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  1. Plus they had already said they'd protest if Mercedes would use it in a race weekend, so all they did was keep their word. Nothing wrong with protesting it, especially after the whole Ferrari thing of last year.
  2. He's not entirely the only one
  3. Another possibility is extending this 'mark forum read' option: To one or even two levels higher, so you can just click "Mark forum read" for example here (or in the summer or winter sports section as a whole):
  4. And as expected, protest against Mercedes' DAS. Meanwhile, 89-year old Bernie Ecclestone has had a baby this week, his first son. Good chance the poor kid won't even ever really know his dad. Ecclestone doesn't seem to care though: "When you're at my age, you're not afraid of death, you're just thankful", he said rather egotistically.
  5. Is there any way to differentiate between discussion and results threads? This is incredibly confusing: "....topic in Non-Olympic Sports", but both Non-Olympic Sports are two different things. I'm simply trying to look for the F1 discussion thread but it's buried..
  6. That was already long gone on day one or two when groups started rampaging through cities instead of protesting But yeah, it hasn't helped.
  7. Dude jerked himself a broken dick and now wants 25 million dollars from Twitch. Right.
  8. Here's a toast to ruthless dictators!
  9. The Brazilian federation finally made their requirements to qualify for Beijing known. It's incredibly unfair and basically every single promising rule or requirement they had been talking about in the past year (to finally make it more fair) has been turned around into something incredibly unfair. Even the requirement of athletes having to compete against each other at least once, as had been promised more than once, has disappeared. It's a little sickening how obvious they are being in what they want. I guess even more and harder training is going to be needed to try and negate the injustice.
  10. Pretty awesome how Dark managed to create a feeling where most viewers are like "wtf is going on, I thought I'd understand but after another episode I just understand it less!" yet still want to press "Next episode" immediately
  11. Not denying that, but I always find it funny when people only look at the most prolific goalscorers when it's about who is the best player ever No, those are (more or less) the most famous players ever, not necessarily the best (defenders won't be nearly as famous as prolific goalscorers, with a few exceptions of course, yet there is no doubt you'd also have to include quite a lot of defenders when discussing the best players ever)
  12. Not to be nitpicking, but F2 is not a world championship. There are only four FIA world championships (F1, rally, rallycross and endurance, with Formula E joining it as the 5th one next season). Also, does this mean there'll be a thread for every single F2 and F3 weekend (which is during F1 weekends)?
  13. Damn, I had completely missed the death of Piet van der Kruk The last Dutch Olympic weightlifter (no, I'm not counting Youth Olympics here) and until 2016 the Dutch weightlifting commentator for Eurosport. I always had mixed feelings about that: technically he was very good and absolutely knew what he was talking about, but he didn't know the all. Like, basic facts about them. For a total non-weightlifting country though, he was good as a commentator.
  14. The national team coach Jeroen Otter today said there has been not a single sign of recovery and Van Ruijven is very much fighting for her life. She is in an artificial coma and that's not expected to change (at least in a positive way) any time soon. Apparently she got struck by some sort of auto-immune disorder, leading to severe complications including internal bleedings. A second surgery has already been done but didn't lead to any positive change. It's pretty clear: this is very much going in the wrong direction.
  15. I can't wait for people to go and say "Ok so these are the best footballers ever!" because they made the most goals
  16. The Dutch federation has decided to go back to having two 500m 'heats' in national competitions, the only fair way to have a 500m competition.
  17. Well if Evenepoel is going, the rest can just stay at home because there's nothing to ride for anymore
  18. Well duh. Of course 1500 firemen will keep your city safer than 1 police officer, but also 1500 police officers will keep your city safer than a single fireman.
  19. The silver was awesome for the real Silberpfeilen of long, long, long ago (as in, pre-WW2), current cars just look too complicated with too many details and such for that to still be cool.
  20. I know but I was balancing doing actual work with posting on a forum so there was a bit of a brainfart there
  21. Lara van Ruijven, last year's 500m world champion, has been hospitalized in France during a training camp. She is apparently seriously ill and is reported to be in a stable but critical condition.
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