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  1. French players should say thank you Serbian referee.... Poor England.
  2. ništa eno ga uziva u Beceju Ma totalno nebitno takmicenje su te EI samo se trosi energija a nikakve koristi sem provere forme.
  3. No. Players are ready. Weather is now ok.
  4. It seems that match will be played tomorrow. Big storm right now in Belgrade.
  5. I really hope that Romania can beat at least France. It would be nice to see them at Olympics.
  6. Serbia and Croatia are the worst teams so far. Like amateurs.
  7. Volpi from 10:13 to 15:13. Now final before final with Deriglazova.
  8. I really don't know Hungarian squad, but this is HUGE surprise. Well done.
  9. Germany strong as hell. Maybe they are without best players, but this team is great.
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