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  1. George Mason! @ahjfcshfghb we're not far...
  2. Just watched the Lindsey Vonn documentary on HBO quite good showcasing everything that happened in her final season.
  3. Oof makes me want a relationship
  4. The young USA gang! Also, in my first year at college rn so not as active as I wish to be, hopefully when I get more into a schedule I'll be active again
  5. Oh, Olympic qualifying quotas are too confusing for me
  6. We have qualified a Woman's archery place for the Olympics at the Pan American Games, if the mixed team wins the gold medal against Colombia we will also get a 2nd men's place.
  7. Going to uni in Germany would be a dream
  8. Really what makes you not like his personality? I think he's one of the most humble down to earth drivers on the grid
  9. Definitely Monaco for a small country, but bigger country France cause I speak French
  10. I actually am hoping people show up!
  11. Only a few more months till 2019 Pan American games! I've been working daily on my spreadsheet (will share when it's finished & posts will start back up when spreadsheet is finished only about a week of work left)
  12. Hey! After a long break I'm ACTUALLY ready to get back into posting. I'm still trying to think of how I'm going to format posts as posting every Sunday can be time consuming. The reason for the absence was lots of traveling (France & College Visits) and High School absolutely killing me (very ready for summer and college) Anyways, I'm very excited to be back here posting again I truly missed it!
  13. Thanks! I applied to Washington State University and Towson University so far but I've still got a few more places I'm applying.
  14. Whoa... I'm back! Sorry for being inactive for about 2 1/2 months I was super busy with work (seasonal job so not working anymore), college application, and school but now I've finally got enough room in my schedule to start posting again. The posts should resume soon just need to start updating my worksheets again.
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