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  1. 3 new adverse analytical findings for Colombia (including Leydi Solis) - so there will be no Colombia weightlifters in Tokyo? They’ve got some huge medal chances eg. in -81 men.
  2. Thank you, this ranking is such unclear that not easy to understand well. I've forgotten Likharad though saw it last week. Can we find somewhere the Fajr Cup results? Last year it was not easy, as i remember
  3. Still ARM and BLR have got juste one quota place, in teh overall ranking there are other compatriots with the the better ranking places - LIKHARAD Vadzim BLR in the -73 and MINASYAN Gor ARM in +109. For me is not clear if the country CAN choose who will go to Tokyo or the better one fro, the overall ranking will participate? It will be really confused if every country choose et the same time.
  4. Thank you for your great reponse !
  5. Hi, one question about iranian squad - do you know why in the 109 weight is still Mousavijarahi better then Hashemi in the current ranking? His best is ridiculous with just 368 kg? I am not sure welle understand the choice of the competitor by the country but my simulation in this body weight is 1. RUS Naniev 2. LAT Plasnieks 3. IRI Mousavijarahi 4. KOR Jin 5. VEN Gonzalez Barrios 6. UKR Zaitsev 7. POL Michalski 8. TKM Ovezov What do you think about this?
  6. Sporting Rivalries and Medals (26) 1- Medals will be awarded to more nations than at the 2012 Summer Games - with at least 86. [YES/9] 2- The best-placed European NOC in the overall 2016 Summer Olympics medal table will be Russia. [NO - 10] 3- Brazil will achieve their best ever placement in the overall 2016 Summer Games medal table, finishing within the top 14. [YES- 2] 4- Finland will fail to win a medal for the first time in history. [NO - 2] 5- At least 4 countries will win their first olympic medal. [YES - 1] 6- Rio 2016 will be India's best ever performance in overall medals won (7 or more). [YES - 5] 7- Denmark will be placed higher than any other nordic country in the medal table (Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden). [YES - 4] 8- Netherlands will win more silver medals than any other color. [YES - 1] 9- Maghreb countries (ALG, TUN, MAR, MTN, LBA) will win at least 5 medals total. [YES - 3] 10- Japan will finish ahead of South Korea in the medal table. [YES - 8] 11- Azerbaijan will finish ahead of Turkey in the medal table. [YES - 2] 12- Ethiopia will finish ahead of Kenya in the medal table. [NO - 3] 13- Cuba will finish ahead of Jamaica in the medal table. [YES - 4] 14- Germany will finish ahead of France in the medal table. [YES - 5] 15- Serbia will finish ahead of Croatia in the medal table. [YES - 4] 16- The youngest medalist at the 2016 Summer Olympics will be younger than 16 years. [NO - 3] 17- Spain will win more than one medal in all team sports combined. [NO - 3] 18- Iran will achieve their first medal won by a woman. [YES - 6] 19- At least 15 different american nations will win medals. [NO - 3] 20- At least two nations that last won a medal in Atlanta 1996 or before, will medal again in Rio 2016. [NO - 1] 21- There will be at least one nation who will win 8 medals or more, but won't win a gold medal. [NO - 3] 22- Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and Singapore will all win a medal. [YES- 4] 23- Like in London 2012, more silver medals than gold medals will be awarded. [NO - 3] 24- The top 5 in the overall medal table will change its order on the very final day of the 2016 Summer Olympics. [YES - 4] 25- Argentina will win at least one gold medal in Rio 2016. [YES - 4] 26- Lithuania alone will win more medals than Estonia and Latvia together. [YES - 5] Aquatics - Diving (2) 27- China will win all four Synchronised Diving events. [YES - 2] 28- Canada will medal in all four Women's events. [NO - 1] Aquatics - Swimming (9) 29- Australian athletes take at least 2 golds out of the following 4 events: Women's 50m FS, Women's 100m FS, Men's 50m FS, Men's 100m FS. [NO - 3] 30- A nation will win 2 or more medals in Marathon Swimming. [YES - 2] 31- A nation will medal in all six relays. [NO - 3] 32- Great Britain will finish in the top 5 of the pool events' medal table. [YES - 3] 33- There will be at least one false start in an individual final. [YES - 4] 34- Either Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) or Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) will defend his/her olympic title in 100m Breaststroke. [YES - 4] 35- A gap of one second or more between the gold and silver medal winners will be clocked in 3 or more individual finals, ranging from 50m to 200m events. [NO - 1] 36- At least 5 world records will be broken in Rio 2016. [YES - 6] 37- At least 3 of the following 5 NOCs will win a medal: Bahamas, Egypt, Iceland, Jamaica, Singapore. [NO - 3] Aquatics - Synchronized Swimming (1) 38- At least 4 different nations will finish the Synchronised Swimming competitions with any medal. [YES - 3] Aquatics - Water Polo (2) 39- The men's final will be played by two ex-yugoslav nations (CRO, MNE, SRB). [NO - 3] 40- In the knockout stage, any 4th placed team from the group stage will upset a group winner and qualify for the semifinal. [NO - 2] Archery (2) 41- At least one top 8 seed in Women's or Men's Individual Archery will suffer an early exit in the Round of 64. [YES - 2] 42- South Korea will win all the gold medals in Archery. [NO - 3] Athletics (12) 43- Usain Bolt (JAM) will repeat a gold medal treble once again. [NO - 5] 44- There will be at least one sweep of medals, athletes from one country taking gold, silver and bronze. [YES- 5] 45- At least 5 olympic records will be broken. [NO - 2] 46- At least two teams will be disqualified in the 4x100 finals (men and women combined). [YES - 5] 47- The Women's and Men's Olympic champion in High Jump will have cleared a height of at least 4.40m combined. [NO - 6] 48- All medals in both marathon events will be won by African nations. [YES - 2] 49- Poland will achieve a double gold in Hammer throw events. [YES- 10] 50- A non-european athlete will win gold in either Men's or Women's Javelin Throw. [NO - 8] 51- A former olympic champion, who is not currently a defending one, will become champion again in Rio 2016 (not counting relay events). [NO - 1] 52- The whole final in the Men's 400m comprises of athletes representing nations including red in their flag. [NO - 3] 53- The leader after the first five events in the Men's Decathlon will finish outside the top 3 on the following day. [NO - 1] 54- The gold medalist in Men's Discus Throw will throw 70.00m or more. [NO - 8] Badminton (2) 55- At least one set in any event will end with a score of 30-28 or higher. [YES - 2] 56- A non-asian country will win a gold medal. [YES - 3] Basketball (2) 57- The United States will win the gold medal in Women's as well as in Men's Basketball. [YES - 3] 58- The Men's final will end by a margin of at least 20 points. [YES - 1] Boxing (2) 59- Both Nicola Adams (GBR) and Katie Taylor (IRL) will return home with a medal. [NO - 1] 60- The whole Boxing program will result in at least 8 bouts decided before the end of the 3 reglamentary rounds. [NO - 1] Canoeing - Slalom (2) 61- At least one country will win 3 or more medals between all events. [NO - 2] 62- Two or more nations will be represented in all four slalom canoeing finals. [NO - 4] Canoeing - Sprint (2) 63- At least one athlete starting from an outer lane (1 or 8) will win a medal. [YES- 1] 64- Isaquias Queiroz (BRA) will delight the home crowd with either one gold medal or at least two medals of any colour. [NO - 1] Cycling - BMX (2) 65- There will be a crash (between two or more riders) in either the Men's or Women's Final. [YES - 2] 66- Australia will win at least one gold medal. [NO - 1] Cycling - Mountain Bike (2) 67- Nino Schurter (SUI) will complete his set of medals with a gold medal from Rio 2016, after previously winning bronze in 2008 and silver in 2012. [NO - 1] 68- Mauritius', Rwanda's or Lesotho's male rider(s) will finish ahead of at least one athlete coming from a nation represented by 3 riders (SUI, FRA, ESP, CZE, ITA). [NO - 1] Cycling - Road (2) 69- A group finish with at least 20 riders clocking the same time will decide the medals in Men's Road Race. [NO - 2] 70- Less than half the riders will finish in the Women's or Men's Road Race. [YES - 3] Cycling - Track (3) 71- Australia will win a gold medal in both Team Pursuit events. [NO - 2] 72- The world record in the Men's Team Pursuit will be broken. [YES- 1] 73- The winner of either the Men's or Women's Omnium will win at least 3 of the 6 events. [YES- 2] Equestrian (2) 74- At least 15 athletes will be eliminated or will retire during the cross-country stage of Eventing competition. [YES - 1] 75- Germany will win more medals than the Netherlands. [YES - 1] Fencing (2) 76- At least 2 countries will win at least 3 gold medals. [YES - 2] 77- There will be an overtime period in the Women's or Men's Individual Épée final. [NO - 1] Field Hockey (2) 78- India's Men will end their medal drought since 1980 with any medal won in Rio. [YES- 1] 79- The Women's Tournament will have medalists from three different continents. [YES - 1] Football (3) 80- At least 4 Football matches will be decided in a penalty shoot-out. [NO - 1] 81- Brazil will win their first Men's Olympic Football title. [NO - 2] 82- At least 8 red cards will be awarded in the Men's Tournament. [YES - 5] Golf (2) 83- The eventual winner in the Men's Tournament won't be placed among the top 5 after the first day of competition. [NO - 1] 84- USA will win a medal in both the Men's and Women's Tournaments. [YES - 1] Gymnastics - Artistic (3) 85- Romania will fail to win a medal in Artistic Gymnastics. [NO - 1] 86- Simone Biles will win at least four total medals. [YES - 2] 87- At least one finalist in both Men's Horizontal Bar and Men's Pommel Horse will fall during their routines. [NO - 1] Gymnastics - Rhythmic (1) 88- Both gold and silver medals will be won by ex-USSR countries. [NO -1] Gymnastics - Trampoline (1) 89- China will win the gold medal in both Trampoline events. [NO - 2] Handball (2) 90- A non-european nation will win a medal (Men's or Women's). [YES- 3] 91- At least twice we will see at least 40 goals scored in the Men's Tournament. [YES - 3] Judo (2) 92- Teddy Riner (FRA) will be beaten. [NO - 3] 93- A nation will win it's first Judo Gold Medal. [YES - 10] Modern Pentathlon (2) 94- In either the Men's or Women's event, the athlete starting first in the Combined stage will win the gold medal. [YES- 1] 95- A non-european athlete in either the Women's or Men's Competition will win a medal. [YES - 1] Rowing (3) 96- Ekaterina Karsten (BLR) will reach her 6th Olympic final in Women's Single Sculls. [NO - 1] 97- More countries will win medals in Rowing compared to London 2012 (18 countries). [NO - 1] 98- Athletes from all 5 continents will win a medal. [YES - 1] Rugby Sevens (2) 99- All the medals in the Men's Tournament will be won by nations from Oceania. [YES - 3] 100- At least one match on the Women's side will end in a tie. [YES - 4] Sailing (2) 101- At least one boat will be guaranteed the gold medal before the final Medal Race. [YES - 8] 102- Brazilian Robert Scheidt will win his 6th consecutive olympic medal. [YES - 4] Shooting (3) 103- All 15 events will see at least one medal winner from an Asian country. [NO - 4] 104- There will be at least one new world record set in any event. [NO - 3] 105- At least one shooter will repeat their gold medal success from the 2012 Summer Games. [YES - 2] Table Tennis (2) 106- Chinese athletes will take all 4 gold medals. [YES - 3] 107- The Women's Team final will result in a 3-0 score. [NO - 3] Taekwondo (2) 108- At least one medalist athlete in this sport will be winning at the same time the first ever olympic medal for his/her country. [YES - 6] 109- At least one of the four invited athletes (Boui CAF, Ferrera HON, Louissant HAI, Rawal NEP) will advance into the quarterfinals. [YES- 2] Tennis (2) 110- Serena Williams will fail to win a gold medal (in all events). [NO - 8] 111- An unseeded player in the women's or men's singles competition will go as high reaching at least the semifinals. [YES - 6] Triathlon (2) 112- The Brownlee brothers will celebrate together on the podium. [YES - 1] 113- The eventual winners of both the Men's and Women's Races will not be among top 5 placed after the swimming and cycling stages. [YES - 1] Volleyball - Indoor (2) 114- No medal matches in either the Women's or the Men's Tournament will end with a 3-0 score. [NO - 8] 115- An african team will win a group stage match for the first time in history (either Men's or Women's). [NO - 6] Volleyball - Beach (2) 116- There will be an all-Brazilian final in Men's or Women's Beach Volleyball. [YES - 8] Weightlifting (2) 117- At least one leader after the Snatch part will have three invalid lifts in the Clean & Jerk. [YES- 5] 118- A medal will be won by an athlete starting from Group B. [NO - 5] Wrestling (2) 119- At least one gold medal match will end by a fall. [YES - 4] 120- Russia will win more Freestyle gold medals than Japan. [NO - 5]
  7. [hide] Event and Date Gold Medal Winner Silver Medal Winner Bronze Medal Winner Athletes CANOE SLALOM Men's C1 Day 4, August 9th, 2016 Benjamin Savsek Ander Elosegi Denis Gargaud-Chanut Vitezslav Gebas Denis Gargaud-Chanut Sideris Tasiadis David Florence Takuya Haneda Aleksander Lipatov Matej Benus Benjamin Savsek Ander Elosegi Any Other ROWING Men's Quadruple Sculls Day 5, August 10th, 2016 Great Britain Germany Poland Australia Canada Estonia Great Britain Germany Lithuania Poland Switzerland Any Other ROWING Men's Lightweight Four Day 6, August 11th, 2016 New Zealand Germany France China Denmark France Great Britain Germany Netherlands New Zealand Switzerland Any Other ROWING Women's Double Sculls Day 6, August 11th, 2016 Germany Poland Lithuania Australia Belarus France Germany Greece Lithuania New Zealand Poland Any Other CANOE SLALOM Women's K1 Day 6, August 11th, 2016 Jessica Fox Katerina Kudejova Jana Dukatova Jessica Fox Corinna Kuhnle Ana Satila Katerina Kudejova Marie-Zelia Lafont Melanie Pfeifer Fiona Pennie Jana Dukatova Maialen Chourraut Any Other ROWING Women's Pair Day 7, August 12th, 2016 New Zealand Great Britain Denmark Denmark Great Britain Germany Italy New Zealand Romania South Africa United States Any Other ROWING Women's Single Sculls Day 8, August 13th, 2016 Jeannine GMELIN Emma TWIG Ekaterina KARSTEN Kim BRENNAN Magdalena LOBNING Ekaterina KARSTEN Carling ZEEMAN Jingli DUAN Miroslava KNAPKOVA Emma TWIG Jeannine GMELIN Genevra STONE Any Other ROWING Men's Eight Day 8, August 13th, 2016 Germany United States Poland Great Britain Germany Italy Netherlands New Zealand Poland United States CANOE SPRINT Men's K1-1000m Day 11, August 16th, 2016 Max Hoff Bálint Kopasz Daniel Bowker Daniel Bowker Artuur Peters Miroslav Kirchev Adam Joseph van Koeverden Josef Dostál René Holten Poulsen Max Hoff Bálint Kopasz Fernando Pimenta Roman Anoshkin Dejan Pajić Peter Gelle Dejan Pajić Any Other CANOE SPRINT Women's K2-500m Day 11, August 16th, 2016 Australia Poland Belarus Australia Belarus China Denmark Germany Great Britain Hungary Poland Russia Serbia Any Other CANOE SPRINT Men's C1-200m Day 13, August 18th, 2016 Yuriy Cheban Jonatán Hajdu Henrikas Žustautas Valentin Demyanenko Isaquias Queiroz Li Qiang Zaza Nadiradze Jonatán Hajdu Henrikas Žustautas Silva Helder Andrey Kraitor Alfonso Benavides Yuriy Cheban Any Other CANOE SPRINT Women's K1-500m Day 13, August 18th, 2016 Lisa Carrington Danuta Kozák Inna Osypenko-Radomska Inna Osypenko-Radomska Émilie Fournel Zhou Yu Conny Waßmuth Rachel Cawthorn Danuta Kozák Lisa Carrington Ewelina Wojnarowska Teresa Portela Dalma Ružičić-Benedek Špela Ponomarenko Bridgitte Hartley Any Other TRIATHLON Men's Individual Day 13, August 18th, 2016 Alistair Brownlee Mario Mola Jonathan Brownlee Aaron Royle Ryan Bailie Pierre Le Corre Vincent Luis Alistair Brownlee Jonathan Brownlee Crisanto Grajales Kristian Blummenfelt Joao Pereira Joao Silva Richard Murray Fernando Alarza Mario Mola Any Other MODERN PENTATHLON Women's Individual Day 14, August 19th, 2016 Laura ASADAUSKAITE Lena SCHONEBORN Elodie CLOUVEL Yane MARQUES Qian CHEN Elodie CLOUVEL Annika SCHLEU Lena SCHONEBORN Zsofia FOLDHAZI Claudia CESARINI Laura ASADAUSKAITE Oktawia NOWACKA Any Other CANOE SPRINT Women's K4-500m Day 15, August 20th, 2016 Hungary New Zealand Poland Argentina Canada China Denamrk France Germany Great Britain Hungary New Zealand Poland Serbia Ukraine CANOE SPRINT Men's K4-1000m Day 15, August 20th, 2016 Germany Hungary Australia Argentina Australia Czech Republic Germany Hungary Kazakshtan Portugal Russia Serbia Slovakia Spain TRIATHLON Women's Individual Day 15, August 20th, 2016 Nicola Spirig Sarah True Helen Jenkins Ashleigh Gentle Flora Duffy Vicky Holland Helen Jenkins Non Stanford Ai Ueda Andrea Hewitt Rachel Klamer Nicola Spirig Gwen Jorgensen Sarah True Katie Zaferes Any Other MODERN PENTATHLON Men's Individual Day 15, August 20th, 2016 Adam MAROSI Valentin PRADES Omar EL GEZIRY Amro EL GEZIRY Omar EL GEZIRY Valentin BELAUD Valentin PRADES James COOKE Adam MAROSI Pierpaolo PETRONI Jinhwa JUNG Justinas KINDERIS Any Other [/hide]
  8. Menaldo ? Aucune chance, quant Lavillenie est moins sûr qu'on aurait pu penser (mais selon moi c'est lui qui gagnera ) les autres perchistes gardent le bon niveau avec Kendrics, Barber et pourquoi pas Da Silva chez lui? Pour les autres: je pense que le bronze de Jimmy Vicaut est plus probable que celui de PML. Et Diniz pour la troisième médaille. C'est dommage pour Tavernier - l'année dernière en Pologne on la voyait comme la grande concurrente d'Anita Włodarczyk pour les JO. Mais à la place d'une progression c'est une catastrophe
  9. Ca doit être le routeur de mon travail qui bloque car à la maison ça marchait comme il faut. Tant pis, pendant deux nuits je serai dépendant du France 2/3 et de Nelson... Vous pensez que la France gagnera combien des médailles? Comme indiqué Infostrada - 47 ou un peu moins. Moi j'ai peur il y aura quelques mauvaise surprise comme PFP, et double masculin en tennis. Ils sont d'ailleurs très optimistes pour le taekwondo et l'escrime, à mon avis.
  10. What about the draw? Someone will replace him, or MEX/IRQ will win by WO in the second round?
  11. Bonjour, est-ce que l'appli du francetv marche bien chez vous? Moi je ne peux pas regarder car j'ai le geoblockage qui s'active (et je suis bien en France ) Et avec le 3G chez moi je ne peux espérer rien.... Merci pour vos expériences, peut être c'est juste le réglage du wi-fi qui déconne...
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