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  1. Isabel Werth would be a good choice, but the dressage events start on the day after the opening ceremony - so it's unlikely. I think Kristina Vogel would be a great choice as a flag bearer, however I don't know if a flag bearer needs to be part of the current olympic team.
  2. It is my understanding that it is not necessarily the 2018 Olympics. As the blood doping in question took playe between 2011 and 2019, also Sochi is possible.
  3. According to ARD and Deutschlandfunk (German Broadcating Stations) at least one German athlete is among the 21 blood dopers: A male speed skater who competed at the Olympics. https://www.deutschlandfunk.de/erfurter-dopingskandal-deutscher-eisschnelllaeufer-unter.1346.de.html?dram:article_id=444479
  4. At the 2020 Olympics, the Women's 50 km will not be held
  5. The IGF must have mistaken Ecuador for Equatorial Guinea. At least Daniela Darquea is from Ecuador.
  6. Some people here need a reality check, badly!
  7. Actually Marcel Kittel also has been born and raised near Erfurt, don't think this sole fact's enough for being suspicious
  8. Undeniably a great result for Germany, Joerg clearly the best from Q to Final. Also, places 7 and 10. It's the WC and other countries can race, too :D
  9. Favourite moments: -Seeing Arnd Peiffer surprisingly winning gold: he origins from only a few kilometres from my home town in Northern Germany (called Lower Saxony btw) - a part of Germany which has only very very few winter sport athletes (of course) - Snowboard halfpipe general level made it really fun to watch, the (best) female athletes improves a lot during the last years - Nordic combined guys gained their deserved olympic success after years of dominance - especially the team gold made me happy. Even though it was sad to see that the Norwegians were not in good shape (with the exception of Riiber). - Finally seeing Tina Weirather winning a medal - All venues, courses etc. seemed to be in a very good shape Not so nice: - The lack of spirit and audience in the nordic and alpine skiing events, even though it was expected. - The Big Air competitions: I do not see an additional value of including these events at the Olympics. I really enjoy halfpipe and slopestyle, but Big Air is just something like the last jump of slopestyle (maybe a bit higher) and all the falls made it hard to watch. - Skicross/Snowboard cross: The courses are too hard and the number of injuries should make the IOC overthink their policy of only striving after the hardest course at the Olympics. Do they wait for a Nodar Kumaritashvili here before they do sth?
  10. Does anyone have a placing table at hand? You know, where the TOP 8 places are counted and weighted.
  11. A format just like the points race or an elimination race in track cycling would be cooler than this.
  12. Yeah that's the federation's fault, not the athlete's fault. For that reason, I don't get it why not to be happy for both Kripps and Friedrich. Btw luge is using thousands of seconds since the 70's as a reaction to a tie But since we had lots of ties in bobsleigh during the last decades (f.e. 1998 olympics), I don't think that rules are changed. Same btw in Apline Skiing (although it's a little less likely to have a tie for gold here, but still possible)
  13. Well, personally I think it's more important to be a nice human being than having a special haircut or passport, but everyone should think what he/she wants. But my point was the medal ranking and the striving to be at athe top of it.
  14. True, but why bothering here? It's nobody's fault. Always possible if the winner is determined by the best time. You can change the rules, of course, but as it won't happen in bobsleigh, I don't see why not to be happy for both winners.
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