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  1. 2020 African cross-country championships 2020 Arab u20 Athletics championships
  2. Moldova suspends all schools, universities and colleges for two weeks in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
  3. Moldova stopped the National Division and Division A in Football. New dates: 04.04.2020 for ND, 10.04.2020 for Division A
  4. Adriana Vilagoš 68.76 in women's Javelin Throw
  5. On the Asian Facebook Box page only the shedule is published in the this moment. I asked about draws but not aswered.
  6. Canadian rider Katharine Morel and her horse died Saturday after an accident at a competition in Florida, Equestrian Canada said.
  7. Mostafa Amr Hassan The Egyptian federation reports that Mostafa Amr Hassan achieved a throw of 21.11m, 1cm better than the Olympic standard. He thus becomes the second African athlete to qualify for Tokyo 2020 after Chukwuebuka Enekwechi of Nigeria.
  8. Were i can find results for FLORIDA SWIMMING OT QUALIFIER 2020
  9. Mykhaylo Kokhan 77.62 in Hammer Throw National Championships Throw 14.04.2020
  10. Mykhaylo Kokhan 77.62 in Hammer Throw National Championships Throw 14.04.2020
  11. In Moldova a new competition is founded: Federation Cup (Cupa Federației) with all teams who will play in National Division in 2020 (divided in 2 groups with 5 teams per group)
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