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  1. I just wanna say a big to everyone, not a newbie but usually around when it's Olympics time. :P
  2. Nice surprise again, oh God, if only we would win in the SF too...
  3. What happened to ? on the other hand, wow, that's quite an improvement
  4. Quite surprising for me but truly amazing performance from Very well done!
  5. There are serious problems in our men's kayak team... not expected golds but definitely not such poor performances. Waterpolo... one of the most heartbreaking thing is that lost bronze medal... for the 3rd time in a row. That's cruel from life but girls did not deserved it based on the last 2 minutes...
  6. Thanks, I also congratulate to you for that 50 km walk win. This, thank you. Perfect summary on my feelings about these Games. 8 golds (fabulously consistent) but missing some other "surprises" that occured every other olympics. 7 out of 8 golds are won by females with the only exception Áron Szilágyi. That's weak boys... very weak.
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