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  1. Niikka90

    Tennis Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    With Muguruza? Oh, it can be very interesting So I hope this will happen, I would be very curious about it.
  2. Niikka90

    Tennis Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Thanks! Actually that's the name which I expected.
  3. Niikka90

    Tennis Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Is he going to play doubles? With who as a partner?
  4. Niikka90

    Tennis Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Oh no All my favourites already withdrew from the Olympic tournament...
  5. Czech flag bearer should be known this afternoon. The athletes themselves vote for who they want to represent us with the flag. The voting ends today.
  6. Niikka90

    Tennis at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Tennis tournament without my hero Roger
  7. Actually I really don't know what to expect. Just a few days ago I was talking about it with my father and he said that he thinks we can get around 15 medals! But I have no idea who could take them We have some chances in athletics, rowing, canoeing. Maybe shooting, maybe some surprise from cycling or modern pentathlon. So hopefully 1-10 medals I guess.
  8. 1. Ski Jumping (I love it, it's the best sport) 2. Ice Hockey 3. Biathlon then I also like figure skating, alpine skiing... everything
  9. Athletics, swimming, tennis, rowing, canoeing-slalom in this order