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  1. really great to have her back again after a long injury
  2. http://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019/news/harden-eager-for-return-to-usa-squad-at-world-cup-in-china?fbclid=IwAR2PhO65wj-QxQprqtIaitVfH479mJHhmiw2i5jiiE0Qk2uwr0FDreb7ZnQ It looks like we'll have 2018 and soon 2019 maybe NBA MVP James Harden in the next WC
  3. Zillion mistakes on Roger's backhand today
  4. Andreeescu 1st WC player to win Indian Wells
  5. she lost 3 points on serve Federer vs. delpotro who
  6. Fans are cheering during points
  7. it's a pity yes that we're going to miss one team of Australia , Canada and Lithuania , but for sorry this's the draw , i think we should also wait for final rosters of each team , many things can change based on how many NBA players each country could bring
  8. let's make some predictions :_ A: China and Poland B: Argentina and Russia C: Spain and Puerto Rico D: Serbia and Italy E: USA and Turkey F: Greece and NZ G: France and Germany H: Lithuania and Canada very very tough groups for Australia and NZ , F and H are simply the toughest overall
  9. they'll go for Heaven not hell inshaaallah
  10. OMG how crazy and psycho could this man to be as he's filming himself while killing some innocent people while praying ! May Allah mercy their souls
  11. He made a live video while killing people ?
  12. People would love to see Ronaldo facing messi than watching Guardiola with his previous team
  13. Messi - Ronaldo Saga , but ofc City isn't anyhow more popular than Juventus whether locally or globally
  14. Very balanced draw and Juventus and Barca are separated until final like expected
  15. https://www.abudhabi2019.org/ Link for the official site
  16. yesterday was the opening ceremony of world Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi , the Games starts today
  17. Slavia Praha they just defeated Sevilla 4-3 ( 6-5 on aggregate ) and qualified to quarters , i guess it'd be a big night there
  18. I think their only only realistic chance is being drawn against each other , but i still see a chance for Ajax if they face Tottenham , btw the last has bought some valuable talents from Ajax through the past years
  19. early predictions for quarters :- 1, Juventus vs. Porto 2. Liverpool vs. Man UTD 3. Barca vs. Man City 4. Ajax vs. Tottenham
  20. Kohlschreiber has just defeated Novak in 2 sets
  21. WOW ! KSA has just won gold of men's -89 kg total , our previous coach Khaled Korany is doing some great work there , the same guy won bronze in the last YOG
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