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  1. Ya, one of Australia or Samoa has to go through the repechage and either will be very hard to beat. If Canada fails to qualify the whole of Rugby Canada should be fired xD
  2. The United States, Fiji and New Zealand have qualified for the Olympics. South Africa is in the driver’s seat for the last place from the world series. They can clinch it for sure in London with at least a third place, though that depends on how well England does in the consolation bracket. Even of South Africa fails to make up any more ground this week-end they would qualify for Tokyo just by making out of the group stage next week.
  3. Ya, in hindsight South Korea naturalizing half a dozen player was a really good idea. Not only did it get them some better players but it seemed to help improve their existing players, too.
  4. Short Track Speed Skating Samuel Girard, 22, the 2018 Olympic Champion in the men’s 1000m, is retiring effective immediately because of a lack of motivation and due to being overworked by the national federation. Kasandra Bradette, a fellow 2018 Olympian and Girard’s boyfriend, is also retiring.
  5. That was way, way too close for comfort but, then again, what’s new? Switzerland always seems to play really well against Canada.
  6. Thank you Saudi Arabia for blockading Quatar, preventing them from co-hosting the World Cup to allow FIFA to expand it to 48 teams.
  7. It’s a League of Legends tournament, the Mid Season International. Featuring the champion of the Spring season of the various regional leagues. It’s a bit like a mini world championship (but obviously quite a bit less prestigious than the real thing).
  8. What a joke... Like, seriously, they are deciding 3/4 of the field *before* publishing the qualification system. 😂
  9. @hckosice do you have a link to the qualification system? I can’t find it anywhere.
  10. This live stream is an embarrassment. Stutters nonstop and the audio is way out of sync.
  11. Just went through the whole Phoenix Wright trilogy (big fan of that series and Danganronpa), so that was like 60 hours of my time. Over the last year I’ve mostly played Hitman 2, Rocket League, Steep, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XV, TT The Walking Dead, Life is Strange BTS / 2, The Council, Chrono Trigger and KOTOR. Also Smash Ultimate on Switch.
  12. Skylar Park made it to the semi-finals, winning her first world medals at 19. She has a very tough semi-final matchup against two time Olympic champion Jade Jones. Park is probably the most exciting Canadian prospect in Taekwondo ever.
  13. Almost exclusively a PC gamer.
  14. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods both said today that they will likely play in Tokyo if they qualify for the Olympics.
  15. And his wife’s cousin is the head of the Slovak golf association.
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