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  1. Sports Lover

    Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    .Finally a medal for Fak under flag.
  2. Sports Lover

    Luge at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yeah, yeah silver for Canada. BUT BRONZE FOR AUSTRIA
  3. Sports Lover

    Luge at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    That was pretty interesting relay. Loved it.
  4. Oh yeah how could I forgot about him .
  5. What's that with track track? Never seen so much falls especially with the group where 1st was the and the last .
  6. The mix doubles are pretty interesting. I hope they stay in the program for some time.
  7. Can you tell me the name of that site?
  8. Both games are fun. and is explosive while and is more technical.
  9. Links for VS http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/618870_oar_norway/ And VS http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/618871_usa_canada/.
  10. But how if there wore news they're going to Pyongyang?
  11. Sports Lover

    Winter Olympic Games 2018 Video Games

    Well Rio did have a mobile game which was more of a meh game. Happy to hear that they're back to making a proper game.
  12. Was surprised that (yeah I'm calling them Russian) lost so easily against .
  13. Can someone please tell what happend to the skiers that they won't be on Olympics. Was hoping to see them.