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  1. Yeah, I remember that Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards were very popular up until middle school. I guess if we're talking about Canadian board games, Trivial Pursuit would probably be one of the most well known. It's basically a trivia game with different categories. Personally, my favourite game is called Avalon. It's kind of a mix between Mafia and Werewolf. Aside from that, I also enjoy playing Settlers of Catan, Risk and Monopoly. Also, not sure if this is what you were asking but if you're looking for online games, I really enjoy this game called It's basically a game where someone draws and other people have to guess what you're drawing.
  2. Hey! Yeah, I also never saw a person with a username with 1010 in it before you so it was a welcome sight. I can now see how you got the number. For me, it's actually kind of a funny story. When I was originally creating a number, I wanted to use the numbers of my two favourite baseball players which were 19 and 10 and put them together. However, when I was creating the username for the first time, I accidentally hit 0 instead of 9 so I ended up with 1010 and I've stuck with that ever since.
  3. Sun Yang has been banned for 8 years.
  4. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Mixed Relay 2x6km + 2.7.5kmDay 1February 13th, 2020 Austria Czech Republic France x Germany Italy Norway x Russia Sweden x Switzerland Ukraine United States Any Other Nation Women's 7.5km SprintDay 2February 14th, 2020 Marketa Davidova Julia Simon Denise Herrmann Any other German Athlete Dorothea Wierer x Lisa Vittozzi Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold Marte Olsbu Roeiseland x Tiril Eckhoff x Any Other Norwegian Athlete Any Polish Athlete Sverlana Mironova Paulina Fialkova Hanna Oeberg Any Other Swedish Athlete Any Other Athlete Men's 10km SprintDay 3February 15th, 2020 Julian Eberhard Simon Desthieux x Martin Fourcade x Quentin Fillon Maillet Any Other French Athlete Benedikt Doll Johannes Kühn Any Other German Athlete Lukas Hofer Johannes Thingnes Boe Tarjei Boe Any Other Norwegian Athlete Alexander Loginov x Matvey Eliseev Any Other Athlete Women's 10km PursuitDay 4February 16th, 2020 Iryna Kryuko Kaisa Makarainen Justine Braisaz Denise Herrmann Franziska Preuss Dorothea Wierer Lisa Vittozzi Marte Olsbu Roeiseland Tiril Eckhoff x Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold x Any Other Norwegian Athlete Monika Hojnisz-Staręga Paulina Fialkova x Hanna Oeberg Any Other Swedish Athlete Lena Häcki Any Other Athlete Men's 12.5km PursuitDay 4February 16th, 2020 Simon Desthieux Martin Fourcade x Quentin Fillon Maillet x Any Other French Athlete x Benedikt Doll Johannes Kühn Any Other German Athlete Johannes Thingnes Boe Tarjei Boe Any Other Norwegian Athlete Alexander Loginov Matvey Eliseev Any Other Athlete Women's 15km IndividualDay 5February 18th, 2020 Julia Simon Justine Braisaz x Denise Herrmann x Franziska Preuss Dorothea Wierer Lisa Vittozzi Marte Olsbu Roeiseland Tiril Eckhoff Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold Monika Hojnisz-Staręga Larisa Kuklina Paulina Fialkova Hanna Oeberg x Any Other Swedish Athlete Yuliia Dzhima Any Other Athlete Men's 20km IndividualDay 6February 19th, 2020 Simon Eder Simon Desthieux Martin Fourcade x Quentin Fillon Maillet x Any Other French Athlete Benedikt Doll Any Other German Athlete Johannes Thingnes Boe x Tarjei Boe Any Other Norwegian Athlete Alexander Loginov Any Other Russian Athlete Benjamin Weger Any Other Athlete Mixed Single Relay 6km + 7.5kmDay 7February 20th, 2020 Austria Czech Republic Estonia France x Germany Italy Norway x Russia Sweden x Switzerland Ukraine United States Any Other Nation Women's 4x6km RelayDay 8February 22th, 2020 Austria Belarus Czech Republic France x Germany Italy Norway x Poland Russia Slovakia Sweden Switzerland x Ukraine Any Other Nation Men's 4x7.5km RelayDay 8February 22th, 2020 Austria Belarus Czech Republic France x Germany x Italy Norway x Russia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Ukraine Any Other Nation Women's 12.5km Mass StartDay 9February 23th, 2020 Iryna Kryuko Marketa Davidova Kaisa Makarainen x Julia Simon Denise Herrmann Any Other German Athlete Dorothea Wierer x Lisa Vittozzi Marte Olsbu Roeiseland Tiril Eckhoff x Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold Any Other Norwegian Athlete Any Polish Athlete Paulina Fialkova Hanna Oeberg Any Other Swedish Athlete Any Other Athlete Men's 15km Mass StartDay 9February 23th, 2020 Julian Eberhard Simon Eder Simon Desthieux Martin Fourcade x Quentin Fillon Maillet x Any Other French Athlete Benedikt Doll Arnd Peiffer x Any Other German Athlete Johannes Thingnes Boe Tarjei Boe Any Other Norwegian Athlete Alexander Loginov Any Other Russian Athlete Any Other Athlete [/hide]
  5. World Baseball Classic will now expand from 16 to 20 teams in 2021. All 16 teams from the 2017 World Baseball Classic have already qualified: There will be two qualifiers that will have a double elimination format with the top 2 teams qualifying for the World Baseball Classic. Pool 1(March 12-17): Pool 2(March 20-25):
  6. Lafreniere hurt, did not look good, could be the end of Canada if he's out the rest of the tournament
  7. Who would you say your nations' best athlete(s) or teams of the past decade were? For I would go with Sidney Crosby (ice hockey). 2 Olympic gold medals, 1 world championship gold, 1 world cup of hockey gold, 2 Stanley Cup wins (NHL championship trophy) and 8 individual NHL trophies.
  8. Continuing from my last post: Women's 50m Freestyle Sarah Sjoestroem Cate Campbell Simone Manuel Pernille Blume Bronte Campbell Michelle Coleman Mariia Kameneva Anna Hopkin Ranomi Kromowidjojo Liu Xiang Abbey Weitzeil Femke Heemskerk Charlotte Bonnet Wu Qingfeng Women's 100m Freestyle Simone Manuel Cate Campbell Sarah Sjoestroem Emma McKeon Mallory Comerford Taylor Ruck Michelle Coleman Femke Heemskerk Anna Hopkin Charlotte Bonnet Freye Anderson Siobhan Haughey Ranomi Kromowidjojo Federica Pellegrini Pernille Blume Mariia Kameneva Penny Oleksiak Yang Junxuan Beryl Gastaldello Signe Bro Zhu Menghui Rika Omoto Barbora Seemanova Lidon Munoz del Campo Women's 200m Freestyle Federica Pellegrini Ariarne Titmus Emma McKeon Sarah Sjoestroem Siobhan Haughey Yang Junxuan Katie Ledecky Simone Manuel Charlotte Bonnet Femke Heemskerk Penny Oleksiak Rio Shirai Taylor Ruck Veronika Andrusenko Barbora Seemanova Katinka Hosszu Valeriia Salamatina Women's 400m Freestyle Ariarne Titmus Katie Ledecky Leah Smith Ajna Kesely Wang Jianjiahe Li Bingjie Katinka Hosszu Kiah Melverton Simona Quadarella Veronika Andrusenko Anna Egorova Sarah Kohler Delfina Pignatiello Mireia Belmonte Holly Hibbott Leonie Beck Women's 800m Freestyle Katie Ledecky Wang Jianjiahe Simona Quadarella Ariarne Titmus Leah Smith Sarah Kohler Kiah Melverton Ajna Kesely Mireia Belmonte Delfina Pignatiello Leonie Beck Hou Yawen Miyu Namba Martina Caramignoli Anna Egorova Tjasa Oder Julia Hassler Jimena Perez Blanco Yukimi Moriyama Beril Bocekler Women's 1500m Freestyle Katie Ledecky Simona Quadarella Sarah Kohler Wang Jianjiahe Delfina Pignatiello Ashley Twichell Ajna Kesely Maddy Gough Kiah Melverton Mireia Belmonte Martina Caramignoli Boglarka Kapas Tjasa Oder Waka Kobori Zhang Ke Yukimi Moriyama Lea Boy Jimena Perez Blanco Anastasiia Kirpichnikova Kristel Kobrich Lara Grangeon Julia Hassler Tamila Holub Beril Bocekler Mackenzie Padington Viviane Jungblut Emma O'Croinin Diana Duraes Marlene Kahler Women's 100m Backstroke Regan Smith Kylie Masse Taylor Ruck Minna Atherton Phoebe Bacon Margherita Panziera Kaylee McKeown Kira Toussaint Mariia Kameneva Daria Vaskina Katinka Hosszu Natsumi Sakai Georgia Davies Fu Yuanhui Simona Kubova Laura Riedemann Chen Jie Kathleen Dawson Beryl Gastaldello Federica Pellegrini Hoi Shun Stephanie Au Women's 200m Backstroke Regan Smith Margherita Panziera Kylie Masse Kaylee McKeown Taylor Ruck Minna Atherton Katinka Hosszu Lisa Bratton Liu Yaxin Katalin Burian Rio Shirai Chloe Golding Africa Zamorano Sanz Peng Xuwei Jessica Fullalove Anastasiia Avdeeva Ali Galyer Daria Ustinova Lena Grabowski Natsumi Sakai Tatiana Salcutan Women's 100m Breaststroke Lilly King Yuliya Efimova Annie Lazor Reona Aoki Tatjana Schoenmaker Anna Belousova Martina Carraro Arianna Castiglioni Kierra Smith Yu Jingyao Jessica Vall Montero Molly Renshaw Miho Teramura Tes Schouten Fanny LeCluyse Julia Sebastian Jessica Hansen Abbey Harkin Kayla van der Merwe Alia Atkinson Women's 200m Breaststroke Yuliya Efimova Annie Lazor Lilly King Tatjana Schoenmaker Ye Shiwen Sydney Pickrem Evgeniia Chikunova Kelsey Wog Molly Renshaw Kanako Watanabe Fanny LeCluyse Marina Garcia Urzainqui Kaylene Corbett Francesca Fangio Reona Aoki Lisa Mamie Jessica Vall Montero Yu Jingyao Jenna Strauch Taylor McKeown Kayla van der Merwe Julia Sebastian Eszter Bekesi Women's 100m Butterfly Maggie MacNeil Sarah Sjoestroem Emma McKeon Marie Wattel Brianna Throssell Elena di Liddo Kelsi Dahlia Louise Hansson Katie McLaughlin Zhang Yufei Ilaria Bianchi Rebecca Smith Svetlana Chimrova Beryl Gastaldello Arina Surkova Anastasiya Shkurdai Katinka Hosszu Yui Ohashi Angelina Kohler Anna Ntountounaki Women's 200m Butterfly Hali Flickinger Katie Drabot Katinka Hosszu Boglarka Kapas Suzuka Hasegawa Franziska Hentke Hiroko Makino Brianna Throssell Zhang Yufei Alys Thomas Laura Stephens Zhu Jiaming Svetlana Chimrova Anna Monteiro Laura Taylor Women's 200m Individual Medley Katinka Hosszu Ye Shiwen Sydney Pickrem Yui Ohashi Melanie Margalis Alex Walsh Rika Omoto Kaylee McKeown Kim Seoyeong Siobhan O'Connor Kelsey Wog Maria Ugolkova Alicia Wilson Calypso Sheridan Yu Yiting Fantine Lesaffre Ilario Cusinato Anastasia Gorbenko Viktoria Gunes Women's 400m Individual Medley Katinka Hosszu Ye Shiwen Yui Ohashi Mireia Belmonte Sydney Pickrem Emma Weyant Brooke Forde Aimee Willmott Fantine Lesaffre Emily Overholt Ilario Cusinato Anja Crevar Alba Vazquez
  9. Seeing as no one has done a qualification update here in a while, I thought I might give it a try. Below are the NOC's that have qualified in each event with the athlete that achieved the OQT. If a NOC has more than two athletes that met the NOC, the top two with the fastest times are listed. I'll do the women tomorrow. Men's 50m Freestyle Caeleb Dressel Vladimir Morozov Bruno Fratus Kristian Gkolomeev Ben Proud Andrea Vergani Michael Andrew Pawel Juraszek Shinri Shioura Florent Manaudou Maxim Lobanovskij Leonardo Deplano Maxime Grousset Meiron Cheruti Cameron McEvoy Jesse Puts Oussama Sahnoune David Cumberlidge Ali Khalafalla Men's 100m Freestyle Caeleb Dressel Kyle Chalmers Ryan Held Vladislav Grinev Marcelo Chierighini Duncan Scott Vladimir Morozov Nandor Nemeth He Junyi Clement Mignon Alessandro Miressi Mehdy Metella Cameron McEvoy Pieter Timmers Breno Correia Ivano Vendrame Katsumi Nakamura Szebasztian Szabo Oussama Sahnoune Dylan Carter Katsuhiro Matsumoto Kyle Stolk Men's 200m Freestyle Danas Rapsys Clyde Lewis Duncan Scott Sun Yang Katsuhiro Matsumoto Martin Malyutin Ji Xinjie Mikhail Dovgalyuk Dominik Kozma Filippo Megli Andrew Seliskar Kyle Chalmers Fernando Scheffer Townley Haas James Guy Maarten Brzoskowski Poul Zellmann Kristof Milak Gabriele Detti Men's 400m Freestyle Sun Yang Mack Horton Gabriele Detti Danas Rapsys Jack McLoughlin Marco de Tullio Aleksandr Krasnykh Florian Wellbrock Ji Xinjie Zane Grothe Gabor Zombori Guilherme Costa Martin Malyutin Men's 800m Freestyle Gregorio Paltrinieri Henrik Christiansen David Aubry Mykhailo Romanchuk Jack McLoughlin Florian Wellbrock Gabriele Detti Sun Yang Franko Grgic Sergii Frolov Guilherme Costa Ilia Sibirtsev Thomas Neill Anton Ipsen Jan Micka Ahmed Hafnaoui Jordan Wilmovsky Zane Grothe Damien Joly Wojciech Wojdak Daniel Jervis Ilia Druzhinin Alexander Norgaard Nguyen Huy Hoang Felix Aubock Vuk Celic Ruwen Straub Men's 1500m Freestyle Florian Wellbrock Mykhailo Romanchuk Gregorio Paltrinieri David Aubry Henrik Christiansen Franko Grgic Daniel Jervis Alexander Norgaard Jan Micka Robert Finke Domenico Acerenza Jack McLoughlin Sun Yang Sergii Frolov Guilherme Costa Damien Joly Zane Grothe Anton Ipsen Nguyen Huy Hoang Ruwen Straub Thomas Neill Ilia Druzhinin Gergely Gyurta Marin Mogic Akos Kalmar Men's 100m Backstroke Xu Jiayu Mitch Larkin Evgeny Rylov Ryan Murphy Shaine Casas Guilherme Guido Kliment Kolesnikov Ryosuke Irie Markus Thornmeyer Thomas Ceccon Robert Glinta Apostolos Christou William Yang Daniel Martin Simone Sabbioni Shane Ryan Luke Greenbank Quah Zheng Wen Yohann Ndoye-Brouard Yakov Toumarkin Mikita Tsmyh Men's 200m Backstroke Evgeny Rylov Ryan Murphy Mitch Larkin Xu Jiayu Austin Katz Ryosuke Irie Luke Greenbank Keita Sunama Kliment Kolesnikov Brodie Williams Radoslaw Kawecki Matteo Restivo Luca Mencarini Adam Telegdy Markus Thornmeyer Chris Reid Li Huangyuan Christian Diener Tristan Hollard Men's 100m Breaststroke Adam Peaty Ilya Shymanovich James Wilby Yan Zibei Arno Kamminga Nicolo Martinenghi Yasuhiro Koseki Andrew Wilson Anton Chupkov Dmitriy Balandin Fabio Scozzoli Kirill Prigoda Matthew Wilson Tobias Bjerg Cody Miller Joao Gomes Junior Caba Siladi Wang Lizhuo Berkay Ogretir Ippei Watanabe Michael Houlie Andrius Sidlauskas Darragh Greene Felipe Lima Jake Packard Men's 200m Breaststroke Anton Chupkov Matthew Wilson Ippei Watanabe Zac Stubblety-Cook James Wilby Marco Koch Will Licon Andrew Wilson Arno Kamminga Ross Murdoch Erik Persson Dmitriy Balandin Kirill Prigoda Qin Haiyang Kazuki Kohinata Eduardo Giorgetti Cho Sungjae Zhang Ruixuan Maximilian Pilger Mykyta Koptielov Darragh Greene Luca Pizzini Matti Mattsson Anton McKee Men's 100m Butterfly Caeleb Dressel Maxime Rooney Andrei Minakov Mehdy Metella Kristof Milak Chad le Clos Grant Irvine Szebasztian Szabo Naoki Mizunuma Luis Martinez David Morgan Marius Kusch Mikhail Vekovishchev James Guy Li Zhuhao Piero Codia Federico Burdisso Vinicius Lanza Joseph Schooling Takaya Yasue Quah Zheng Wen Josif Miladinov Tomer Frankel Santiago Grassi Men's 200m Butterfly Kristof Milak Tamas Kenderesi Luca Urlando Daiya Seto Chad le Clos Federico Burdisso Denis Kesyl Nao Horomura Zach Harting David Morgan Aleksandr Kudashev Leonardo de Deus Wang Kuan-Hung Grant Irvine David Thomasberger Michal Poprawa Antani Ivanov Louis Croenen Men's 200m Individual Medley Mitch Larkin Daiya Seto Jeremy Desplanches Duncan Scott Wang Shun Chase Kalisz Phillip Heintz Qin Haiyang Michael Andrew Laszlo Cseh Andrey Zhilkin Alexis Santos Andreas Vazaios Tom Dean Gabriel Lopes Juran Mizohata Hugo Gonzalez Thomas Fraser-Holmes Leonardo Coelho Santos Danas Rapsys Alberto Razzetti Finlay Knox Wang Hsing-Hao Ron Polonsky Peter Bernek Apostolos Papastamos Raphael Stacchiotti Men's 400m Individual Medley Daiya Seto Jay Litherland Max Litchfield Charlie Swanson David Verraszto Apostolos Papastamos Lewis Clareburt Yuki Ikari Peter Bernek Jeremy Desplanches Ilia Borodin Joan Lluis Pons Ramon Arjan Knipping Maksym Shemberev Phillip Heintz Thomas Fraser-Holmes Mitch Larkin Maxim Stupin Pier Andrea Matteazzi
  10. Bianca Andreescu wins the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada's best athlete in 2019
  11. USA and Mexico will play in the bronze medal match and a spot in the Olympics
  12. ...and Canada loses to Australia for the fifth straight time. Now we'll have to wait for the game between South Korea and Cuba to find out who's the last team to go through
  13. beat 10-8 tonight. So and keep their qualification hopes alive while will have to try again at the Americas Qualifying Tournament
  14. The Nationals also might want to thank Bryce Harper for helping bring them a title back to DC. Who could forget about this iconic clip. You could say it aged too well.
  15. Wow, congratulations to the Washington Nationals! What a great post-season story, after almost losing in the wildcard games, and tonight's game 7 before getting big hits to put them ahead in all of the deciding games. Also great to see guys like Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon and especially Ryan Zimmerman (first ever draft pick of the Nationals) finally getting World Series Rings.
  16. 2-0 series lead for the Natioanls now; won both games on the road against two of the best pitchers in the league; who would've thought this would be the outcome after two games.
  17. TEAM UNITED STATES Manager: Joe Girardi Pitchers: Clayton Andrews (Milwaukee Brewers Organization, MLB, ) Brandon Dickson (Orix Buffaloes, NPB, ) Parker Dunshee (Oakland Athletics Organization, MLB, ) J.P. Feyereisen (Milwaukee Brewers Organization, MLB, ) Brian Flynn (Kansas City Royals Organization, MLB, ) Tanner Houck (Boston Red Sox Organization, MLB, ) Spencer Howard (Philadelphia Phillies Organization, MLB, ) Tyler Johnson (Chicago White Sox Organization, MLB, ) Wyatt Mills (Seattle Mariners Organization, MLB, ) Brooks Pounders (New York Mets Organization, MLB, ) Clayton Richard (Free Agent) Connor Seabold (Philadelphia Phillies Organization, MLB, ) Noah Song (Boston Red Sox Organization, MLB, ) Caleb Thielbar (Atlanta Braves Organization, MLB, ) Daniel Tillo (Kansas City Royals Organization, MLB, ) Infielders: Alec Bohm (Philadelphia Phillies Organization, MLB, ) C.J. Chatham (Boston Red Sox Organization, MLB, ) Jacob Croneworth () Bobby Dalbec (Boston Red Sox Organization, MLB, ) Xavier Edwards (San Diego Padres Organization, MLB, ) Taylor Gushue (C, Washington Nationals Organization, MLB, ) Erik Kratz (C, New York Yankees, MLB, ) Daulton Varsho (C, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization, MLB, ) Andrew Vaughn (Chicago White Sox Organization, MLB, ) Outfielders: Jo Adell (Los Angeles Angels Organization, MLB, ) Mark Payton (Oakland Athletics Organization, MLB, ) Brent Rooker (Minnesota Twins Organization, MLB, ) Drew Waters (Atlanta Braves Organization, MLB, )
  18. TEAM TAIWAN Manager: Hong I-Chung Pitchers: Chang Yi () Chen Yu-Hsun (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Chen Hung-Wen (Fubon Guardians, CPBL, ) Chen Kuan-Yu (Chiba Lotte Marines, NPB, ) Chiang Shao-Ching (Cleveland Indians Organization, MLB, ) Hu Chih-Wei (Chicago Cubs Organization, MLB, ) Huang Tzu-Peng (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Lee Chen-Chang (Chinatrust Brothers, CPBL, ) Liao Yi-Chung () Lin Kai-Wei (Arizona Diamondbacks Organization, MLB, ) Sung Chia-Hao (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, NPB, ) Wang Yao-Lin (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Wu Sheng-Feng () Infielders: Chen Chun-Hsiu (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Chu Yu-Hsien (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Kao Yu-Chieh () Kuo Yen-Wen (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Lin Hung-Yu (C, Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Lin Yu-Le (C, Uni-President Lions, CPBL, ) Lin Li (Lamigo Monkeys, CPBL, ) Wang Wei-Chen (Chinatrust Brothers, CPBL, ) Wang Sheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers, CPBL, ) Yueh Tung-Hua (Chinatrust Brothers, CPBL, ) Outfielders: Chan Tzu-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers, CPBL, ) Hu Chin-Lung (Fubon Guardians, CPBL, ) Lin Che-Hsuan (Fubon Guardians, CPBL, ) Su Chih-Chieh (Uni-President Lions, CPBL, ) Wang Po-Jung (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, NPB, )
  19. TEAM PUERTO RICO Manager: Juan Gonzalez Pitchers: Fernando Cabrera (Cangrejeros de Santurce, LBPRC, ) Luis Cintron () Fernando Cruz () Bryan Escanio (Cangrejeros de Santurce, LBPRC, ) Adalberto Flores (Leones del Caracas, LVPB, ) Ivan Maldonado (Criollos de Caguas, LBPRC, ) Miguel Martinez () Miguel Mejia (Piratas de Campeche, LMB, ) Freddie Muniz () Efrain Nieves (Free Agent) Orlando Roman (Criollos de Caguas, LBPRC, ) Ramesis Rosa (Gigantes de Carolina, LBPRC, ) Andres Santiago (Free Agent) Giovanni Soto (New Britain Bees, ALPB, ) Infielders: Jeff Dominguez (3B, Gigantes de Carolina, LBPRC, ) Jack Lopez (2B, Atlanta Braves Organization, MLB, ) Osvaldo Martinez (SS, New Britain Bees, ALPB, ) Luis Mateo (2B) Wilfredo Rodriguez-Chevere (C) Kevin Torres (C, Criollos de Caguas, LBPRC, ) Outfielders: Anthony Garcia (San Francisco Giants Organization, MLB, ) Jay Gonzalez (New Jersey Jackals, Frontier League, ) Danny Ortiz (Pericos de Puebla, LMB, ) Utility: Ivan de Jesus (Long Island Ducks, ALPB, ) Edwin Gomez (1B/OF) Yariel Gonzalez (1B/OF, St. Louis Cardinals Organization, MLB, ) Jesmuel Valentin (Baltimore Orioles Organization, MLB, )
  20. TEAM NETHERLANDS Manager: Hensley Meulens Pitchers: Mike Bolsenbroek (Free Agent) Robbie Cordemans (Free Agent) Lars Huijer (Hoofddorp Pioners, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Orsen Josephina (Pittsburgh Pirates Organization, MLB, ) Jair Jurrjens (Free Agent) Kevin Kelly (Cleveland Indians Organization, MLB, ) Diego Markwell (Curacao Neptunus, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Shairon Martis (Lincoln Saltdogs, American Association of Professional Baseball, ) Jim Ploeger (L&D Amsterdam, Honkabl Hoofdklasse, ) Tom Stuifbergen (L&D Amsterdam, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) J.C. Sulbaran (DSS Haarlem, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Franklin Van Gurp (San Diego Padres Organization, MLB, ) Orlando Yntema (Curacao Neptunus, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Infielders: Hendrik Clementina (C, Cincinnati Reds Organization, MLB, ) Carlton Daal (SS) Ray-Patrick Didder (SS, Atlanta Braves Organization, MLB, ) Dwayne Kemp (3B, Curacao Neptunus, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Sicnarf Loopstok (C, Cleveland Indians Organization, MLB, ) Juremi Profar (3B, Texas Rangers Organization, MLB, ) Sharlon Schoop (2B, L&D Amsterdam, Honkbal Hoofdklasse, ) Curt Smith (1B, Lincoln Saltdogs, American Association of Professional Baseball, ) Chadwick Tromp (C, Cincinnati Reds Organization, MLB, ) Gianfranco Wawoe (Southern Illinois Miners, Frontier League, ) Outfielders: Roger Bernadina (Algodoneros de Union Laguna, LMB, ) Reginald Lampe () Ademar Rifaela (Baltimore Orioles Organization, MLB, ) Kalian Sams (Free Agent) Utility: Yurendell DeCaster (Free Agent)
  21. TEAM MEXICO Manager: Juan Castro Pitchers: Manuel Barreda (Toros de Tijuana, LMB, ) Brennan Bernardino (Toros de Tijuana, LMB, ) Carlos Bustamante (Acereros de Monclova, LMB, ) Humberto Castellanos (Houston Astros Organization, MLB, ) Jesus Cruz (St. Louis Cardinals Organization, MLB, ) Felipe Gonzalez (Sultanes de Monterrey, LMB, ) Justin Kelly (Acereros de Monclova, LMB, ) Orlando Lara (Toros de Tijuana, LMB, ) Adam Quintana (Acereros de Monclova, LMB, ) Arturo Reyes (Tampa Bay Rays Organization, MLB, ) Fernando Salas (Philadelphia Phillies Organization, MLB, ) Eduardo Vera (Washington Nationals Organization, MLB, ) Brayan Verdugo () Infielders: Armando Araiza (C, Diablos Rojos del Mexico, LMB, ) Christian Villanueva (3B, Yomiuri Giants, NPB, ) Jorge Flores (SS, Leones de Yucatan, LMB, ) Efren Navarro (1B, Hanshin Tigers, NPB, ) Esteban Quiroz (2B, San Diego Padres Organization, MLB, ) Javier Salazar (SS, Toros de Tijuana, LMB, ) Ali Solis (C, Sultanes de Monterrey, LMB, ) Jose de Jesus Vargas de la Mora (1B) Outfielders: Jesus Fabela (CF, Diablos Rojos del Mexico, LMB, ) Jon Jones (CF, Leones de Yucatan, LMB, ) Juan Perez () Noah Perio (Acereros de Monclova, LMB, ) Utility: Matthew Clark (DH, Bravos de Leon, LMB, ) Phillip Evans (Chicago Cubs Organization, MLB, )
  22. TEAM SOUTH KOREA Manager: Kim Kyungmoon Pitchers: Cha Woo-chan (LG Twins, KBO, ) Cho Sang-Woo (Kiwoom Heroes, KBO, ) Go Woo-Suk () Ha Jae-Hoon (SK Wyverns, KBO, ) Ham Deok-Ju (Doosan Bears, KBO, ) Han Hyun-Hee (Kiwoom Heroes, KBO, ) Kim Kwang-Hyun (SK Wyverns, KBO, ) Koo Chang-Mo (NC Dinos, KBO, ) Lee Young-Ha (Doosan Bears, KBO, ) Moon Kyeong-Chan () Park Jong-Hun (SK Wyverns, KBO, ) Won Jung-Hyun (NC Dinos, KBO, ) Yang Hyeon-Jong (Kia Tigers, KBO, ) Infielders: Choi Jeong (3B, SK Wyverns, KBO, ) Hur Kyoung-Min (3B, Doosan Bears, KBO, ) Hwang Jae-Gyun (3B, KT Wiz, KBO, ) Kim Ha-Seong (SS, Kiwoom Heroes, KBO, ) Kim Sang-Su (Samsung Lions, KBO, ) Park Sei-Hyok (C, Doosan Bears, KBO, ) Park Byung-Ho (1B, Kiwoom Heroes, KBO, ) Park Min-Woo (2B, NC Dinos, KBO, ) Yang Eui-Ji (C, NC Dinos, KBO, ) Outfielders: Kang Baek-Ho (KT Wiz, KBO, ) Kim Jae-Hwan (Doosan Bears, KBO, ) Kim Hyun-Soo (LG Twins, KBO, ) Lee Jung-Hoo (Kiwoom Heroes, KBO, ) Min Byung-Hun (Lotte Giants, KBO, ) Park Kun-Woo (Doosan Bears, KBO, )
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