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  1. Most of the sports no... Triathlon and Canoe are in good force for sure. But for example the Judo federation just said that the main ones are not going because it doesn't count to Tokyo qualification and those that go are going as a training.
  2. Important 3 points for Portugal! Ronaldo and Patrício (goalkeeper!) were very important!
  3. Portuguese delegation: 233 athletes http://comiteolimpicoportugal.pt/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Tarragona2018.pdf Some sports are in good force with the best competing: Canoe, Judo, Triathlon, Swimming, Shooting, taekwondo Some are with 2nd and 3rd line athletes: cycling, table tennis, tennis, golf, Sailing... Some are a mix: Athletics is a good example... Some major major gaps: no one competing in the half marathon? where we had the women European gold and bronze in the last European championships? There are some good athletes but no real major ones, exception to Patrícia Mamona that is the European champion in Triple Jump, 6th in the Olympics, but she just comes from surgery so who knows... Best medal hypothesis in terms of sports will be by this order: Judo, Canoe, Taekwondo, Triathlon, and Shooting I think.
  4. Why the choice of K2 500 and not K2 1000 in canoe? why chosing a non-olimpic distance? And also no K2 for Women... only 5 event in canoe
  5. Portuguese delegation is going to be announced tomorrow... But from what I know Silver medalist in London (k2 1000) and triple European Champion Fernando Pimenta (K1000) will be In canoe sprint. Also 12 times European medalist and Bronze in Rio Telma Monteiro is expected to be in Judo -57. 5th placed in Rio João Pereira is also in the list for Triatlon... This are the big names known so far for the Portuguese delegation. Some more will probably be in the list.
  6. Spanish Delegation: http://www.coe.es/web/Noticias.nsf/8c53071b9bd133d2c1257a2400487c1f/7324ddee9033f38cc12582a6002b9365/$FILE/DELEGACION ESPAÑOLA JJMM TARRAGONA 2018-11-06.pdf
  7. Same number (5) of A-finals for Portugal obtained in the first day: M K4-500; M C2-1000; M K1-1000; M K1-500; W K2-500. Bad result for W K4-500 where I would expect a final A (almost there still...) , but surprising result in C2-1000 where I did not expect a final A...
  8. Team Portugal MenK1 200 Hugo Rocha K1 500 / K1 1000 / K1 5000 Fernando Pimenta K4 500 João Ribeiro / Emanuel Silva / Messias Batista / David Varela C1 200 / C1 500 Hélder Silva C2 500 Bruno Afonso / Marco Apura C2 1000 Bruno Afonso / Marco Apura C1 5000 Marco Apura Women K1 200 Francisca Laia K2 200 Teresa Portela / Joana VasconcelosK2 500 Teresa Portela / Joana Vasconcelos K4 500 Teresa Portela / Joana Vasconcelos / Francisca Laia / Márcia Aldeias
  9. I can't find the article where i read it... It was from when it was announced that Portugal has been approved... Something about Greece fearing that Portugal could be a "similar sized country" competing with them for medals... That part was like a comment from someone with some information, but the part that it was Greece that opposed (for whatever reason, was really explicit in the article).
  10. In the news here in Portugal (from when we joined) they talked that Greece opposed the Portugal entry (Portugal Olympic committe wanted to join for several years).
  11. Portugal 3 - 2 Spain in extra time. Portugal becomes the new European champion.
  12. Russia 2 - 3 Portugal Portugal is the first finalist.
  13. Portugal 8 - 1 Azerbaijan Portugal into the semi-final against Russia.
  14. First time Portugal wins a Senior medal in Track Cycling, and won 2, a silver and a gold (by 2 twin brothers), Portugal has never been represented in the Olympics in Track Cycling so maybe Tokyo 2020 will be a debut!!!
  15. Para o jogo de canções não sei se posso ajudar muito, também estive fora uns anos, agora estou em Portugal mas não ando muito a par... nem sei que estilo de musicas funcionam nesse concurso. Quanto a qualificação ainda quase nada começou. O futebol... Mas vou acompanhando os atletas do Judo nas grandes competições, bem como o Atletismo
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