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  1. Athletics integrated day 15 work since a few days. A lot of sochi 2014 videos (full event) are on olympic channel include ice hockey preliminaries.
  2. For me, 2017 was a good year of sport (each year is a good year of sport!). It was not a year of olympics or major soccer cup (i mean fifa world cup or european nation cup) but i remember good and bad things. Bad things: The last competition of Usain Bolt, he was the king of athletics and he don't win a gold medal on the world athletics at London. I remember his last race, the relay when he quite due to an injury, it was incredible. I don't see the finish of the others teams, i just see usain bolt who suffer and left the race. I am disapointed (but not the same reason as usain bolt) about the result of the french women national team at the european nation cup, we are one of the favourite and we do a really small performance, no semi final, no final... The French Rugby team made also a really bad year with a lot of defeat. Good things: The victory of Pierre Ambroise Bosse at the 800m of London 2017, it was incredible, i win despite his previous defeat in the past. The 10th victory of Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros is also a good thing because he made an incredible carrer in tennis (and it's not over). The victory of Yohan Diniz at the 50km walk was also a good memory because he win this race so difficult. He suffer of this race in the past, he quite at Beijing 2008, was disqualified at London 2012 and finish at Rio 2016 with stomach problem and a lot of difficulties. I will finish with the victory of France in the davis cup and the handball women world championship and i am hopeful for 2018. And the next years, of course. Love sport!
  3. Difficut victory for team France versus Belgium. We did a good 4th quarter but the team was without nba players. We need a rebuild after the national retreat of Tony Parker.
  4. Hello, i came from France, near Paris. I Watch my first olympics on TV at Albertville 1992. I never miss any olympics on TV since Albertville. I follow your website since a few years and i have decided to register. For me, olympics is not a sample event, it's the event of all sports and this is why i like the olympics.
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