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  1. One of the commentators on the European Athletics stream has been regularly coughing into the microphone all day long, with that incredibly disgusting cough smokers have Turn off the microphone when you feel that coming up man
  2. Jimmy Gressier won the U23 race and of course can't cross the finish line in a normal way He very much likes himself, it seems
  3. In at least one of them Valcepina was launched into the barriers 100% outside of her own fault (she would have gotten at least bronze, most likely).
  4. Jakob Ingebrigtsen competed in the U20 race at the European cross country championships this morning, that's just not fair Silver for Ayetullah Aslanhan of Turkey, ahead of Irish Efrem Gidey.
  5. Kaillie Humphries has blown away the field in her World Cup debut for the USA That is one awesome win, fuck the haters
  6. Deserved win for Joshua. Ruiz said "fucking" in his interview and the literally first thing the interviewer said when answering him was "apologies for the language" Way to go disrespecting a fighter
  7. Ruiz gets two national anthems as present, advantage of double nationality Although one can doubt whether or not that Mexican one is an advantage....dear Lord, which kind of C-singer did they pull out of some dune for that anthem?
  8. Exactly. Can't go from your 6th fight to facing Wilder or something, but he is so far taking every step and taking it in an impressive way.
  9. First podium for Marsaglia in her 182nd World Cup start?
  10. Yet another very good win for Croatian heavyweight Filip Hrgovic, this time against has-been Eric Molina who had no chance at all. Hrgovic is making his way up the ranks very nicely in only 10 fights so far.
  11. He is very welcome to come train in the Netherlands
  12. Oh, I had missed that I guess Well jeez, thanks Russian government, again
  13. Yeah......until you decide to check out some of the Russian sports news websites where the cross-country sections have a laser focus on Norway that's nothing compared to the focus in the big bad west on Russia
  14. FIS wants to kill classic anyway, the chance of skiathlon being dropped because it's half classic is bigger than there being significantly more skiathlons
  15. Yep, just like the more east you go the more people start to bitch about Norwegians. It's how it is, I prefer to not care too much about it and just like (or not) athletes. Don't like Johaug, do like Klaebo. Don't like Ustiugov, do like Bolshunov.
  16. Poor Oftebro, caught in the last 500 meters or so...thanks to the work of Ilkka Herola, who then immediately dropped from the group
  17. Bolshunov brings me excitement, so yes way Jose. No, not among a majority of people - it doesn't help that a majority of people is so nation-focussed instead of athlete-focussed.
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