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  1. Not exactly a doping case (yet), but 400 metres runner Madiea Ghafoor (NED) caught with a Crystal Meth and Ecstacy stack worth 2 Mio EUR in her car.
  2. It's easy to hate Sun for obvious reasons regardless of his nationality. Always the same stupid discussions.
  3. Really dude? You consider this as a matter of race?
  4. Everyone who considers himself as a sports fan must get sick seeing that cheater winning and celebrating like that. What a shame! 10 of 10 points on the Efimova scale! Hopefully they'll send them into a lifetime ban in September, so that we don't have to witness such a disgrace in Tokyo.
  5. No offence, but after reading the last two pages of this thread I come to the conclusion that lots of you guys lost the touch to reality, humanity and whatsoever.
  6. No, GBR qualifies on the quota won by England. That's possible in the Women's competition.
  7. In Germany there is basically no news coverage about the European Games, except for the private TV station which holds broadcasting rights (and does a horrible job). Noone here takes notice of these Games. Except for those sports where Olympic qualifications are held (Table Tennis, Shooting, Archery), thus where they artificially tried to put significance on the European Games, even the athletes do not care. Tbh I don't see the relevance of such European Games, especially when having such a brillant event like the European Champonships as 2018 (Glasgow/Berlin). Imo if the European Games were cancelled, the sports world wouldn't miss anything.
  8. Romania is the positive surprise of the tournament. Their victories were not only luck. It's nice to see a team not only fighting, but willing to have the ball and find creative solutions. If they can develop that level, maybe the Men's team is going to be as strong as in the 90's. I think today the weather conditions had a huge impact. In the second half the Romanian guys were lacking power after the good 1st half.
  9. 1) Well, if we only count normal levels, we don't have to play tournaments anymore. AUT figured out the German play very well and made it hard to play the quick forward play we used to see in the first two matches. 2) I like to see the best teams at the OG. Nothing else was meant. Qualification often comes down to one single match where anything can happen ofc. ESP did the best work over past decade and I like to see them rewarded for this. if Ihave the choice, I prefer to see a nice technical forward play.
  10. I guess Nafi Thiam would kick some butts in this High Jump competition :D
  11. Well, AUT played very well today, didn't they? With a little less luck, GER could have been the loser here. In my opinion ESP is by far the best technical team and plays the best offensive football - over the entire last decade! France has a way more physical play which I don't enjoy very much - this is not only true for the Under-23 team, but also e.g. for last year's World Cup team.
  12. Well, when you have calibrated lines to detect offside by VAR, then half a boot is half a boot offside. And apart from this scene, in my opinion all other VAR checks were right, especially the second goal by ENG. Except the foul by CAM at 90+7', which would have also been a red card. Absolutely agree. I have no clue why she doesn't get more matches. For all users who don't follow German Bndesliga (first league): Steinhaus referees in the Men's first league and is one of the best and most respected referees, male or female, in Germany.
  13. So they organized a lame four-day team tournament for a single gold and allocate 10 single golds on the run today... with potentially completely different backwind conditions in the sprints. Which drugs do you have to use when planning such competitions? Ask for a friend.
  14. ESP is the youth team which deserves most the qualification to te OG. POL did their thing, but simply had no chance.
  15. Could happen really quick. I decided to wait for the celebration until it's done. Was somehow too easy in the first matches.
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