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Everything posted by heywoodu

  1. Yeah, I don't think it was Argentina's players they would have had to worry about. Anyway, the main thing was of course the torturing and murdering going on, it being close to the stadium doesn't make it worse but does add an extra dark layer to the 1978 World Cup. Final referee Sergio Gonella has ever since been seen as someone trying everything to make Argentina win, sadly the Dutch players didn't keep their heads cool and after a relatively short while started responding to the non-stop provocations from their opponents. Lesson one: don't respond to provocations Dark days, 1978 makes Qatar 2022 seem like a fun little event.
  2. That worked well enough though, those behind the campaign of lies got what they wanted (Brexit) after a gazillion discussions.
  3. I would have been surprised with Brun-Lie in it, but Lien over Erdal? Didn't really see that coming, interesting. And yeah, Birkeland is done for. There's easily five guys who could get a World Cup chance ahead of him who aren't in this list yet.
  4. No reason to do so, I believe Greece has a golden generation - at the very least medal-worthy for some time to come - with Kenteris and Thanou!
  5. Generally one might say the more a government is making it's decision based on actual scientists and experts (instead of panic, gut-feelings and so on), the better they're doing with the resources they've got. Especially when health systems in a country are not totally overloaded.
  6. What's with the hours-long copy-pasting of Wikipedia into all these threads?
  7. That is one hell of a funny ranking.
  8. Five minutes, roughly, if you're Johannes Thingnes Bø or Wierer
  9. Meanwhile, Dutch PM had some tips on how to celebrate Easter in these times: "Have a nice breakfast/lunch with the people in your household, even go for a nice walk with them - as long as you respect the distance from other people." Since for me there's nothing to specifically celebrate with Easter and it's just a day as any other - except for Monday being free - I'll probably just eat some tasty bread we for whatever reason only can buy around Easter and Christmas and that's it It's good weather though, I might indeed take up the advice and go for a walk. It is after all important to stay active and make sure you get some good fresh air, especially in these times.
  10. Like 100% objective journalism ever existed
  11. Let's hope this is some sort of weird early/late April Fool's thingy
  12. Tennis is back in full swing! Belarus Cup and the Armenian Amateur League!
  13. That's actually pretty cool Too bad they didn't go for the cross-country in Oberwiesenthal though, there were some really awesome races in there with things going every which way and back, but the ski jumping was fun too
  14. Or Khadaffi. That went well, look at the paradise Libya has become.
  15. I discovered Everspace today, interesting and fun little game
  16. Mostly this, but sadly that'd be a reason to freeze all rankings for a couple of years at least...since athletes doping now will benefit from it for a long time.
  17. Well, since one shooting training in one year with a laser rifle for a half hour is already too much to ask for in Brazil, everything else is a win I hope Nilsson can improve enough to really show what she can do, I am - if nothing else - very curious!
  18. It's not 'except that', it simply means there's a shitload of people in relationships with people they don't actually even trust
  19. Oh well, if you use an app to track your spouse, it's pretty clear what your relationship is built on...and it ain't good.
  20. I can't even....unbelievable. Someone please say this is photoshopped.
  21. Right, there is the talk about apps to trace who's close to you. North Korea is coming here too, we're joining the Party.
  22. 1200 shots per week, holy moses. It must be so awesome to compete in/for a country where that's know, possible.
  23. Because that suggests there's a word with two identical letters hidden there, but I can't think of one
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