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  1. He isn’t but there is no way to move forward as long as he is still there.
  2. That’s basically my opinion too. One such event in a season is fine. When like half the season constitutes of “stage” world cup... it really cheapens everything.
  3. The whole “stage” world cup idea is so stupid, especially for sprint races.
  4. I actually like it, despite how ridiculous it is. More short track is always a good thing :P
  5. Is it just me or was the camera work during the relays just shockingly bad? Also why aren’t they having a mixed relay at these championships given that it’s an Olympic event now?
  6. Some shock results at the Canada 7s: beat and beat !!!!!
  7. Good thing we have wind compensation, right guys? Maybe we should have snow compensation, too.
  8. Kind of amazing to see the fall of the American women. Six years ago they where the dominant team in the world, now they are barely a footnote.
  9. Enjoy it while it lasts. The track closes in March and there is currently not enough funding for repairs, so this may be the last time.
  10. The Canadian represetative will be decided tomorrow. Team Silvernagle (representing Saskatchewan) and Homan (representing Ontario) play in the semi-finals, the winner facing Team Carey (representing Alberta) for the Canadian championship and a Worlds berth. Homan and Carey were the finalists at the 2017 Olympic trials.
  11. Hola is... sketchy. I would really encourage people here to spend the money on a reputable paid VPN service.
  12. Some of the French language articles I’ve read indicated that they used the hand timmed results for the Swiss athletes. Apparently they hand-time the races as a quality control measure and as a last resort backup.
  13. I feel really bad for the Karate and Softball athletes, but IMO Climbing, Skateboarding and Surfing were the clear top three choice to retain from 2020. They are all extremely unique compared to the current offering of summer sports, cheap to host and have a lot of potential to grow the audience. The winter Olympics have benefited greatly from the addition of non-traditional events like half-pipe, snowboardcross/skicross, slopestyle and big air precisely because it appeals beyond the “core audience” while still clearly being sports that bellong in an event like the Olympics, and I can see climbing, skateboarding and surfing fulfiling a similar role. No idea what to make of breakdancing, seems like an odd sport. But I actually think it makes more sense than some of the events the IOC has added recently (*cough* 3x3 Basketball *cough*). Squash not being added *again* is a joke.
  14. Replace breakdancing by squash and I’m very happy. Not surprised to see climbing, surfing and skateboarding are favourites to survive, I think all three are extremely likely to be included in LA too.
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