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  1. Platini is arrested for corruption OMG never saw that coming!
  2. Ice hockey, but with a ball instead of a puck and on a floor instead of on the street.
  3. Yeah I'm always a bit shocked when seeing anyone (no matter their crime) in a cage in court on the news. Makes the whole thing look like it's some sort of animal in a show trial instead of something at least a little serious..
  4. I'm annoyed, all replays I see show just a terrible angle https://www.trollfootball.me/others/view/vukasin-jovanovic-serbia-u21-straight-red-card-against-austria-u21-73
  5. Since it's all confusing to me but I am curious: @thepharoah was he seen as a bad guy? Pretty sure here he was, but no idea how that was in Egypt.
  6. Now I'm seriously wondering how you pronounce beautiful
  7. Oh I have no doubt every kind of hockey, from ice to real, is incredibly tiring. Just like most sports when you play with a high enough intensity CRIVIT, I believe, surely just some brand making toys like this instead of some real sports equipment manufacturer https://www.lidl-shop.be/nl-BE/CRIVIT-Buitenspelletjes/p100256213
  8. [hide] Preliminary Round June 21st - July 2nd, 2019 24 Nations, 6 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nations from each Group and the 4 best 3rd ranked Nations from all Groups will qualify for the Round of 16 Group A Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 21st 2019, h. 22:00 Egypt 3 0 Zimbabwe June 22nd 2019, h. 16:30 Congo DR 2 1 Uganda June 26th 2019, h. 19:00 Uganda 1 2 Zimbabwe June 26th 2019, h. 22:00 Egypt 3 0 Congo DR June 30th 2019, h. 21:00 Uganda 1 3 Egypt June 30th 2019, h. 21:00 Zimbabwe 2 2 Congo DR Group B Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 22nd 2019, h. 19:00 Nigeria 4 0 Burundi June 22nd 2019, h. 21:00 Guinea 3 0 Madagascar June 26th 2019, h. 16:30 Nigeria 3 0 Guinea June 27th 2019, h. 16:30 Madagascar 1 1 Burundi June 30th 2019, h. 18:00 Madagascar 0 5 Nigeria June 30th 2019, h. 18:00 Burundi 0 2 Guinea Group C Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 23rd 2019, h. 19:00 Senegal 4 0 Tanzania June 23rd 2019, h. 22:00 Algeria 4 0 Kenya June 27th 2019, h. 19:00 Senegal 1 2 Algeria June 27th 2019, h. 22:00 Kenya 2 0 Tanzania July 1st 2019, h. 21:00 Kenya 1 2 Senegal July 1st 2019, h. 21:00 Tanzania 0 3 Algeria Group D Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 23rd 2019, h. 16:30 Morocco 5 0 Namibia June 24th 2019, h. 16:30 Cote d'Ivoire 2 2 South Africa June 28th 2019, h. 19:00 Morocco 2 0 Cote d'Ivoire June 28th 2019, h. 22:00 South Africa 3 0 Namibia July 1st 2019, h. 18:00 South Africa 0 2 Morocco July 1st 2019, h. 18:00 Namibia 0 3 Cote d'Ivoire Group E Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 24th 2019, h. 19:00 Tunisia 3 0 Angola June 24th 2019, h. 22:00 Mali 4 0 Mauritania June 28th 2019, h. 16:30 Tunisia 2 1 Mali June 29th 2019, h. 16:30 Mauritania 0 2 Angola July 2nd 2019, h. 21:00 Mauritania 0 4 Tunisia July 2nd 2019, h. 21:00 Angola 1 3 Mali Group F Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 25th 2019, h. 19:00 Cameroon 4 0 Guinea-Bissau June 25th 2019, h. 22:00 Ghana 3 0 Benin June 29th 2019, h. 19:00 Cameroon 2 2 Ghana June 29th 2019, h. 22:00 Benin 1 1 Guinea-Bissau July 2nd 2019, h. 18:00 Benin 0 3 Cameroon July 2nd 2019, h. 18:00 Guinea-Bissau 0 3 Ghana [/hide]
  9. Also, he is now the 25th man in history to hit 70 meters.
  10. It's not exactly ball hockey (or maybe it is, who knows with all these lookalikes) but I just wanted to share I got a street hockey set last week Not high quality, but I don't care: two goals, two sticks, a ball and a puck (the ball was no fun on the rather smooth stones in our garden, it just kept rolling away after one hit, the puck is much more fun). We played for half an hour and the next day my hips and legs were sore already
  11. I think the sound I'm looking for in Nübel (the ü) is sort of the same as the u in Thuram (which is not the English 'oo' like in 'Noodles' or 'kaboom')
  12. Now, I'm not a native German speaker, but as far as I understand the phonetics, most are pretty wrong Löwen being pronounced 'Lerv-un' for example, I've never heard any sort of 'r' sound in a word like 'Löwen', unless this specific name is an exception Also, Nübel pronounced as 'Nooble' sounds to me like it would have been accurate if it was Nubel instead of Nübel. Then again, I can't really recall an English word with the correct sound for the ü. Also, I might just be entirely wrong, since once again, I'm not a native speaker.
  13. What's there to feel down about? Once the first people here are settled I'll continue listening the second one
  14. I much enjoyed the friendly gesturing between the two immediately after
  15. Oh feel free to join the party.
  16. Yeah if I were you I wouldn't joke too much about someone being too young
  17. But he has little dancing chickens in his avatar, so to be fair, whatever he says is valid
  18. Yeah, I got really bad cramp in both of my calves in the last 40 meters or so, every step felt like knives being shoved in my legs. Running was in no way possible anymore, it was a kind of walking/moving (at least still on two feet ) and she more or less pulled me across the line
  19. https://results.sporthive.com/events/6545975521444646656 Bruto tijd = time from gun to finish Netto tijd = time from passing the start line to passing the finish line
  20. Just reload it later today, you lazy Pharaoh-fearer.
  21. It's not online yet, should appear here any moment: https://uitslagen.nl/evenement.html?id=2019061600978
  22. 25.7 because I've let myself go a little in the past 3-4 months My BMI was around 30 (100kg) when I started exercising on my indoor bike (a little over two years ago) and dropped down to 23.5 (78kg). The effect on running is big, I simply feel how running is so much easier when you carry 15-20kg less with you with every single step.
  23. We ran together all the way, GPS was wrong Well, we ran until around 19.5 when cramp started to kick in for me and it was a matter of walking/running/walking/running towards the finish for if I'm not mistaken a 2:04.38 finish.
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