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  1. Congrats Devendra !!! Paralympians They are real motivators .. If you are feeing sad and worried for something .. Just go to You tube search for RIO 2016 Paralympics.. Then You can achieve anything in this world
  2. Does it mean that Sania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna pair from Tennis and Dipa Karmakar from Gymnast will be awarded Bronze ? Just Curious .. Who will prove that they have take drugs..
  3. Hope thing will look bright for Algeria from now onwards..
  4. Nice.. that I got reply from @MHSN and you at Same time... Now I understood your pain on Taekwondo. Am I missed something.. Yesterday WIKI link doesn't reflect your Wrestling gold .. .. Happy for your guys.. Yes its big disappointment for too in Wrestling .. After Narasingh mess....Yogeshwar lost in first round and Amit Kumar met with Injury before Qualification.. Men's Wrestling given big pain to us. Atleast happy that we got medal from Sakshi Malik in Women's freestyle wrestling after our medal hope in Women's team Vinesh exit in second round due to Injury.. But biggest disappointment is in Shooting for us where we send 14 people .. but return with empty handed... 2008 Gold medalist Abhinav finished 4th .. Consistent player Jitu Rai fails to qualify to finals in his pet event.. lot many stories .. But unfortunately every one in 14 member team has potential to win medal Hope our federation will put the things right and focus for Tokyo 2020....Seriously we have good young talents in Archery, Badminton, Shooting, Boxing and Wrestling, Mens Hockey .. Yes ofcourse ... we rarely play other sports other than Cricket
  5. Good to hear.. Happy for Colombia ..
  6. Past 3 Olympics.. Iran end us with only one medal in Taekwondo.. but No gold at Wrestling is bit disappointment .. Actually I follow more closely IRAN in Olympics and Asian games after India.. You lifter Kianoush Rostami is awesome.. I saw the match during Olympics.. Between I read the story of your flag bearer .. Mind Blowing ..
  7. OMG.. I Crossed Verified in WIKI on results .. Sad to see so many 4th and 5th.. its very painful if you
  8. Looks like its best ever finish by Colombia in Olympics.. Right with 3 Individual Gold from Same Olympics and first time ever.. And placed 2nd in South America after Brazil in Medal Table.. Great show guys.. I am great fan of James Rodríguez
  9. Just One question on Boxing .. Is India is only country which complaints about AIBA or many other countries complain on it.. Actually in This forum in other threads many of them don't want boxing to be there at Olympics, as scores are manipulated. Is there any official complain on AIBA at CAS by any country. Can someone help me in understanding?
  10. My Opinion: Below are the reason to Add/Remove Reasons to be removed: 1. Any Sports where judges are Corrupt - Boxing is best example 2. Any Sports where More money is there to Control Olympics - Mens football - U23 - SERIOUSLY , Then Why Youth Olympics is there 3. Any Sports which are not popular in More than 3 Continents - Eg. Canoeing Slalom, Modern pentathlon etc... 4. No need of too many Combat Sports 5. Sports with too many medals - Eg Swimming .. What we are trying to prove with too many event .. Reason to be Added: 1. Add Squash - Well formatted sports 2. Add more team sports - Enjoyable to watch - Gets more sponsor for Olympics - Eg. Kabadi (One Popular in India, Iran, Even in US too) , Sepaktakraw - Popular in South east Asia 3. Add mixed team events as much as possible - So we will get real meaning of Olympics .. No discrimination in Ethnic, gender, race, religion, language.... Best example is Mixed Team at Archery & Gymnastics etc
  11. Diversity ???? .... All these Countries are colonies of UK Earlier .. But believe me .. Same thing going to happen like foot ball at Olympics .. Because all important teams like Australia , SA or India will ask important players to take rest and send remaining to Olympics .. and it will be no meaning to have this Sport after that in Olympics .. Real example is last Asian Games.. India didn't event send its team My personal Opinion the Sports with lot of money no need to be there at Olympics.. the many other games that can represent there ..
  12. I am not fan of Cricket/Baseball to be added to Olympics as it doesn't add diversity .. But Squash and Karate is good sport to be added
  13. Feedback.. .. Just one word .. Simply Awesome.. Just let me know are you a Sports Journalist ...Because I have referred so many news website nothing is so elaborate like this about Olympics. Thanks a lot
  14. Sir Analysis on Wrestling and Weightlifting & Judo too is pending...
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