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  1. This is not correct: Portugal finished 3rd (which is CRAZY) ahead of the Netherlands.
  2. Someone knows if the individual competition counts for the Olympic Ranking (individual quotas)?
  3. Portugal needs 69.176 now XD it's getting harder. Still a chance! But at least is good to see we are getting closer, if not maybe 2024.
  4. If our rider does at least 69.006 And that is without counting on Austria/Ireland having big last results xD Would be Portugal first time with a team in dressage so it would be huge.
  5. Switzerland, Finland and Luxembourg are out of the qualification
  6. Our last rider I think is the best... fingers crossed. Would be amazing to have a team back in the Olympics after so many decades...
  7. thank you! I'm always a bit lost on equestrian websites!
  8. Wow second place in 5000 meters for Portugal, her first time running the 5000 and after running the 3000m yesterday she becomes U20 european leader of the year, that is the way to start in a new distance ! XD
  9. Portugal SBs puts them (without the 4x100 and 4x400) in an average position of 5.61 for men and 5.17 for Women so I guess we can expect a 5-6th position and victories in both sexes in triple jump and in women discus
  10. Most of the sports no... Triathlon and Canoe are in good force for sure. But for example the Judo federation just said that the main ones are not going because it doesn't count to Tokyo qualification and those that go are going as a training.
  11. Important 3 points for Portugal! Ronaldo and Patrício (goalkeeper!) were very important!
  12. Portuguese delegation: 233 athletes http://comiteolimpicoportugal.pt/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Tarragona2018.pdf Some sports are in good force with the best competing: Canoe, Judo, Triathlon, Swimming, Shooting, taekwondo Some are with 2nd and 3rd line athletes: cycling, table tennis, tennis, golf, Sailing... Some are a mix: Athletics is a good example... Some major major gaps: no one competing in the half marathon? where we had the women European gold and bronze in the last European championships? There are some good athletes but no real major ones, exception to Patrícia Mamona that is the European champion in Triple Jump, 6th in the Olympics, but she just comes from surgery so who knows... Best medal hypothesis in terms of sports will be by this order: Judo, Canoe, Taekwondo, Triathlon, and Shooting I think.
  13. Why the choice of K2 500 and not K2 1000 in canoe? why chosing a non-olimpic distance? And also no K2 for Women... only 5 event in canoe
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