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  1. pink13

    [OFF TOPIC] Your Trips & Holidays Thread

    Thank you for the moral support! I will not be surprised if the plan does not work, this is really big organization, but it will be wonderfull if it happens!
  2. pink13

    [OFF TOPIC] Your Trips & Holidays Thread

    Hello! This Easter I plan short trip to Hungary (Budapest) and to Prague in the Chechs' republlic. I have already reserved tickets for this holiday. I just wonder if anyone would like to see me in real and wander me and my mother to Prague's streets and Pub (or in Budapest also)? (Notice! - this is just an idea, we won't have too much free time there as we will have a guide from Bulgaria, this is organized group trip, not expected to free us in the capital cities for more then some hours). This is just an offer, but it would be nice to see someone of you in real, I will be with my mom and drink one beer during Easter...:) That is why if anyone is interested of this, contact me before Easter to have good organisation, the time of my stay there is short! If anyone is interested can write me in facebook! (Adelina Milenova is my Fb profile the picture of me is easy recognizable) ). Notice: I will not stay much in Budapest and Prague! Think of that and if anyone travells to Bulgaria, especially to the capital, contact me if you want to have an aquaintance in real and a good guide for Sofia visisting. If I am not duty on work, I really tollerate friendly hosting.
  3. pink13

    Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately our Grigor Dimitrov failed just at the beggining! This loss could happen to anyone, but it is not "suitable" for Worlds' top 5 player to act like losing from 117-th .... Such a pitty!
  4. pink13

    Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    Men tennis tournament in Dubai is beggining today after few hours! Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov is considered for favourite in the competition when Rodjer Federer (the legend) is not participating! What will happen? I wish we all watch good and interesting tennis, as this tournament is from ATP 500 and points gained are important (just like every big competition). Wish luck to all tennis-players as this tournament is going to be stormy!
  5. pink13

    Tennis Australian Open 2018

    Respect about it! But this fact is due to ex-number 3 Grigor Dimitrov! The bulgarian first tennis player is talanted, but he must be more perpetual in his wins!
  6. pink13

    Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    Bulgaria went in group "C" in Euro 2020 lot! Which ''fate'' is your country?
  7. pink13

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Interesting Quizz for the other members here: Which football superstars won't cast World Championship 2018?! (one of them is Gareth Bale)
  8. pink13

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    The national football team of Bulgaria meets France in the World qualification for 2018 games in Russia. France is concidered to be a favoutite in the match, but according to the statistics when the two countries meet at bulgarian terithory, we have advantage What will happen? France is leader in our A group and we will see ...
  9. pink13

    Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    Even more - also INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT! This World Champonship wemen under 23 years tries to return the 4 of 7 games in volleyball! This is experimental and the purpose is to be played less minutes as games are up to 7, but points wanted are not 25 but 15 .... what do you think, which system is better - the old or the "experimental'?!
  10. pink13

    Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    IMPORTANT! Do you know (because I do not find it here as thread): Now is providing World Championship wemen U(nder) 23 years old and Bulgaria is one of the three european countries casting... Today is our 3-rd win, but this time over even Cuba! I personally do consider it for real good job as Cuba is among world volleyball powers ever!
  11. Second place won in the competition in Netherlands, but Bulgaria seemed to qualify to the World Championship 2018! Super!
  12. pink13

    Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    Unfortunately, weak performance of Bulgaria at these European games! Traditionally factor in european and world volleyball, Bulgaria finished 6-th .... Congrats to Russia, which took gold for 14-th time in european games
  13. pink13

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yahoo! Bulgaria vs Sweden (group A) 3 : 2 We could't beat Sweden 50 years - since 1967! 3:2 Death penalty saved by our debut-goalkeeper Plamen Iliev! Proud and happy!
  14. pink13

    Tennis 2017 Discussion Thread

    Bulgarian top-tennis player Grigor Dimitrov is back to the top 10! Wish him even better results in the upcoming events and matches
  15. pink13

    Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    Bulgarian national volleyballers wemen succeded in Qualification to The World Championship 2018!