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  1. Surprisingly the losers of a semi final only go for Bronze in the best case ;-)
  2. That'll be hard as she is also pregnant
  3. Mihambo is a nerves-of-steel beast. 12th best of all time now.
  4. Incredible, hats off to her! It is worth to highlight that she now qualified for her eighth(!) consecutive Summer Olympics at the age of 44 in a sport where most women quit at their late 20's (at the latest), still highly competitive in Vault. She is a real olympic superstar. She will now become the woman with second most Olympic appearances, just behind Nino Salukvadze and equal to Josefa Idem. Very bitter result for Brazil, normally a sure shot for qualification. Hopefully, they are able to qualify at least some more individuals via the other criteria.
  5. This is of course a fair question, but Bukowiecki himself already had 22m shots, which were nearly impossible to reach at least for Europeans for a long time. So I think, he is kind of part of the new Shot Putter generation, isn't he?
  6. 22.90 and you got Bronze.. 22.53 and you are 4th. WTF
  7. The Shot Put competition is so unbelievable... wow, just wow
  8. Poor Oksana. She should simply get an Olympic invitation for lifetime achievement by IOC! She is btw such a nice and hard working person - she was interviewed today by German TV after her qualification and told her story (how she came to Germany, how her son fought and won against blood cancer etc.) again. Is there any chance she can get a place via one of the other 1896 qualification criteria?
  9. Was just a joke of course Easy to miss a finish when the chip's not working, he just could have been some random lapped walker. And it's not far from truth: With that stupid looking cooling hats that the German race walkers wore, they aren't to be distinguished from each other But the cooling hats seem to have worked (expect for Brembach ofc): Very good results for German race walkers in all events. Btw Brembach seems to be okay again already, he overheated and collapsed.
  10. That was Brembach. But don't worry: as said somewhere earlier in this threat, Germans look all the same
  11. As far as I know, the project still stands for 2032, read an article about it several weeks ago. It's the region "Rhine-Ruhr" which includes Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and several other (relatively) big cities.
  12. I only saw the subdivision in which Germany started. The German TV commentarors (one of them Fabian Hambüchen) complained about underscoring of some German routines, especially the balance beam routine of Sarah Voss. I don't have an eye for it, but I wonder if you would agree with them? However, regarding Olympic qualification FRA, CAN, GER, BEL should be save after the first day.
  13. No, I wouldn't say that. Mayer and Uibo are 28 years old in Tokyo, best Decathlete age. Also don't forget Johannes Erm from Estonia, also a great talent who won Silver at this years Under-23 European Championships, I am sure he will be shot in the next years. He was injured this WCh. Hopefully all stay healthy, then we could have some decent contests for medals (with Mayer ofc favourite for Gold in Tokyo if he is in shape). Warner? I don't know. Today he seemed very uninspired as if he was running on emergency power.
  14. Yeah, I Think it'll be pretty close between Warner, Kaul, Uibo and Shkurenov. Uibo is on fire today.
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