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  1. Moldova Team Wrestling: (12) Alexandru Chirtoacă Andrei Prepeliță Denis Balaur Nicolai Ceban Samhan Jabrailov Viorel Burduja Victor Ciobanu Igor Beșleaga Anastasia Nichita Mariana Cherdivară-Eșanu Iulia Leorda Emilia Cîrîcu-Budeanu Boxing: (10) Victor Vacula Dorin Bucșa Dmitri Galagoț Vasilii Belous Victor Carapcevschii Andrei Chiriacov Andrei Zatușevschii Alexei Zavatin Nicolae Bunescu Cristina Cravcenco Sambo: (7) Sergiu Oșlobanu Denis Tachii Paulina Eșanu Mariana Donos Sabina Artemciuc Natalia Budeanu Victoria Bolohan Judo: (5) Denis Vieru Vadim Bunescu Victor Sterpu Ion Nacu Nicon Zaboroșciuc Kaiac-Canoe: (5) Oleg Tarnovschi Oleg Nuța Ilie Oprea Daniela Cociu Maria Olăraș Cycling: (5) Vladislav Kotoras Cristian Railean Veaceslav Rusnac Andrei Vrabii Arman Garibean Archery: (2) Dan Olaru Alexandra Mîrca Badminton: (2) Cristian Savin Vlada Gînga Table Tennis: (1) Andrei Puțuntică Shooting: (1) Andrei Alferin https://olympic.md/50-de-sportivi-vor-concura-pentru-moldova-la-je-minsk-2019/
  2. In few minutes the AtletiCAGenève 2019 begining. I hope in this athletics will se new quotas According to live video AtletiCAGenève 2019 not finished because begining bad rain.
  3. So have another athlete qualified at the Olimpics
  4. Elle Purrier 15:08.61 in 5000 m qualified at the olympics
  5. I will see wath results will be at the National Championships in Chisinau 22-23 June
  6. Adrian Mardare qualified for Olympics 80.05 in Javelin Throw
  7. 2nd athlete after Lidia Fisikowici. Thanks for info.
  8. At the Irena Szewinska Memorial: Wojciech Nowicki 80.26 Justyna Święty-Ersetic 51.30
  9. Verena Prenier from 6472 points at the Meeting Arona
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