bias No one formulated an inch of suspicion about Brorsson who is the woman Pidruchnhyi of this Champs
  10. Didn't like the comment of MF about Pidruchnyi on French TV ... When asked about the winner (the interviewer raised obvious doubts, shame on him) he responded "congrats to him, until proven otherwise"
  11. That CHOOOOKE Congrats to Pidruchnyi and Quentin
  12. NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships Division I to be precise
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