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  1. With these condition, on the rocks in the downhill, it will not make the error of placement in trajectory. Otherwise the sanction will be harsh...
  2. Memory for the current ranking of the World Cup Cross Country
  3. Actualy It rains as dog and cat, in what condition will be the ground for the cross country man in 2 hours?
  4. They are ready to start, not too much wind but enough for sailing. Start in 15 mn
  5. The rule starboard tack, applies to sea and the French swimmer had priority. She was sent in the buoy by the Italian swimmer before the key. Strange decision except if something happen out of the tv video??
  6. It seems incredible according to the Video, it is the Italian swimmer who made an obstruction on the French swimmer and not the reverse
  7. Hello to all, I am back after a long absence. And I can see the excellent work of Sindo done since 2011. Congratulations...
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