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Everything posted by heywoodu

  1. Well yeah, I'm sure fires will keep happening all over the world, as they have always done
  2. Don't underestimate the recent youth/junior biathlon world championships
  3. I can promise you, there is not a single universe in which I would have given this 12 points. Or any points, for that matter, unless the opposition was really not my taste (like that "everyone who eats meat is a murderer" song of a few years ago)
  4. That doesn't always work though, and is also not the definition of what makes something a satellite
  5. Dutch Athlete of the Year: Mathieu van der Poel. Voting closed 25 minutes ago.
  6. I have just never seen a finish like this in such a major race, what the hell.
  7. When people celebrate extensively, they didn't need to give everything. He did
  8. The finish could have been 20km earlier, it's not like Fuglsang has any sort of chance against Alaphilippe.
  9. Nah, just a matter of going to Teide or some other magical, high altitude (and completely remote) place and he'll be back in usual shape for the Tour
  10. If Sagan keeps this up, we might finally discover what he looks like with a regular jersey
  11. Van der Poel didn't attack for 200km, a new personal best So he attacked 45km before the finish.
  12. What a final of the Amstel Gold Race (women's race) Niewiedoma attacked on the Cauberg and managed to stay slightly ahead* of Van Vleuten in an epic final two kilometers *with some slight help from a motorbike being way too close in front of her, but still, she was simply better
  13. A good day to everyone and if you have it, enjoy the extra nice food
  14. Sri Lanka is next: at least 75 dead and hundreds injured in bombings in churches and hotels
  15. Holy crap, Jeffrey de Zwaan on the Development Tour today........ He started off with a pretty good match....followed by seven (!!) consecutive 100+ matches, most of which he averaged significantly higher Insane day
  16. Aren't 'increases endurance' and 'delays onset of fatigue' kinda the same thing? And isn't GW1516 that potentially highly dangerous drug?
  17. Jumbo-Visma's team: • Primoz Roglic • Robert Gesink • Laurens De Plus • Antwan Tolhoek • Jos van Emden • Koen Bouwman • Tom Leezer • Paul Martens As has been known for quite some time, the Giro is Roglic' GC of this year and the seven others are there to support him (and I hope Gesink can get a bit of a free role).
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